1st Mountain Regiment: 451 Battery 452 Battery 474 Battery- 3.7inch


1 November 1944: 0545 - H Hv Operation Infatuate One - assault on Vlissingen by 155 Inf Bde with u/c H. Cdo and 452 Mtn Brg and in support 2 Canadian Corps Arty (2 Cdn AGRA, 9 Br AGRA, 2 Cdn Div Arty, two Army Field Regts) Lt Col. Christopher being CCRA's with 155 Bde. 1100 - 452 Brg landed in LCA and took up position about 150 yards from beach & one LCA sunk close to Vlissingen by an 88 mm gun & losses Lt. AAO Kidston and two missing, five rescued and evacuated to CCS. One gun at bottom of R.Scheldt. Later Major J. Fairclough wounded by sniper while on recce.


2/3 November 1944: Street fighting in Vlissingen with 452 Mountain Battery doing extremely well against pill-boxes and snipers. New amn HE/AT found most successful. One gun carried upstairs to first floor bedroom situated and captured a pill box with 6 rounds HE/AT. 12 Germans surrended. Another gun scored 12 bullseyes in 12 rounds on snipers in carries on waterfront while under fire. 1200 - Vlissingen cleared, less jetties and land to east of town.


4 November 1944: 0900 - 451 Battery moves to join Burnforce to support OP across causeway from south Beveland to Walcheren. 478 Battery remains at Beernam.


5 November 1944: CCRA hands over to 9 AGRA. CO continues as CCRA, with 155 Bde.


6 November 1944: CO's party cross to Vlissingen.


7 November 1944: Middelburg captured by 1 Coy 7/9 Royal Scots with capt PJR Marschall (452 Bty).


8 November 1944: 452 Battery withdrawn to Vlissingen for maintenance.


10 November 1944: CO's party and 452 Bry re cross R Scheldt by LCT and return to Beernam and billets.


11 November 1944: Advance parties and 452 Bty at new location at Bergen op Zoom.


15 November 1944: RHQ 452 and 474 Btys to Bergen op Zoom.


18 November 1944: CRA 52 Div inspects Regt.


19 November 1944: Church parade and 100 visit in March for Bergen op Zoom. Liberation day. GOC 52 Div taken salute


16/25 November 1944:  Rest period and cleaning up, maintenance.


22/23 November 1944: Briefing for new task. Advance parties to area 's-Hertogenbosch.


26 November 1944: Regt moves to area 's-Hertogenbosch and deployed on a wide front, eights milies between batteries. In counter mortar role. RHQ established counter mortar officer at Helvoirt.


27/29 November 1944:  Collection of DM informed. 1 section ROP place under command.


30 November 1944: First CM bombard ordered. Locations RHQ - Helvoirt, 451 Battery - Haarsteeg, 452 Battery 's-Hertogenbosch, 474 Battery - Lithoyen.


3 December 1944: Visit of F/M Montgomery to 52 Div. Mountain Regt provides Guard at Div HQ.


5 December 1944: Advance party sent to 30  Corps area to recce area Stein (NNE of Maastricht). 52 Div lands over lower Maas area to 4 Canadian Armd Div. All CM information given to Canadians.


7 December 1944: Regt moves in Div Convoy via Maastricht to area Stein.


8/12 December 1944: Planning conference for 30 Corps operation Shears.


12 December 1944: Operation Shears cancelled.


14 December 1944: 52 Div to relieve 43 Div in Geilenkirchen - Gangelt. Mountain Regt in close support primary role Counter mortar.


16 December 1944: Advance parties forward. Counter mortar officer takes over at Div HQ.


18 December 1944: 1 Mountain Regt in support 52 Div in CM Role.


20 December 1944: Front  extended 474e battery move west.


25 December 1944: RHQ damaged by bomb blast moved to Brunssum.


29 December 1944: OP party from 474 Battery taken prisoner at Kieveberg. When platoon  part of 5 KOSB surrended. Party included Major E.M. Cameron, Lt N.W. Moors and 7 OR's. Capt Edwardes assumed comd 474 Bty.


1 January 1945: Stationed area Gangelt - Geilenkirchen in action with RHQ Brunssum in counter-mortar role.


11 January 1945: CRA's conference - planning move to Sittard area.


12 January 1945: Move to area Sittard into action in cs 157 Inf Bde.


13/16 January 1945: Planning 12 Corps OP Blackcock. 300 rpg dumped at gun posns.


17 January 1945: 9 Half-track White Scout Cars drawn up for OP + Recce use.


18/27 January 1945: Regt takes part in 12 Corps Operation Blackcock joining in DIv Arty preliminary fire plan. Approx 400 rpg fired in 12 hours. L.O. (Capt Edwardes) and two FOO provided for 5 HLI attack on Havert, Schalbruch and Isenbruch.


1/3 February 1945: Regiment deployed in sp 52 Recce Regt. Op Blackcock had achieved all