242 Battery in Sicily
(J. MacPherson)

61 Anti Tank Regiment: 241 Battery-242 Battery-243 Battery-244 Battery:


Unit No.


1 October 1944: Regiment less 242 Bty moves from area Boulogne at 0800 hrs, and across Belgium border at 1130 hrs. Regiment harbours night 1/2 Oct area Aalst.


2 October 1944: Regiment less 242 Bty moves on to concentration area at Itegem.


3 October 1944: Regtl Recce party moves to Nijem and contact 97 A Tk Regt Relief of 97 A Tk Regt by this Regt to take place tomorrow.

Locations: Regtl Recce Parties - Nijem. Regiment less 242 Bty - Itegem.


4 October 1944: Regiment less 242 Bty moves north of Eindhoven. 241 Bty concentrate area Rince Hoof. 242 Bty - 1 x 6 pdr deployed & 1 x 17 pdr tp deployed in defence Son Bridge. 243 Bty concentrated in rear Bde area. BHQ at Bde HQ. 193 Bty, 1 x 17 pd tp at Veghel Bridge, & 1 x 17 pdr tp deployed in longstop role north of St. Oedenrode. Btyw under comd of CRA 51st (H) Div.

86 A. Tk Regt       340 Bty      Div Reserve

                             129 Bty      In support 152 Bde


71 A. Tk Regt       336 Bty      In support 158 Bde

                             278 Bty            - do -


5 October 1944: Regiment deployed as for Oct 4. Recces completed on Div front for deployment of the complete Regiment. Locations, a for Oct 4, less 193 Bty. Casalties. 1 OR sightly wounded.


6 October 1944: Complete A Tk defence co-ordinated. 241 Bty deployed in support of 2 Mons with 6 pdr tp at Veghel Bridge. 242 Bty 6 pdr tp in support of 153 Bde. E Tp in support of 158 Bde. F Tp Son Bridge. 243 Bty 2 tps in support of 2 DY. 1 tp at Best Bridge. 193 Bty 2 tps longstop role north of St Oedenrode. 1 tp St Oedenrode Bridge. 340 Bty - Div Reserve. 336 Bty - 158 Bde. 129 Bty - 152 Bde.

278 Bty returns to 53 Div - 71 A Tk Regt.

1820hrs. Enemy house engaged by one gun of E Tp at 1650 yds. Direct hits observed. (12 rds fired. 3 HE, 9 AP).


7 October 1944: Weather-clear & warmer. 242 Baty withdraw tp from Son Bridge & deploy it in order to thicken defence line.

0640 hrs, Two enemy occupied houses engaged by one gun of E Tp. Range 2800 yds & 1800 yds respectively. Both are direct shoots and several direct hits observed. (12 rds expended).

2255 hrs, Report from 241 Bty received of Free Dutch Corps arrived at Veghel Bridge for indefinite duties. Incident investigated and dutchmen are found to be reliable interpreters.

Locations. As for 6 Oct less 340 & 129 Bty. Casualties. 1 OR wounded (241 Bty).


8 October 1944: Early morning-thick mist, obervation 30 yds. Clearing at 1030 hrs.

1110 hrs, 8 rds at targets, from 1 x 17 pdr gun. 8 rds at area triangle rd junc centre from 1 x 17 pdr gun. Both indirect shoots - observation impossible.

1500 hrs, One gun L Tp engaged target rd junction, Range 2876 yds with 2 rds AP & 10 rds HE. Harassing fire.

1530 hrs, 1 gun L Tp engaged target X rds, Range 5750 yds with 10 rds HE. Harassing fire.

2310 hrs, D Tp report shelling from 8 mm - 6 rds only.

Casualties. 1 OR wounded. Locations - as for Oct 7.


9 October 1944: Early morning mist clearing slightly about 0900 hrs.

0720 hrs, 1 x 17 pdr D Tp engaged Sabindel area with 14 rds A - Harassing fire.

1000 hrs, Visibility poor. 1000 yds approx.

1245 hrs, 1 x 17 pdr L Tp engaged junc rd Range 2875 yds with 15 rds HE. Result - very satisfactory. Smoke seen rising from target area.

1530 hrs, 2 x 17 pdrs of 243 Bty engaged house and Xrds. Both indirect shoots - results. House 'brewed up'. Fire on Xrds not observed.

Locations. As for Oct 7.


10 October 1944: Rain fell throughout the morning. Visibility limited to 1000 yds.

0930 hrs, 2 x 17 pdrs 241 Bty engaged X rds with 6 rds HE and with 8 rds HE. Harassing fire. Results - Not observed.

1500 hrs, 1 x 17 pdr of 193 Bty engaged rd junc. Range 4350 yds with 15 rds HE. Harassing fire. Not observed. Bad visibility. 2 x 17 pdrs of 243 Bty engaged houses and signal box area. Results. Direct hits on houses, one house burnt for some time.

Rain fell steadily throughout the day. 245 SP Bty 62A Tk Regt under command - Recce parties arrive.

Locations. As for Oct 7.


11 October 1944: Weather dry - Bright intervals. 1530 hrs, 1 x 17 pdr E Tp engages X rds with 12 rds HE. Not observed - Harassing. Remainder of day quiet with little enemy activity.

Casualties - 1 OR slightly wounded - remains at duty.


12 October 1944: Weather - fine & bright. 1100 hrs, 1 x 17 pdr of 193 Bty engaged enemy gun positions. Range 3400 yds with 15 rds of HE - Not observed. During afternoon enemy shelling more active. Traffic on Best Bridge attracts enemy fire. Casualties caused.

Locations - as for Oct 11. Casualties - 1 OR killed, 1 Bdr, 1 OR wounded.


13 October 1944: Weather - dry and colder. 0830 hrs, Two enemy tanks reported in area E Lancs, One SP Troop of 245 Bty moves to this area as a mobile reserve.

1300 hrs, Small enemy attack repulsed. SP Troop returns to harbour area. Remainder of day - nothing to report.

During the small but well organised attack his morning by the enemy, the Regt played an important part in repulsing the Boche. The forward guns of 193 Bty, fired on the enemy infantry with TG's and Bren guns, converting some bad Boche into good Boche - i.e. Dead Boche. 241 Bty contributed to the repulsion of the enemy by firing 2" (HE) Mortars.

Locations - as for Oct 11.


14 October 1944: Weather - dull and cold. 1130 hrs, 17 pdr of 242 Bty engaged houses at De Roest with 14 rds of HE - Not observed. Remainder of day - nothing to report.

Locations - as for Oct 11.


15 October 1944: Weather - bright during morning, rain followed later in the day. At first light one troop of 245 Bty supported small attack by 153 Inf. Bde by engaging enemy positions with 40 rds of HE & S.A fire.

0715 hrs, Germans appeared 100 yds from 'C' 3. They were three deserters. One spoke excellent English and greeted the gun detachment by 'how are you this morning Tommy?' and remarked on the effectiveness of our harassing fire and how glad they were to be out of it. Disposal - Through 7 RWF.


16 October 1944: Weather - began grey and showery and ended with a steady downpour.

1100 hrs, CRE's demonstration of assault river crossing at Son. 6 pdr of 241 Bty with jeep as tower was successfully borne across the canal in a Stormboat making a double journey. Jeep carried complete gun team of 6 including driver & 30 rds of AP, loaded loose between sandbags & usual stores. 17 pdr of 243 Bty was taken across complete with its Quad on a specially improvised pontoon transport, powered by two outboard motors and steered by two pulley lines fixed to the opposite bank. This cumbersome craft made a much slower crossing of the water, but caused no loss of time in unhooking & manhandling the gun as in the case of the 6 pdr.

Remainder of the day - nothing to report.


17 October 1944: More rain and rum. Otherwise nothing to report.


18 October 1944: To-day and to-night 154 Inf Bde relieved 158 Bde and 241 Bty extended its gun line over area formerly covered by 336 Bty. Regiment handed over the guarding of the various bridges to 40 LAA. 241 Bty did not move.


19 October 1944: General switch-about continued. 243 and 242 Btys concentrated with Brigades out of the line. 193 BHQ moved forward to area Bn HQ 5 Seafords.

Casualties - 1 Bdr wounded.


20 October 1944: Nothing to report. Locations - no change.


21 October 1944: At 0035 hrs a loud and mysterious explosion caused a large crater. 241 Bty in whose area it occured religiously collected fragments of metal that were found in and around the crater and these were forwarded with a report to HQ RA this afternoon. Otherwise nothing to report.


22 October 1944: Nothing to report.


23 October 1944: On the second anniversary of El Alamein at 0002 hrs the Regiment under Command CRA 51st  (H) Div with affiliated Bty u/c Inf Bds attack Schijndel. Attack successful. One 17 pdr of 242 Bty on consolidation was engaged by one of our own tanks - No casualties. 243 and 193 Bty take several POW.

129 SP Bty fires harassing shoot.


24 October 1944: Battle continues successfully with all Btys under Comd Inf. Bdes. Main RHQ established in new location at 1200 hrs. Only 242 Bty deployed. A flying missile lands in St Oederode area at 1030 hrs approx causing heavy explosion and widespread vibration.


25 October 1944: 242 Bty deployed completely in area Ech in support of bridgehead made by 153 Bde during night 24/25. Very thick mist during the morning increased the difficulties of the close fighting. Gun of 242 Bty has bren gun shoot at enemy infantry a mist clears.

Casualties - 2 ORs wounded.


26 October 1944: Divison advances across the R Run. Enemy appears to be fighting strong rearguard actions. RHQ established in new location at 1100 hrs. 241 and 193 Btys move to area RHQ. 242 and 243 Btys in support of Inf. Bdes.


27 October 1944: Advance continues. Position of Btys deployed as for 26 Oct.


28 October 1944: RHQ established in new location at 1500 hrs. Bdes concentrated for next advance. Btys under command of Bdes.


29 October 1944: Btys under command Bdes. During night 28/29  F Tp in support of 5 BW attack. Their Recce Party with forward Company is cut off for several hours, from their guns by enemy infantry and snipers. F Troop 242 Bty deployed at 1600 hrs.


30 October1944: Btys remain under command of Bdes. 193 Btys - Gun Inspection by REME.


31 October 1944: Exercise 'Colin' is almost finished. All Btys are concentrated.

1500 hrs - 193 Bty come under command 153 Bde and deploy 2 x 17 pdrs in defence area 's Hertogenbosch. 242 Bty in Div Reserve and commence gun inspection.


1 November 1944: RHQ established in new location at 1400 hrs. 241 Bty and 243 Bty move to Bde concentration areas. 242 Bty - Gun inspection by REME.


2 November 1944: During morning visibility bad - clearing about mid-day. 1330hrs, one 17pdr 241 Bty engaged Drunen church with 37 rds AP, 30 direct hits observed.

153 Bde relieved by 154 Bde - 193 Bty under command 154 Bde.

Locations - as for Nov 1.


3 November 1944: Visibility - fair. 0800 hrs, one 17 pdr of 241 Bty fired 20 rds HE at Drunen church, 13 rds direct hits observed. 242 Bty return to under command 153 Bde and concentrated area Vught. 129 Bty (SP) come under command CRA 51 Div.


4 November 1944: Preparation for attack on island West of 's Hertogenbosch.

1645 hrs - Attack on island West of 's Hertogenbosch starts with 242 Bty under command 153 Bde, 243 Bty under command 152 Bde, 193 Bty under command 154 Bde. 241 Bty in Div Reserve. 129 Bty (SP) in Div Reserve.

1730 hrs - 243 Bty completed deception shoot on left flank. 12 Bren gunners give covering fire to the infantry crossing the canal. 193 Bty completed deception shoot on right flank. 129 (SP) Bty - one gun fired direct shoot.

Locations - as for Nov 3.


5 November 1944: Attack going well, the enemy are withdrawing from the 'island'. Regtl Anti-Tank guns not required.

1700 hrs - All resistance has ceased.

Locations - As for Nov 3.

Casualties - 3 ORs wounded.


6 November 1944: Nothing to report.

Locations - As for Nov 3.


7 November 1944: 243 Bty move under command 152 Bde to Nederweert area and take up defensive positions. Only one 6 pdr troop deployed, remainder of Regtl, positions unchanged.

Locations - As for Nov 3, less 243 Bty.


8 November 1944: RHQ with 193 Bty and 129 Bty move to new area. 242 Bty move under command 153 Bde to Lende area. 241 Bty now under command 154 Bde remain in present location. RHQ established in new location at 2100 hrs.


9 November 1944: 154 Bde p move to new area and take over defensive positions from 152 Bde. 241 Bty deploy one 17 pdr and one 6 pdr troop. Remainder of Regt & 129 Bty harboured. Weather is wet and cold. Movement off main roads is extremely difficult.

Locations - As for Nov 8.


10 November 1944: Bad weather continuesand 'going' off the main roads is becoming about impossible for heavy vehicles. No change in tactical position.

Locations - As for Nov 8.


11 November 1944: Weather improves, secondary roads start to dry slightly.

Nothing to report.

Locations - As for 8 Nov.


12 November 1944: Weather cold and wet. Nothing to report.

Locations - As for Nov 8.


13 November 1944: Nothing to report.

Locations - As for Nov 8.


14 November 1944: 241 Bty deployed completely. Tac RHQ moved to Nederweert established at 1500 hrs.

1600 hrs - Division start assault crossing of Nederweert Canal. Btys under command normal Bdes.

1900 hrs -Bridgehead successfully secured. Enemy opposition light. One officer from Regt who acted as a bridge Commander at one of the bridges being erected, arrived at his post to soon and was uncomfortably near our opening barrage.


15 November 1944: 0800 hrs - 242 Bty, after difficulty because of bad roads, completely across canal and deployed 243 Bty two 17 pdr troops across canal and deployed. Enemy opposition light. Main RHQ rejoin Tac and established at 1300 hrs.

Casualties - 1 OR wounded & 1 OR slightly wounded - remains at duty.


16 November 1944: Bdes move forward encountering strong rearguard positions. Troops of 242 & 243 Btys in support of Bdes. 241, 193 & 129 Btys remain concentrated. Main RHQ established in new location at 1400 hrs. Reserve Btys move with Div.


17 November 1944: Bridgehead made by 152 Bde across Uitwateringscanal. No guns taken across because of bridges not ready.

2130 hrs - 153 Bde maka bridgehead across canal and more bridges erected.

Locations - As for 16 Nov: less 193 Bty who moved

Casualties - 1 OR wounded.


18 November 1944: On completion of 152 Bde's bridge over canal, one troop of 129 Bty in support of the Bde's bridgehead. On completion of 153 Bde's bridge, one (6 pdr) troop of 242 Bty  cross canal in support of Bde's bridgehead. Much difficulty is being experienced by the very bad conditions of the tracks (thro' rain) and the 17 pdr troop are unable to cross the canal, after several attempts. Two troops of 129 Bty deployed in support of 153 Bde meanwhile. One of these troop is withdrawn on arrival of troop (6 pdr) of 242 Bty.

6 pdr troop of 243 Bty crosses canal in support of 152 Bde.

1500 hrs - 154 Bde pass through 152 Bde and retain troop of 129 Bty, which had been supporting 152 Bde.  RHQ established in new location at 1500 hrs.

Locations - As for Nov 17.


19 November 1944: Weather improves, visibility good.

1000 hrs - Troop of 129 Bty released by 154 Bde. Troop of 129 Bty released by 153 Bde on arrival of troop (17 pdr) of 242 Bty which crossed the canal, which had to be approached by tracks, which were still in very bad conditions. The guns arrived in position after much preserverance and only then with the aid of 'kangaroes'.

1500 hrs - 243 Bty & 129 Bty concentrated.

Locations - As for Nov 17.


20 November 1944: Weather - dull, with heavy showers of rain. 242 Bty deploys G and F Troops.

1500 hrs - One troop of 129 Bty under command 154 Bde.

Locations - As for Nov 17.


21 November 1944: Weather - dull & wet.

1000 hrs - 241 Bty concentrated. 243 Bty concentrated, 242 Bty F Troop deployed area bridgehead. G Troop concentrated Helden. E Troop harboured near RHQ. Tac RHQ established at 1200 hrs. 193 Bty concentrated in area. 129 Bty - one troop under command 154 Bde.


22 November 1944: 152 & 153 Bdes slowly but surely approaching river Maas. Affiliated Bty under command. Mines are the big obstacle. Enemy artillery also move active than has been for some time. G Troop in support of 5/7 Gordons deployed in area Hout. Troop of 129 Bty reverts from 154 Bde Comd.

Locations - As for Nov 21.


23 November 1944: Weather - wet & visibility 'poor'. Going is extremely difficult and this factor is slowing our advance. 243 Bty receive orders to move with 152 Bde Gp tomorrow. 242 Bty receive orders to move with Bde Gp into area vacated by 152 Bde. 242 Bty concentrated in area Helden. 129 Bty 241, 193 Bty concentrated.

Locations - As for Nov 21


24 November 1944: Weather continues to be wet & cold. 243 Bty moves with Bde Gp to area Mill, 129 Bty comes under command of 154 Bde.

Locations -As for 21 Nov; less 243 Bty at Mill.


25 November 1944: 1000 hrs - Tac RHQ rejoining main RHQ.

1040 hrs - RHQ and 193 Bty move to Mill. 242 Bty moves with Bde Gp to Mill. RHQ established in new location at 1500 hrs.


26/30 November 1944: Regiment concentrated and is occupied with maintenance and training. 241 Bty joining regiment in area Mill on Nov 29.

Locations - Regiment concentrated in Mill.


1 December 1944: Regiment concentrated in area Mill. Training and maintenance continued.


2 December 1944: Regiment moves on to the southbank of river Maas. RHQ established in new location at 1200 hrs.

Locations - RHQ, 241, 193 Bty at Megen. 242, 243 Bty at Haren.


3/18 December 1944: Regiment remains concentrated in areas as for Dec 2. Training continued and re-organisation commences. Dec: 15 C Troop 241 Bty leaves for Bourgh Leopold to re-organise.

Casualties - 16 Dec: 4 OR's killed 193 Bty result of flying bomb, (whilst on leave).


19 December 1944: Regiment moves to area NE of Mill. RHQ established by 0900 hrs in new location. E Troop 242  Bty leaves for Bourgh Leopold to re-organise.


20 December 1944: Regiment receives warning order to move. 241 Bty moves to Mill. 242 Bty move to Beuningen. Tac RHQ move to Beuningen. C Troop 241 Bty returns completely re-organised. Btys move under command Inf Bdes.


21 December 1944: Regiment moves to area Louvain. Btys under command of Bdes.


22 December 1944: Regiment with affiliated Btys under command Bdes move to area Meerssen. 193 Bty harbour night at Bourg Leopold.


23 December 1944: 193 Bty join regiment in area Meerssen.


24 December 1944: Affiliated Btys under command Bdes in harbour areas.


25 December 1944: Regiment moves to Tilff, RHQ established in new locations at 1800 hrs. Affiliated Btys concentrated in Bde areas. 193 Bty a Boueilles.





5 February 1945: RHQ Tac expected to move night 5/6 to new location for operation 'Veritable'. Move delayed till a.m. 6½. Otherwise nothing to report.


6 February 1945: RHQ Tac move to Mook. 241, 242, 243 Btys under command Bdes 193 Bty. No move.Otherwise nothing to report.


7 February 1945: 241 Bty moves to Cuijk. Harboured. Otherwise nothing to report.


8 February 1945: 'D' Day OP 'Veritable'. Barrages & cones from 0500 hrs to 1030 hrs when 154 Bde attack near Bruuk and Breedeweg with 241 Btys S.ls in support 242  Bty Sp T with 153 Bde supportage in same general area. No regimental guns actually committed. Otherwise nothing to report.


9 February 1945: Inf: attacks going well but slow owing to bad trackes and woods. Good penetration into Reichswald. S.P. Tps of 241, 242, 243 Btys now up and harboured. No guns yet in action. Locations: - RHQ Tac - No change. 241 Bty Tac, 242 ty Main and 243Bty Tac changed. 193 Bty - no change.


10 February 1945: Advances made by all  Bdes. SP Troop of 242 Bty with 5 BW of Kanensamp Mr. in action against enemy MG posts & houses. Other troops not in action & harboured in areas as far 9½. Vehicle casualties - 242 Bty  1 Valentine stuck in mud. 1 SP Valtentine ditto. 243 Bty 1 SP Valentine out of action hit by small calibre enemy A/Tk gun in Reichswald. No casualties to crew and gun still able to fire. Locations: no change.


11 February 1945: 243 Bty SP Tp: in action with 5Cams in area Reichswald experienced some shelling and mortaring. Casualties - INCO & 1 man wounded & evacuated. Lt. R. Heath RA slightly wounded (in the backside) but remains on duty. Advances made by all Bdes but slow and heavy going. Locations:  no change.


12 February 1945: Locations no change in Bty HQs. Slight shuffling of Tps in Bty areas. Lt. Brooks on forward recce in his Valentine charger attacked & killed by fire a party of enemy surprised in Reichswald. Otherwise nothing to report.


13 February 1945: Bdes making advances on all fronts. Locations - no change. 243 Btys SPs in action at Hekkens engaged en destroyed church steeple in use as enemy OP. 242 Bty Enemy counter attack on Gennep bridgehead on a line Heyen East. 'F' Tp in action with small arms against local para troop attacks. E Tp (SPs) claim one M IV S.P. Casualties: 1 OR wounded, remains on duty.


14 February 1945: 153 Bde extend Gennep bridgehead 193 Bty in support 5 BW with 1 Tp SPs and 1 Tp 6 pdrs in area Heyen. Locations: RHQ Main to Cuijk.


15 February 1945: RHQ Tac to Ottersum. Otherwise nothing to report.


16 February 1945: RHQ Main join Tac to Ottersum, 152 Bde within support 243 Btys SPs and 17 pdrs towed make night attack on Asperden. A very noisy night and some shelling in RHQ area. 243 1 casualty, 1 OR shot & wounded in the testacles by one lone para trooper entering Bn position. Otherwise nothing to report.


17 February 1945: Locations: 1 S.P. from 193 Bty moves to join 243 Bty and take up postition in Asperden. 193 Bty now in Div Reserve but no change in location.  242 Bty harboured in area Ottersum as 153 Bde are expected to move to concentration in general area Hekkens. Otherwise nothing to report.


18 February 1945: Changes in locations owing to redirection of 153 Bde on to 152 Bde axis Hekkens-Kessel. Locations: 193 Bty - Ottersum. Otherwise no change. The return of the Adjutant from UK leave brought needed relief to the spiritual welfare of RHQ. N.T.R.


19 February 1945: 153 Bde with in support 242 Bty attack S.W. area of Goch. Phase 1, 5 BW successful, supported by S.P.S. Phase 2, 5/7 meet staff opposition. Mopping up. Heavy shelling & mortaring on Goch. Locations: no change. N.T.R.


20 February 1945: Locations: 242 Bty move. Otherwise no change. Position in Goch remains much the same. 153 are firm.  242 Bty 17 pdrs move to support 5 BW. 6 pdrs support 1 G who attack SW.


21 February 1945: 242 Bty claim one MK IV Tank  one SP gun KOid by one of their SP's commanded by Sgt York which was disabled but still able to fire. 242 is disabled SP remained in position. Others relieved by SP Tp of 193 Bty. Otherwise no change.


22 February 1945: Locations: RHQ TAC move to Kessel. Otherwise no change. No advances attempted by Div. Bdes regroup in Goch area & A/Tk layout performed by towed guns, with SP's in reserve. Goch area experienced shelling & mortaring. A Jeep of 'E' T 242 Bty damaged by mine. Passengers:  Major H. Dunn recieved slight injury to knee but remained on duty. Sgt Zunes, recieved injury to right leg & evacuated.


23 February 1945: Location: no change. Enemy continued to shell & mortar Goch area throughout the day. Otherwise n.t.r.


24 February 1945: Sp Tp of 241 Bty move to spt 1 B.W. in S.W. outskirts of Goch & one gun engaged hous at request of local Inf Comdr. Result no observed. Otherwise n.t.r.


25 February 1945: Locations: no change. All Bdes make one Bn attacks S.W. in area and gained all objectives. E Tp S.P.s 242 Bty in spt. Otherwise n.t.r.


26 February 1945: Locations: no change. 152 Bde make right attack and find considerable enemy opposition. Positions firm by first light. No activity by our guns. Otherwise n.t.r.


27 February 1945: ?? Bn positions taken over by 52 Div. Btys remain in present locations but harbour troops. Tac returned to Main. Otherwise n.t.r.


28 February 1945: No change. N.T.R


1-6 March 45: All  Btys are concentrated in area Goch. Maintenance and rest. Otherwise n.t.r.


7 March 1945: 242 Bty move to Heel, 241 Bty move to Roggel. Btys concentrated in new area. Remainder no change.


8 March 1945: 243 Bty moves to Oppitten a.m. RHQ & 193 Bty move to Bree p.m.


9 March 1945: RHQ established in new location at 0100 hrs. All Btys are now concentrated. Maintenance continues. CO attends planning conference.


10 March 1945: 'D' & 'H' Troops of 193 Bty move to re-organization Centre at Bourg Leopold to receive two troops of S.P. Valentines. Locations: as for 9 Mar.


11 March 1945: Lt-Col R.S. Burton NCRA posted & takes over command of 127 Fd Regt. Lt-Col Coldstream RA posted from 127 Fd Regt takes over command of this Regt.


12 March 1945: N.T.R. Except maintenance.


13 March 1945: N.T.R. Except maintenance.


14 March 1945: Maintenance N.T.R.


15 March 1945: 193 Bty sent new equipment i.e. six S.P. Valentines and return from Re-organization centre to Bty area.


16 March 1945: 241, 242, 2432 Btys zero 17 pdr equipment at Hommelrange 21 half-trackes drawn from Corps Veh


16/19 March 1945: Regiment remains harboured in Bty areas. Training & planning for OP 'Plunder'. Locations; as for March 9.


20 March 1945: RHQ & 193 Bty move to concentration area for OP 'Plunder' at 1900 hrs.


21 March 1945: RHQ established in new location at 0200 hrs. All vehicles are camouflaged under buildings before 1t light.


22 March 1945: Movement limited and concealment prior to operation is important. 241 & 242 Btys arrive in concentration areas a.m. today. 234 A/Tk Bty come under the Regt-command operation. Order issued at 23-55 hrs.


23 March 1945: 243 Bty arrive and concentrate in new area early this morning. 1400 hrs - Tac RHQ established. 1700 hrs - six SP guns from 193 Bty and six towed - 17 pdrs from 243 Bty deploy for firing 'Mustard Pot'. Tac HQs of these Btys establised.