84 Medium Regiment: 250 Battery 251 Battery- 4.5 inch 5.5 inch


14 September 1944: 16.50-Orders to bring down H.F. for next 24 hours on main and ? roads to the north. 18.30-CO to conference at HQ RA.


15 September 1944: Several HF tasks undertaken during morning. 20.00-U.R. Leach returned to England in order to take part in futhering air OPs, as L.O. with 82 US Airborne Div. Lt Richards 101 US Airborne Div joined as L.O. Lt. Landsum, 82 US Airborne Div joined as L.O.


16 September 1944: 17.30-CO to conference at HQ RA. Orders received for OP "Garden" - plan for break-out from bridgehead and continuous of advance, supported by airlanding operation 101 US. 82 US and 1 Br airborne divisions.


17 September 1944: 13.35-Airborne operations in progress H hour for fine plan now definitely 14.35 hrs. 18.25-Orders to prepair to move, object being to move up to Valkenswaard tomorrow morning. 19.00-Move on to road, recce parties moving up at 18.30. Move in darkness through enemy shelling of rds near canal to gun posns near Overpelt, RHQ established at 20.30 hrs.


18 September 1944: From about 02.00 hrs until 03.00 there was contineous heavy shelling and mortaring in areas between regt posn and canal with considerable SA fire. Since the location had been occupied at short notice in darkness most personnel were quite ignorant of the local terrain and could only wait near vehs and guns for what seemed like an approaching attack. RHQ office was moved into a nearby house which at least gave shelter from the heavy rain now falling. One CPOA was killed by a stray bullet in spite of the fact that he was in a dug-in CP. 03.00 Enemy activity died down and an intercepted message revealed that patrols had been active but had not penitrated our own lines. 06.55-Orders to prepare to move, HQ RA Gds Armd Div being already on the move. 07.30-Move on to road with head halted at point when Div HQ join it. Advised then of some delay as from had been altered and 32Bde were now proceding Div HQ. One section from 251 Bty moved ealier with 153 Fd Regt supporting 5 Bde Gds Armd Div. 18.00- Having waited all day, partly on roads, and on enquiry discovering that move unlikely tonight regt moved to a leaguer area further away from canal crossings. During this move, completed in darkness, enemy a/c raided canal bridge and cross roads area, dropping many HE and anti-personnel bombs. Cas to RASC Pen attacked move 1 killed and 4 wounded and 6x3 Ton Trucks damaged. LAD and RASC personnel worked all night on these vehicles which were all put back on to road by first light.


19 September 1944: 00.30-Orders to contact 15/19 Hussars and to move up CL behind them at 06.00 hours. 06.30-Move up road and our canal by 08.00 hrs. Order of march now changed again and regt to tie-in in near of 32 Gd Bde, Welsh Gp. CO moved up coln to contact CRA. 19.20- Minimum recce parties were ordered forward - to RV. Main body to follow to RV.


20 September 1944: 01.00-Regt arrived in area Malden incl. RHQ, 250 Battery being deployed and 251 Battery leaguered. 07.25-Engaged enemy guns posns, being ranged by OP from 55 Fd Regt through HQ RA. 08.45-CO ordered 250 Battery to change ZL to 300deg and 251 Battery to recce amitable area for deployment. 10.00- CO to conference with CRA. 12.25-HF tasks engaged up to 14.00 hours. 13.00- 251 Battery deployed. 13.05-HB again engaged - Sc 2 from 251 Battery. 14.15-Orders for fire plan to cover assault crossing of Waal in order to secure Northern end of bridge - combined  with attack on Southern end. This was shot at 14.45. OP officer was ordered to make the crossing to give support, but on arrival on north bank the situation was so well in hand that he was not required and returned to OP vehicle (which could not cross) on Southern bank. 16.00-CRA advised that Ofs comnd had been established with 1st Airborne Div. CCRA ordered one section to move up to river bank in  order to be able to give support to 1st Airborne Div. Remainder of regt to deploy in 'Sport Park' in Nijmegen. 18.15- 2 IC reported difficulties, on route for recce for forward section, from snipers. Trying alternatives. One Troop 275 Heave AA  Battery under command and deployed in ground role area ?  19015- RHQ moved, after Batteries and detached section, and established in 'Heide Park'. B Echelon and RASC Platoon also moved forward. 22.45- CP Officer on river bank reported contact with valuable source of information through Dutch underground organisation. This came from a factory where telephone communications were still available to other patriots covering a wide area of enemy occupied country. Information already supplied appeared to be quite reliable. Latger 30 Corps established an L.O. with R/T comns at the factory.


21 September 1944: 00.15- Forward section began HF on behalf of 1st Airborne Div - believed to be the first support given to this hard pressed Div by 30 Corps Arty. 00.25- 251 Battery fired on what was believed to be the HQ of German 6 Para Div. (Note: - This target is across the German border and is understood to be the first on German soil to be engaged by 2nd Army or by any British regt). L.O. attached from 1st Airborne Div and L.O. attached from 101 US Airborne Div left to join HQ RA Gds Armd Div and 101 US A/B respectively. LO (B.R. Leach) who landed with 82 US Airborne Div returned to regt. 10.10- LAA Tp attached left to fwd positions in defend of bridges. 13.40- Capt Seaford AOP officer from B Flight 662 Sqdn reported - having been allotted to regt. 15.40- A Troop, 250 Battery moved to fwd position near river bank. Sect of B Troop pulled out from fwd position and joined 153 Fd Regt in support of GP from 32 Gds Bde and proceeded south down L of Com to dislodge enemy now sitting astride it between Veghel and Uden. 16015- Troop of 275 HAA Battery left to assume anti-shipping role on river bank, a waterhouse attack on the bridges being considered a possibility. 18.00- Section from 251 Battery which had moved up with 55 Fd Regt returned. 22.05- CRA Gds Armd Div advised that he required CO to take over the "Hunt" Arty Gp. (deviced to support - primairely in CB role - 82 US Airborne Div). CO to meet CRA early morning 22nd (Note: This gp taken over by Br Col Fanshaul).


22 September 1944: HF fire on two fronts, North and East up to 01.30 hrs. 05.55 - Ordered to turn all guns north to support attack. 07.40 - Attack postponed, 251 Battery to continue to give support in South. 22.30 - DF tasks received on 1st Airborne Div front and also Gds Armd Div and 82 US Airborne Div.


23 September 1944: Extensive HF tasks fired from midnight to 05.30 hrs. Regt continued to give support on whole front, involving area of fire of about 300deg, calls for fire being received from many sources, ic two OPs with 82 US Airborne Div, one OP with 55 Fd Regt, and LO with HQ 5 Gds Bde, in addition to HQ RA Gds Armd Div. A further OP deployed in Uden area with the detached section supporting 32 Gds Bde. During the night HF engaged on 82 US Airborne Div front.


24 September 1944: Engaged Fire Plan in support 50 Inf Div attack on Bemmel (NB This attack made by 2 Bns of 130 Bde under comd 5 Bde Gds Armd Div). 17.00 - L.O. to HQ RA 82 US Airborne Div for CB. 21.50 - L.O. (from 94 Fd Regt) joined regt as rep from 43 Inf Div in HQ RA as comns link to RA Gds Armd.


25 September 1944: 03.25 -  Fire Plan received for 124 Fd Regt, and shot at 07.00 in support of attack by 5 E Yorks, 69 Inf Bde.  21.00 - Fire Plan of total 20 rpg spread over 2,5 hours engaged in support 43 Inf Div.


26 September 1944: A bomb from jet-propelled enemy aircraft fell near 251 Battery line exchange. Two exchange operators wounded, one M/C destroyed and exchange damaged. 11.05 -  Orders from 30 Corps to send Rep to meet CO Air landing OPs near Grave to arrange for possible support required in landing of 52 Br Airlanding Div. 12.32 - Part of RASC pln returned with petrol and amn. This party found to main CL had been cut and return route not available. In view of the urgent requirement of their loads, however, the NCO u/c attacked the party to a recc Gp and came through on by-roads. 16.55 - Shot on fire plan in support of attack in the direction of Haalderen by 6 Green Howards (69 Inf Bde). 19.00 -  Rep at Air landing ground given permission to return. Landings were unaproved and no support required. 20.00 - OP east of Nijmegen bridges reported "pick-a-back" planes - single engined fighter with twin engined machine suspended - released their loads. Two fell near to OP creating great blast on impact, disintergrating completely. Estimated 8 such 'bombs' in first attack and 4 in later attack. Some fell in the town but none on the bridges. 18.00 - Major A.H.V. Groom, BC 250 Battery (wounded and evacuated near Baycux on June 12th) returned to unit. 21.50 - OP officer from 82 US Airborne Div front brought Fire Plan "Taylor".


27 September 1944: Fire plan Taylor. at 05.35, in support of minor attack by 82 US Airborne Tps. OP officer later reported fire in ? place and useful support given. 13.45 - Fire Plan received in support of Bn E Yorks attacking area Haalderen (previous attack with little succes). Shot at 15.00 hrs. 15.05 - Troop of 4 Survey Regt RA left regt to work in area Bemmel. 19.20 - Message via 124 Fd Regt that attack was successfull and fire support by regt much appreciated. 19.50 - HF tasks on 82 Airborne Div front commenced and continued until 05.00 hrs.


28 September 1944: 09.00 - Commitments on 82 US Airborne Div front taken over by 7 Med. Regt. OPs recalled but an OP maintained on east side of bridges. 10.15 - Regt area bombed by AP bombs from jet-propelled enemy aircraft. Casualties -, 4 killed and 18 wounded - several seriously. (Note - since occupation of area by reft drivers other units crowded in, including a by AA Battery and Armd Div workshops). 15.30 - RHQ established in "St Dominicus College". 19.00 - Orders to expend total of 60 rds on harassing the rds and ferry at Huissen. (Note - PW later reported many was from this fire). Engaged from 21.30 to 05.40 hrs.


29 September 1944: 00.05 - Called for fire on one enemy gun now shelling HQ RA. At 01.00 hrs a 'brew up' was reported in target area and shelling examed. 10.30 - Comd Gds Armd Div, Major Gen. Allan Adair DSO MG visited the regt. Prepared visit by Corps Comd postponed. 02.15 - HF tasks, on nothern front, received, and fired until 05.00. Expenditure authorised - 60 rds.


30 September 1944: 00.10 - DR from 43 Div delivered HF, DF of "Seaford" tasks. 16.40 - CB programme received and fired at 19.00 hrs (43 Div front). 19.30 - Sec of B Tp returned from 153 Fd Regt and Uden area, task being completed. Deployed with remainder of B Tp.


1 October 1944: 08.50 Came under comd 43 Inf Div until approx 17.00 hrs tonight. Some 30 targets were engaged during the day, including several to be fired "until further orders" lasting from 1/2 hr to 2 1/2 hrs. 18.00 - Orders from Gds Armd Div RA to switch one Battery back to 82 US Airborne Div front. 20.00 - Switched Battery back to 43 Div front to engage HF Programme. Some 2410 rds fired on this from 21.00 to 06.00 hrs, whilst the other Battery remained laid, at instant call, on tgt (already fired contineously, rate V.S. from 19.20 hrs to 22.00 hrs). 22.25 - A further HF programme received from 43 Div for Batttery if and when released from standing by on tgt. 23.50 - CB programme received, for F2 USA/B Div to we fired at 05.30. A further CB programme also at call for 43 Inf. Div.


2 October 1944: 03.05 - A section was ranged (by moonlight) on enemy tanks by CO 55 Fd Regt. 04.50 - An V tgt engaged for 43 Div, then Battery turned round to SE to engage CB programme for 82 US Airborne Div. Other Battery ordered to remain laid on tgt and therefore two calls for fire had to be refused. 06.15 - Tgt tanks re-engaged. During the night one gun from A Troop harassed the ferry crossing at Huissen. Some 11 further targets were engaged on behalf of 43 Div up to 08.00, Battery being released from tgt at about 07.30 hrs without having fired on it. 09.00 Anti-personnel bombs from jet-propelled enemy aircraft fell in B Echelon area. Casualties - 12 wounded from regt and RASC platoon. (Note: this brings the regt to 60 OR's under WE strength). Regt continued to support 43 Inf Div in nothern sector until 19.10 hrs when all guns were turned to SE ready for CB for 82 US A/B. 20.00 - Established R/T comns  direct with CBO ready for C B orders. (R/T with Gds Armd Div also standing by in case of line failure). Rep from 64 Med Regt with 2 U3 A/B Div also tuned in on regt net.


3 October 1944: 08.25 - No call for CB fire having been receved, reverted to northern sector, now in support 50 (Northumbrian) Inf Div. 10.25 - Advised by Bde Maj 5 A Gp RA that regt reverts to r/comd 5 AGRA as from noon. Orders to send CAGRA rep party to  HQ RA Gds Armd Div. 12.00 - Ceased to be u/comd Gds Armd Div who are now mostly L OB and therefore do not require CAGRA rep party. Party therefore recalled, on orders from 5 AGRA, at 16.00 hrs. 18.05 - Small CB programme fired in support attack by 50 (N) Inf Div.


4 October 1944: 05.05 - LO to ACBO at 43 Div for CB programme LO to 5 AGRA for programme to be fired in support 50 Div at 12.00 hrs. 12.00 - Shot 30 min programme in support Phase I of 50 Div attack. 13.05 - Shot on CB programme in support 50 Div. 14.30 - Shot on programme in support Phase II of 50 Div attack. 14.30 - S/Sgt Armourer, wounded on Sep 28, losing a leg, died in local CCS. Several CB bombards engaged on orders from CBO  HQ 5 AGRA. 23.00 - Commenced HF programme of 320 rds which continued to 05.00 hrs.


5 October 1944: 09.00 - Co and 2I/C to HQ 5 AGRA and on to recce new areas to be occupied later for forthcoming operations. During the day a number of CB bombards and "Y" tgts were engaged.


6 October 1944: 01.55 - 50 Div operation Phase III now to take place into sec 11 in programme was cancelled and sec 12 not to be fired unless called for, stand by as from 06.00 hrs. 07.00 - Tgt COPPERMINE engaged for 10 mins. 14.50 - A Troop reported stick of AP bombs across posn. One casualty, Pte Styles (ACC) evacuated. This man died. 20.00 - HQ 5 AGRA ordered Regt to move north west tomorrow morning to bolder up 59 AGRA in support 101 (US) Airborne Div op to repal attack from area Wageningen and Renkum. 43 Div also moving to support this op. 21.00 - CO's Order ? Capt ??tletwaite to HQ 59 AGRA as CO's rep. 23.30 - Regt given permission to cease firing at 05.00 hrs. CB programme before that time to be fired if possible. After arrival at new posn enemy arty from HQ to be engaged. This tgt was engaged, scale 2 from one Battery, at 16.08 hrs and 16.23 hrs 7 October.


7 October 1944: 00.05 - Regt ordered not to engage CB programme. 05.00 - Ceased firing. 07.10 - Head of Regt coln passed SP, tactical order of march. 09.15 - RHQ established, whole regt in area Winssen. 17.10 - RHQ moved and re-established at Ewijk. Throughout the day "U", "V", "Y" and "M" tgts were fired over a wide front, from 56 Easting line to 69 Easting line. On several occasions part of the unit was shooting NE while the remainder was shooting simueltaneously NW. The enemy never got much further east than 56 Easting line and by 21.00 hrs onw tps were reported to hold line North - South along 55 Easting line. Enemy in greatest strenght area Kesteren and Opheusden.


8 October 1944: 11.00 - Bad visibility had made it pointless to send out an OP earlier, but Capt Cornell now ordered to establish OP. 12.00 - CO to HQ 5 AGRA. 13.00 - Orders from CO at HQ 5 AGRA. A/CPO's and cookhouses to be sent to new area SE of Nijmegen, learning about 14.30 hrs. Probably order 'Prepare to move' at 14.30 hrs. 14.30 - 'Prepare to move. Harbour present location' ordered by CO. 15.55 - CO's order GP. OP and CO's rep with 59 AGRA recalled. Orders for move to new regt area, south of Ubbergen, as recced 5 Oct. 17.00 - Regt moved. 18.15 - RHQ established. A Troop ordered to remain in ? of wood; not to be brought out to fire except by CO's order. Inafficiant flash cover. A very difficult occupation but by 22.50 hrs regt (less A Troop) ready on theatre grid.


3 February 1945: CO's conference. BCs, QM, Sp offr. Lt. ... hart and HQ attended orders were received for the move as far as Eindhoven. Signal Offr was sent to 5 AGRA to collect maps. Lt. Lowry returned from HQ area at Malden. Had little succes as 30 Corps had admitted 5 AGRA in their allocation of area's. RHQ .. placed by Lt Richards had been ..jected by the formation to whom Corps allocated the area. Signal Offr returns with maps and orders for billeting in Eindhoven on 4 Feb.


4 February 1945: Recce parties moved off for gun area and harbour parties for staging at Eindhoven. Lt. Colthorpe acted as RBO. Head of main body asked regimental SP. Regt arrived at Eindhoven and harboured. Btys were in private billets. RHQ and B Ech in a school.


5 February 1945: 2IC gave talk to RHQ and B Ech into operation. Lt. Clark reported back from Lommel with calibration results. Message received from 5 AGRA changing route from Grave to Malden, owing to the condition damaging roads.


6 February 1945: On arrival in the Malden area RHQ was concentrated. Btys went into harbour areas and B Ech to the area of Reek. 2 IC went to a conference at 15 Div. BMRA 5 AGRA telephoned to say that guns moved on 7 Feb into position likely to take a large time to occupy... nearby.


7 February 1945: 5 AGRA issued orders ... vehicle movement on .. except on a certificate signed by the Brigadier. Orders issued to occupy positions. Lt Col Fitzgerald returned from UK leave. OP locations begin to come in from the 3 OPs whom had come out during the afternoon to join 15 Div.


8 February 1945: 121 Med sent for Padre to burry three casualties. Capt. Pottewaite reported POW taken by 46 Bde from 84 ... Regt and 1052 PGR. Good progress reported on left. Mines being lifted ahead. Tgt engaged by 251 Bty stopped at 1826 hrs. Received from 5 AGRA a further fire plan to be fired .. before 'Sullivan' on H hour.


9 February 1945: 'Sullivan' H hour not before 0200 hrs. Engaged 3 bombards between 0200 and 0248 hrs. 'Sullivan' H hour confirmed at 0400 hrs. CRA 15 Div ordered one Troop to move and on the route at 0900 hrs. The second Troop to move on to the route on 1100 hrs. D Tp was detailed for the firts move. D Tp still strugling out of action. 251 Bty Capt ordered to move his Bty complete at 1035 hrs. C Tp reported arrived in new position but D Tp not get in. 250 Bty shot on tgt 'KWAI'. Received orders from HQRA to move 251 Bty.


10 February 1945: Received instruction from BM 5 AGRA to move to area astride the Frasselt road. Received details of fire plan in sp Cdn between 1725 and 1900 hrs engaged from tgts scale 4. Received movement orders from BM 15 Div route point Groesbeek. Route - Groesbeek - Wyler - Kranenburg.


11 February 1945: RHA established at Kranenburg. Engaged tgt in sp of 51 H. Division. 20 rpg from one Bty before 13.30 hrs.