Unit "Z" Anti Tank Battery R.A.


17 September 1944: Break through from Albert Canal Bridgehead commenced.


18 September 1944: Battery less G & I Tps harbour North of VALKENSWAARD, G & I Tops harbour North of ... L & R  C.L. with Coldstream & Welsh Guards group.


19 September 1944: Z Battery move up to River MAAS. Battery less I Tp harbour North of River MAAS, G Tp with Coldstream Group. I Tp deployed with W.G. Group defending GRAVE a bridge over River MAAS.


20 September 1944: G Tp rejoin Battery in harbour area. Considerable quantity of stores droped in Bde aera for Airborne Troops.


21 September 1944: Orders received to join S Bde at first light. Z Bty less I Tp deployed in NIJMEGEN. I Tp remaining with W.G. group untill released by 43 Div. G, H & I Troops take up new positions defending bridge over River WAAL. G & H Tp South of River, I Troop on North flank. G Tp capture a prisoner. Shelling of Southern end of Bridge during afternoon & evening. A little mortaring and bombing. I Tp is relieved to Tp from 43 Div in evening and harbour with Bty HQ in the town.


22 September 1944: Z Bty move to harbour area about 3 miles South of NIJMEGEN.


23 September 1944: No change.


24 September 1944: Z Bty placed u/c 5 Bde Grp. G, H & I Tps deployed in village of LENT, just North of NIJMEGEN Bridge. 5 Bde HQ & Z Battery moved to OOSTERHOUT. Z Bty responsible for area between 5 Bde HQ & River WAAL.


25 September 1944: H & I Tps placed u/c W.G. Group deployed area HUIS DOORNIK.


26 September 1944: W.G. Grp move forward as part of plan to ? Bridgehead. I Tp deploy area AAM. H Tp with 3 Coy forward on WAAL WETERING.


27 September 1944: No change. Small amount of shelling.


29 September 1944: W.G. Grp relieved by Irish Guards Grp. H & I Tps remain ? to Irish Guards Grp. Shelling & mortaring increase.


30 September 1944: Shelling & mortaring continue fairly ... with ... shells  in considerable  neighbourhood of AAM which has been fairly ... due probably to the fact that Irish Guard Grp had a considerable number of vehicles up forward in tree orchard a part including RAP where as the Welsh Guard Grp ... to about six vehicles. 


1 October 1944: Attack launched against bridgehead North of River WAAL. Irish Guard Btn HQ

and no 4 Coy area fairly closely involved. Considerable amount of shelling and mortaring. H Tp HQ also came under fire.


2 October 1944: A determined attack launched on the central right of .. area. Enemy infiltrated with help of Tks  Tp equipment loss except 1 jeep, 1 carrier. Total casualties to H Tp - 2 killed - 4 wounded - 8 missing, believed wounded, - 2 missing, believed POW. 32 Bde takes over from 5 Bde in evening and Z Bty harbour area DEN VALEN??


3 October 1944: Lt WOOD pointed to Z Bty. No change.


6 October 1944: No change.


7 October 1944: Lt ?-JONES pointed to Z Battery.


12 October 1944: Lt TW? pointed to this Battery.


16 October 1944: H. Schoenmaackers, A. Boom attached to Z Battery as interpreters.


31 October 1944: No change.


1 November 1944: No change.


10 November 1944: Harbour parties moved off to new area - SITTARD.


11 November 1944: BC went forward to recce new area.


12 November 1944: Battery moved to new area; harboured in PAPENHOVEN.


13 November 1944: G &  I Tps placed u/c Grenadier Guards Gp - 32 Bde, G Troop deploy in VINKEL after dark, I Tp harbour area SCHINVELD. Z Bty less 2 Tps remain with 5 Bde.


14 November 1944: G Troop receive a little shelling and mortaring, I Tp deploy area HASTENRATH after dark.


15 November 1944: Z Bty less 2 Troops come u/c 3 Irish Guards and move to BORN, H Troop deploy a small wood West of NIEUWSTAD.


16 November 1944: Slight damage caused to I Tp gun by shelling


17 November 1944: No change, shelling and mortaring continue on I & G Tp positions.


19 November 1944: Capt SMITH with Bty moves to GANGELT. All Troop vehicles evacuated.


20 November 1944: Spasmodic shelling and mortaring of G & I Tp positions GANGELT.


21 November 1944: Spasmodic shelling and mortaring of G & I Tp positions, H Troop no change.


22 November 1944: No change, slight shelling and mortaring continued in G & I Tp area.


23 November 1944: No change, small shelling and mortaring of G & I Tp positions throughout the



24 November 1944: No change.


25 November 1944: Spasmodic shelling of G & I positions - BORN shelled between 0715 and 0745 (approx 80 shells). H Tp relieved by Q Bty.

Moving to Germany.