2nd 21st Anti-Tank Regiment


7 September 1944: J Troop permanently employed protecting Divisional AOP Sqn, K & L Troops under command Royal Netherlands Bde and holding BEERINGHEN Bridgehead.


9 September 1944: K & L Troops reverted to command 5 Gds Armd Bde, and concentrated with the Battery at HEUSDEN, prior to an advance for the MEUSE - ESCAUT Canal.


10/11/12 September 1944: Advanced with 5th Bde and formed Brigdehead over the canal at NEERPELT.


12 September 1944: J Troop rejoined Battery. J Troop deployed with 5 Coldstream Gds North of the Canal. L Troop with 3 Irish Guards also North of the Canal. K Troop deployed with 1 (mot) Bn Grenadier Gds at LOMMEL, a village South of the Canal but on our left flank. K.1 detachment (Sgt. D. MCTAVISH) knocked out 2 x 88 mm guns & towers, killed 11 Germans, wounded 4 and captured 4 at LOMMEL.


14 September 1944: L/Sgt MALSOM, L/Bdr BAKER and Gnr DAVIES of J Troop killed

during an enemy counter attack on the bridgehead at NEERPELT.


15 September 1944: The Battery concentrated in area South of NEERPELT, 50 Div having taken over the bridgehead.


17 September 1944: Gds Armd Div commenced advance to ZUIDERZEE, 2nd Battery being under command 5 Gds Armd Bde.


18 September 1944: Gnr P.G. WARREN killed and Gnr E.J. WELLINGS wounded when their 3 Tnr ran over a mine on de Belge - Dutch Border. 5 Bde harboured North of EINDHOVEN, after having linked up with U.S. Paratroops.


19 September 1944: Advanced to area NIJMEGEN, the Battery being concentrated at MALDEN 2 miles to the South.


20 September 1944: Deployed around southern approaches to NIJMEGEN.


21 September 1944: Deployed around Western and Eastern approaches to NIJMEGEN (with 1 (Mot) Bn Grenadier Gds).


22 September 1944: Battery concentrated again at MALDEN South of NIJMEGEN (after losing 1 jeep and 3 quads from enemy shell fire). 2 Troops under command Royal Netherland Bde defending GRAVE Bridge. One Troop (K) under command 5 Bn Coldstream Gds in area between UDEN and OSS.


30 September 1944: Battery concentrated for maintenance and rest. On the 20 Sep 44 the Battery 'A' Ech under command Captain R.A. JOHNSON were attacked (when the enemy first cut 2 Army Corridor) North of SON, Bdr PARKER and Gnr FARTHING being killed, and Gnr TYNER seriously injured. Nearly all vehicles were hit by S As. fire, the vehicle in which PARKER and FARTHING were killed being hit by an 88 mm.


1 November 1944: Concentrated in rest area.


7 November 1944: Receive warning orders to move asa division to area SITTARD and take over a defensive position form elements of the U.S. Army (Gds. Armd. Div and 43 Div comprising 30 Corps).


9 November 1944: Recce parties depart.


12  November 1944: The Battery arrive and spend the night concentrated South East of SITTARD u/c 32 Gds Bde.


13 November 1944: 'J' and 'L' Troops go into the line in Germany u/c 1 W.G. and 5 C.G. respectivily. 'J' Troop at MILLEN and 'L' Troop on the northern edge of the wood north of WEHR. Bty HQ 'A' Ech and 'K' Troop being S.E. SITTARD.


14 November 1944: One section 'K' Troop deployed u/c 1 W.G. in area OVERHOVEN. The whole sector being very quiet - Snow.


16 November 1944: 'K' Troop prepare further positions North of SITTARD.


17 November 1944: Both 'J' and 'L' Troops areas shelled (harassing fire) for the first time., No casualties to personnel.


18 November 1944: Rum (authorised on the nights 13/14, 14/15, 15/16) is now authorised nightly for deployed troops.


28 November 1944: Spasmodic heavy shelling of SITTARD area. The Battery suffered seven minor vehicle casualties.


29 November 1944: Recce elements from 65 A.Tk Regt., R.A. (7 Armd Div) looked over Bty area. No details yet available on any hand-over.


1 December 1944: Deployed as follows: 'J' Troop) 'K' Troop (1 Welsh Guards) ) 'L' Troop (5 Coldm Guards (as for latter November)).


7 December 1944: Relieved by 65 A Tk Regt, R.A. (7 Armd. Div).


8 December 1944: Battery concentrated in area East of GELEEN.

Battery moves to GERMANY.