1 Medium Regiment RCA: 2 Battery 3 Battery


27 March 1945: Regiment moved from Belgium to Nijmegen.


1 April 1945: Regiment moved to "The Island".     


11 April 1945: Lieutenant J.G.Beaulieu died in motorcycle accident. he was buried in the orchard, beside the RAP, a service was held by the R.C Padge Captain A.Gillis.    


14 April 1945: 3rd Battery was placed under command of 1 Cdn Div and moved to area near Zupthen.                                                         


16 April 1945: 3rd Battery moved to Voorst. (Gelderland)        


17 April 1945: 3rd Battery moved to Barneveld.     


18 April 1945: 3rd Battery moved to Voorthuizen. (Gelderland)        


19 April 1945: 3rd Battery moved to Nijkerk.     


20 April 1945: 3rd Battery re-joined the Regiment, Water trucks were send to Kroller Muller Museum, now a small hospital to the aid of Dutch civilians, Lt Ben Cowan repaired the damage to their water main put.   


24 April 1945: Regiment moved to Barneveld. (Gelderland)  


26 April 1945: A.Troop under command of Captain D.J.Teek moved to Valburg. (returned to the Regiment on 6 May)   


4 May 1944: A NCOs School is opened in Arnhem on Sloestraat 44(Jan Ligthartschool) closed down first week in June.  


8 May 1945: Regiment moved to Valkenburg airfield (Noord Holland) to take part in disarming the Germans, route: Barneveld, Noordhuisen, Vinkenhoef, Amersfoort, Soest, Naarden, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar. 


5 May 1945: Regiment together with 2 Medium RCA, went into bivouace in the small village of Julianadorp. (Noord Holland)    


13 May 1945: 55 ORs and vehicles under command of Lt A.F.Wallis left from Rottterdam to assist 1 Div RCASC in transporting supplies. 


4 June 1945: Regiment send a number od men to Bergen (Noord Holland) to take part in AGRA service of memorial for the Normandy landings.


14 June 1945: Regiment moved back to Deelen Airport.       


19 June 1945: Regiment moved to Soesterberg airbase, having turned in there guns.       


9 July 1945: Regiment moved to area Amersfoort to wait to be embarked to England.