388 Battery Holland - Christmas 1944
left to right, is:- Lt Jack D. White (my father), Lt. Joe Sellars,(GPO), Capt. Doug Marriott MC (Tp. Comd.) and BSM Westerman (Tp.BSM).

143 (Kent Yeomanry)Field Regiment: 386 Battery 388 Battery-25 pounder


29 November 1944: Regiment moved from Mill (Brabant) to Lent (Gelderland).


2 December 1944: Receivec report that the Boche had blown a dam in north of  "The island" and that a lake was forming, floods reports came in all day. Regiment will probably moved to south of Waal.  


3 December 1944: 3 shells hit Regimental C.P., severe damage to the building, no casualties. Local lines cut by shells fire, Regiment was reported to move but flooding was not progressing and remained in action.  


4 December 1944: Regimental HQ moved in the afternoon forward to an area of the main road.


7 December 1944: Water borne attack expected on Nijmegen bridge.