94 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment: 323 Battery


18 September 1944: 0630 - Move from harbour area to posn on axis of adv. Very slow progess General sit as reported on W/T good. 2 HCR having made contact with Para Tps North of Eindhoven at about 1400. 1825 - Ordered to pull of rd and harbour. 1½m South of Canal bridge.

1925/2015 - Attack by HE and A/Pers Bombs from about 15-20 Me 109 directed principally on bridg. 6 cas in B Tp (Y). i (X) in G Tp. 2135 - Orders received by W/T for B & D Tps to go forward to deploy Son. E Tp to cease u/c 84 and do same VP.


Operations Information 18 Sep 44:

0925 - Information from Para Tps coming in - no oppositon North of Eindhoven.

0930 - Eindoven itself reported strongly held and 5 Bde G propose attack from W of 32 Bde Gp from E.

1245 - Ordered to display Gd to Air Recovery system for rest of day.

1600 - 153 report Pangers, A Tk guns & Inf Guns. They have unchanged W/T gun fire & believe they have put gun out of action.

1625 - Ordered ty CRA to pull of rd & harbour for night.

1935-2010 - Attack with HE  A/Pers Bombs by 15-20 EFA on bridge. 6 cas in Btys.

2135 - Orders passed by W/T via 84 for Regt to move by night to deploy at first light Son. E Tp to cease a.c. 84 & move with us

2200 - V Gp - CO decides to take up guns only & leave A Echs.


19 September 1944: 0015 - B, D, E Tps move forward leaving A Echs behind. 0645 - HQs move fwd on C.L. 0900 - Cross frontier into Holland. 1400 - Pass Son and take in B, D Tps from V.P. E Tp returns to 84 Med. 1800 - E Tp fwd with 84 for deployment South of Nijmegen. 2100 - RHQ, 324, B & D to harbour.


Operation Garden 19 Sep 44:

0015 - B, D, & E Tp F Echs move up to deploy Son.

0715 - RHQ & A Echs move up axis of adv behind 84 Med.

0900 - Cross border into Holland.

1400 - Catch up with B, D, E Tps at Son. E returns v.c. 84. B & D move into line on advance.

2100 - Draw up on road for night.


20 September 1944: 0700 -  Continue movement up C.L. 0820 - Cross Maas at Grave. Halted there and the coln attacked by 6 FW 190 at 300' with m/c guns. Emergency action by B & D Tps. 1 E/A destroyed outright by D Tp and a second hit by B & D Tps crashed about 1m to South. Further action by A, G, E & H in line of march. In all 9 E/A destroyed. 0845 - Orders received by W/T to deploy 1 Tp Grave, 1 Tp Heumen. 0910 - D Tp deployed Grave. 0930 - B Tp deployed Heumen. 1020 - RHQ & 324 HQ harbour Heumen. D Tp withdrawn from Grave and deployed canal bridge Heumen.


20 Sep 44:

0700 - Move up C.L. continues.

0820 - Cross Maas at Grave. During halt, attack by FW 190. Emergency action - 1Cat I by D Tp. 1 Cat III by  B Tp.

0845 - Orders received to deploy 1 Tp (D) at Grave - one at Heumen (B Tp).

0910 - D Tp deployed.

1020 - Pulled into harbour.


21 September 1944: 0730 - Orders by W/T to deploy A, E & B Tps in defence of bridge Nederrijn at Nijmegen. Recce done and at 0830Tps diverted to original tasks. (100 A.A. Bde at bridge Nijmegen.


22 September 1944: No change.


23 September 1944: A Tp return with 153 Fd down C.L. to Veghel to help clearing up a German force which has broken through L of C. 1700 - Shells (airburst) arriving in vicinity Heumen. 4 -88mm located and dealth with by 84 Med Regt.


24-29 September 1944: Nothing to report. Regt deployed as on arrival his location. A Tp moving back to reopen Veghel closure. G Tp moving short distances with 55 Fd Regt. Sparodic shelling. V.P. Bridge - Waal at Nijmegen becomes LAZ with Comd 100 de as AADC.


30 September 1944: 1300 - A Tp return with 32 Gds Bde, att 153 Fd Regt, R.A. and re-deploy in South Nijmegen. Remaining dispositions unchanged. 1900 - 1 off and 5 ORs (3 Dv/Op and 2 Dv i/c) Regts arrive. Position as at 0001 1 Oct. shows deficiency of 1 Lt (QM), 2 Subn and 15 Gnrs.


1 October 1944: 1100 - RHQ, 324 HQ, B & D Tps leave area Heumen and proceed to Neerbosch. B & D Tps not deployed except in local role. 1700 - Major F.C.W. Timmins, R.A. (2IC) while on attachment to 55 Fd Regt, RA is killid in action at Elst by shelling.


12 October 1944: 1200 - HM King, accompanied by C-in-C, 21 Army Gp, visitid the division and Commanding Officer was presented.


21 October 1944: 1600 - Capt T.J. Seavers, R.A.M.C. (Medical Officer) wounded by anti-personnel bomb which fell in regtl area, and died on admission to hospital.

Very little of interest took place this month, from an operational point of view. Sparodic air activity. The first V.2 phenomena were observed and reports submitted.


1-10 November 1944: Regt in same locn as during October. Very little activity and little interference within range from Luftwaffe.


9 November 1944: 0900 - CRA's O. Gp concerning future move from the area.


10 November 1944: 0915 - RHQ moves to billets at village vacated by HQ RA, Gds Armd Div. H Tp move with Div HQ to new area. Adv party to recce new area.


11 November 1944: H Tp in action nr Sittard and get Cat II with 42 rds on Me 262.


12 November 1944: 0411 - Regt crosses SP Grave Bridge in Div coln. via Club route - Eindhoven - Hechtel - Bourg Leopold - Beeringen - Genck - Asch - Lanklaer (crossing Maas and Juliana Canal) to Div area Geleen - Sittard - Stein. RHQ established 1900 hrs Tps deployed as per sitrep att.


13 November 1944: 0700 - E Tp come under comd 86 Fd Regt, RA. Weather very changeable: conditions over German border at A Tp locn very difficult owing to mud.


17 November 1944: 86 FD REGT to move out to sup 23 DIV. orders for E Tp to accompany them canelled. E Tp remains in situ to await their return on or about 20 November.


23 November 1944: 1100 - GOC and CRA visit Regt and inspect HQs.


29 November 1944: 1100 - 2IC to Conference HQRA on future plans. In nature of a warning conference only and nothing definite evolved.


1 December 1944: 1115 -  Commanding Officer attends investiture at Div HQ by Fd-M. Dir B Montgomery to award decorations withing the Div. The C-in-C visited 'A' Tp.


4 December 1944: 0930 - 2IC to HQ RA for conference: Div boundary has been moved East to make room for 7 Armd Div this side of Maas, and this HQ and 324 HQ required to move. Tps not affected. Recce carried out.


5 December 1944: 0930 - RHQ and 324 HQ move and re-establish in Zweikhuizen. RHQ established at 1015 hrs. 1400 - Line comns est with 32 Gds Bde switchboard.


6 December 1944: E Tp (with 86 Fd Regt) move from area Born to area Groetenrode and re-deploy.


7 December 1944: 1000 - CO to conference at HQ RA on future OPs. 1500 - G Tp move from area Sittard to area Puth. Do not deploy.


8 December 1944: 1400 - "I" Conference Div HQ on future OPs. 1630 - CO to HQ RA for conference on Fire Plan in future OPs. 1400 - A Tp move with 153 Fd Regt from area Hillensberg to area Gangelt and redeploy. Shellfire from Siegfried Line on their posns through remainder of day.



2 February 1945: 0400 - BCs 324 and 325 depart on Recce to conc area and a conf at Grave Bks to co-ordinate gun layout. They receive these through Comd 1 Mx (MG Bn) orders from First Cdn Army to put 6 guns in ground role before Groesbeek of which 30 firing indirect, 6 direct in the pepperpot planned for 0500 - 1000 hrs on D-Day of the North Sector offensive. Posns recced & BCs return 1830 hrs. same day.


3 February 1945: 0915 - GOC Gds Armd Div visits and inspects unit area. Watches demonstration of 40mm fitted for ground shooting with No.18 Set W/T contol from OP.

1700 - Plan fot our participating in gd shooting conc cancelled by CRA verbally to CO. Orders received at HQ RA that 323 Bty comprising A, G & E Tps will be detached for Phase I of Veritable remaining under Comd RA, while Regt less...


5 February 1945: 1700 - 325 Bty comes u.c. Div HQ. This wef movement of first party to leave.

1900 - Recce parties from RHQ and 325 Bty fwd to area TILBURG


6 February 1945: 0715 - Regt less 1 Bty leaves area in Div Convoy behind Div HQ - Route Diest by pass - Lummen - Beeringen - Bourg Leopold - Moll - Gheel - Turnhout - Poppel - Tilburg. RHQ est 1700 hrs. 1300 - 325 Bty less 2 Tps moves with HQ RA, Gds Armd Div to Phase I of operation Veritable. A & G Tps of this Bty move in same gp with 153 & 55 Fd Rgts. E Tps (third of this Bty) comes u.c. 64 Med Regt, RA on arrival. Route - as above, thence 's Hertogenbosch - Grave- South of Nijmegen - gun areas.


7 February 1945: 1900 - Tps of 325 Bty occupy positions after last light in gun area for OP Veritable.


8 February 1945: 0600 - Very slender shellfire from enemy in answerto barrage and "pepperbox" - the first shell lands in close proximity to a 40 mm of E Tp - the gun is destroyed by resultant fire and detonating amn. 1 NCO & 1 Gnr wounded. (The NCO died on admission to hospital).


8-20 February 1945: Regt less 325 Bty harboured in Tilburg awaiting fwd move of the Div. Tps of 325 Bty move fwd with the advance of OP Veritable reaching E Tp and G Tp in Reichswald. Fwd tps had engagements with E/A (Ju 88, Me 109 and Me 262) on 10, 11 and 14 Feb)


20 February 1945: Commanding Officer departs on UK leave and Major F.T. Harris, R.A. (OC 324 Bty) assumes comd of the Regiment. 1200 - Div placed at 1 hrs notice to move to concentration area South of Nijmegen. 2000 - March table for movement received from Div HQ.


21 February 1945: 0800 - Regt les 325 Bty moved fwd - SP Vught - 's Hertogenbosch - Grave Br - Nijmegen. RHQ established 1300 hrs.


22 February 1945: 0001 - 325 Bty reverts to the comd of Regt. The Regiments comes under comd of HQ RA (i.e. normal). Placed at 3 hrs notice to move.


23 February 1945: 0800 - Move instr.No 3 rec. This provides for move of the Div less 32 Bde (already fwd) and less Div HQ, 21 A Tk 7 94 LAA Regt, less dets. This Bde is est in area North of Goch. Remainder expected move tomorrow 24 Feb but strict control exercised by Cdn Army in traffic into very congested area.


24 February 1945: HQ RA moved fwd to area North of Goch. Div HQ remains Nijmegen locn. No move this regt.


25 February 1945: 0815 - 325 Bty HQ moved. 0930 -  Div HQ moves forward. Orders rec that all tpt is to be frozen in Reichswald area.


28 February 1945: 2100 - Order received from HQ RA that the regt less 325 Bty and 1 Tp will move from present locn to area North of Goch.