A 20mm Oerlikon mounted on crusader tank body, of 321 Battery, 93 LAA. Regiment, Royal Artillery at Nijmegen road Bridge during the Winter of 1944
(photo T.Onslow)

93 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment: 321 Battery, 322 Battery 20/40mm Bofors


Unit No.1160


October 1944: During the month of October 321 LAA Battery have been detached from the regt and operating in Holland under command 100 AA  Bde. Two troops have been deployed on Nijmegen bridge and one at Grave. Detail of this bty's activities are not known.


16 and 17 November 1944: Lt Col W.F.C. Holman, RA visits 321 LAA Battery. This battery remains deployed, 2 troops at Nijmegen bridge and one troop at Grave  bridge. The battery is now under comd 74 AA Bde.


16 Decemer1944: Lt. J.L. Lord, RA died of wounds received on 7 Dec 1944.