94 (Dorset&Hants) Field Regiment: 218 Battery 224 Battery 468 Battery-25 Pounder

Unit No:42


17 September 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to Overpelt. (Brabant), during the night Bdr Baycroft and Gnr Daniels got wounded by shrapnel.        


22 September 1944: Regiment went into action near Grave.                                                   


24 September 1944: Regiment moved to "The Island" and took position near Valburg(Gelderland), RHQ established in school in Valburg.                                                                


1 October 1944: RHQ was hit by enemy shelling this resulted in casualties among the men of the Survey Party, Sgt Whitehouse was killed, Sgt Philpott wounded, as were Gnrs Champkins, and Francis, the latter died of his wounds the same day, also killed was Gnr Whitfield of 218 Battery. That same day the Regiment lost its well beloved CO, whilst visiting 129 Brigade HQ he was fatally wounded by a shell fragment.      



4 October 1944: Story from OP Captain C.N.B.Hancock: Elst Church tower was a lively spot for F.O.O's from all batteris. It was the only possible place for an O.P. in our area and consequently got a lot of attention from the Hun. It was quite commonplace to receive a many as fifteen or twenty hits in a day. Fortunately it had very thick walss and could "take it". Captain Cohen was evacuated from the tower after a shell burst about six feet from the slit through which he was looking. Bmd Hillier , his OP Ack, continued to man the O.P. very ably for the rest of the day. Gunner Warne, a signaller was killed the same day while mending a cable at the foot of the tower.    


5 October 1944: Regiment moved of the "The Island" towards area of Neerbosch (Gelderland).


7 October 1944: Regiment took position near Deest (Gelderland), peace was disturbed for 218 Battery when three high velocity shells, fired probably from a tank across the river (Dodewaard area), suddenly landed within twenty yards of their command post and L/Bdr Steeds was fataly wounded. Regiment moved to area near Malden.(Gelderland).   


25 October 1944: One of the guns in B.Troop had premature, the shell exploded in the chamber and Gunner Oades was killed.     


9 November 1944: Regiment moved from Malden towards harbour area near Heerlen.(Limburg)  


11 November 1944: Regiment moved to Germany. 


17 December 1944: Regiment moved from Germany to Spaubeek (Limburg)     


20 December 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.


27 December 1944: Regiment moved to Schinnen.(Limburg), no firing was done from these positions.                                                                                                                            


14 January 1945: Regiment moved to Germany.    


4 February 1945: Regiment moved to Nijmegen area for Opertion "Veritable".  There was enough ammo, some was left by 52 Lowland Division, making a total of nearly a 1000 rounds per gun. 


10 February 1945: Regiment moved to Germany.            


30 March 1945: Regiment moved to Dinxperloo. (Gelderland) At Dinxperloo the guns were shot up by some SP guns on the open Nothern flank. 2 miles south of Sinderen (Gelderland), the "H" truck of 468 Battery, a half truck, received a direct hit killing Gunners Groves and Mennel, and wounded 3 others.  


31 March 1945: Regiment moved Varsseveld. Gelderland)   


7 April 1945: Regiment moved to Hengelo. (Gelderland), here the guns were put under cover and all ranks were treated to the luxury of civliand billets and the very generous Dutch hospitality. The vigilant M.T. staff discovered a German workshop containing twenty captured British vehicles including a number of Airborne Jeeps in perfect order. The regimental establishment of jeeps was considerable larger from that time on.   


9 April 1945: Regiment last day in action in Holland, moved to Germany.


Officers of the Regiment May 1944
Sergeant 218 Battery May 1944