5 Battery
L to R: Ernest (Ted) Grey,Jack Hardingham, Ticker Burbridge, Frank Tiley, Ron Bicknell, Bill Chiant, Jimmy James, Bill Tidy
(R. Grey)

1 Heavy Regiment:3 Battery 5 Battery 16 Battery 28 Battery-155mm and 7.2 inch Guns.

Unit No.179

1 January 1945: Regiment moved from Belgium to Nijmegen area, 28 Battery engaged targets in area Tiel (Gelderland). 25 rounds fired, direct hits of railway stations, factories and selected houses.


7 January 1945: Regiment took part in Operation Plum.


1 February 1945: Regiment in position in Nijmegen area.


3 February 1945: One sec of 25 Battery engaged hostile Mortar gun position by Air OP, reported as satisfactorily dealth with.


6 February 1945: 28 Battery succesfully registered all guns of Bty on tgt "Little Tobruk"North of Wyler on 3Cdn front.


7 February 1945: Received fire plans for Operation "Veritable"


13 March 1945: 3 Battery, 5 Battery and 16 Battery moved to area S'Hertogenbosch, 16 stayed in Nijmegen area.


31 March 1945: Regiment last day in action in Holland