107 Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment: 334 Battery 335 Battery 337 Battery- 3.7inch Bofors

Unit No.


24 September 1944: 157 AAOR comes under command 107 HAA Regt. Regiment move to deploy in a AA Defence of Eindhoven.


27 September 1944: Orders received to move under command 100 AA Bde and deploy in defence of Nijmgen. Regiment moved to deploy in defence of Nijmegen. 335 Battery were re-deployed in 4 sections each of two guns on either side of the road bridge at Nijmegen both on North and South Banks. One ME109 shot down


29 September 1944: Rail bridge over Waal destroyed and road bridge at Nijmegen being damaged by party of waterborne enemy saboteurs. Vehicle communications with C TGroop broken until traffic restored on the Bridge by 19.30hrs.


30 September 1944: Anti Tank positions recced at Bemmel.


1 October 1944: E Troop of 337 Battery deploys as infrantry troop with 5th Dorsets company, Field Marshall Montgomery visit guns of C.Troop deployed in defence of bridge.


2 October 1944: D Tp position on the bridge is shelled. Casualtes 1 OR killed 2 ORs wounded.


3 October 1944: C and D Tps 335 Bty are relieved in their positions on the road bridge by 20mm of 321 LAA Bty. C Tp deploys in an AA role with E Tp. D Tp relieves to 165 HAA Regt, the river defence of the bridge at Nijmegen, and is sited un two section positions; Eastern River Defence Position and Western River Defence Position. CO 107 HAA takes over comd from OC 165 HAA Regt at 1600 hrs.


4 October 1944: E Tp moves and deploys with F Tp in an 8 gun posn. Regiment is in sp 50 Div for the attack by 50 Div to secure forward edge of line of the orchards from excl Elst to incl Haalderen and takes part in the fire plan firing 160 rounds airburst. A, E and F Tps take part in the field role. B and C Tps remain in an AA role. D Tp remains in a river defence role.


5 October 1944: Captain W. Ibbotson RA is posted to 33 RHU.


6 October 1944: Regt is detailed to take part in fire plan in sp of RA 50 (N) Div, but owing to withdrawal of enemy, the task is cancelled. Following equipment and personnel are attached to 112 LAA Regt for LAA barrages: One  GL 2 one RU and one trailer plotter, three tractors and 1x3 tonner. 18 OsFC, 14 plotters, 3 dvr mechs, 1 veh mech and one cook.


7 October 1944: 337 engage enemy A/C firing 18 rds.


8 October 1944: New LW(V) received and sent to 337 Bty. 107 to fire in gd role in sp of 3 AGRA between hrs of sunrise and sunset 1 Bty per day limit 320 rds per day.


9 October 1944: 334 Bty shoot in gd role in sp of 3 AGRA firing 16 rds fuze 117 C Tp 335 and 334 Bty engage A/C firing 29 and 46 rds respectively.


10 October 1944: 337 Bty fire 150 rds fuze 208 in gd role. Regt informed that claims for 4 Cat I and 2 Cat 2 on 30 Sept and 2 Oct had ben confirmed.


11 October 1944: 1 Tp of 334 Bty and 1 Tp of 335 Bty fire in gd role. 334 firing 12 rds fuze 117 and 20 rds fuze 208. 335 Bty firing 20 rds fuze 208.


12 October 1944: 337 Bty in gd role fire 80 rds fuze 208. 337 Bty and C Tp 335 engage enemy A/C. C Tp firing 5 rds and 337 Bty 11 rds. Comd 12 Corps visited 337 Bty during afternoon.


13 October 1944: 1 Troop 334 and 1 Troop 335 fire in gd role. 334 Bty firing 8 rds fuze 117 and 52 rds fuze 208. C Tp fire 60 rds fuze 208.


14 October 1944: Major A.P. Corbett MC posted to Regt from 37 RHU. 337 Bty fired 104 rds furze 208 and 80 rds fuze 117 in gd role.


15 October 1944: Major A.P. Corbett posted to 90 HAA Regiment R.A. Major A.J. Forrest posted to Regt from 90 HAA Regt R.A. 337 Bty fired 88 rds fuze 208 and 8 rds fuze 117 in gd role.


16 October 1944: Lieut G.K. Sharrock posted to the Regiment 31 RHU. 337 Bty fired 64 rds fuze 208 in gd role. 1 Officer and 15 ORs reinforcements received.


17 October 1944: 337 Bty fired 160 rds fuze 208 in gd role. 334 Bty moved to new positions.


18 October 1944: No gd shooting owing to move of 3AGRA. 107 ceases to be in sp of 3 AGRA.


19 October 1944: 107 Regt in sp 50(N) Div and 6 Fd Gp from 0830hrs. 334 Bty fired 200 rds fuze 208 in gd role. 334 Bty fired 8 rds fuze 208 in AA role.


20 October 1944: 337 Bty fired 104 fuze 208 and 12 rds fuze 117 in gd role. No.4 Section D Tp 335 Bty moved.


21 October 1944: 334 BHQ moved to new location., 107 Regt B Ech moved to Weurt. 335 Bty fired 88 rds fuze 208 in gd role. B Tp 334 Bty fired 2 rds in AA role.


22 October 1944: 334 Bty fired 304 rds fuze 208 in gd role.


23 October 1944: 337 Bty fired 180 rds fuze 208 in gd role.


24 October 1944: 335 Bty fired 50 rds fuze 208 in gd role. B Ech moves. 337 Bty fired 10 rds fuze 208 in AA role.


25 October 1944: 334 Bty fired 152 rds fuze 208 in gd role.


26 October 1944: Advanced RHQ moves. 334 Bty fired 120 rds fuze 208 in gd role.


27 October 1944: 335 Bty fired 15 rds fuze 308 in gd role.


28 Ocotber 1944: 334 Bty fired 128 rds fuze 208 in gd role.


29 October 1944: 337 Bty fired 136 rds fuze in gd role. C Tp 335 Bty 3 rds in AA role.  Gnr. W. Dunne killed by enemy action whilst on duty as Despatch Rider.


30 October 1944: 335 Bty fired 88 rds fuze 208 in gd role.


31 October 1944: 334 Bty fired 32 rds fuze 208 in gd role.


1 November 1944: Regt fired in AA and GD role.


2 November 1944: 0550hrs: E and F Troop position shelled. Tx was hit and put out of action. One OFC slightly injured. 1530hrs: While visiting E and F Tp position the CO dislocated his shoulder in getting down when enemy shelling recommenced. He was removed to the ADS and thence to 3 CCS. The 2IC assumed command of the Regiment.


4 November 1944: Radar watches amended.


6 November 1944: Lt. Col. Turner CO 60 HAA Regt arrives to recce area prior to taking over. 2IC attends O Gp at Bde HQ for move of Regt from Nijmegen.


7 November 1944: Adj leaves to recce area Weert and attends CCRA 12 Corps O Gp at Weert.


8 November 1944: 107 HAA Regt is relieved at Nijmegen by 60 HAA Regt and moves to harbour night at Maarheeze.


9 November 1944: 2IC holds O Gp in Weert regarding deployment of Regt. Regt proceeds to deploy. One Tp in each Bty in purely gd role and the other in primary AA role with secondary gd role.


10 November 1944: Brig. E.N. Crosse, M.C. visits Regt and examines layout with 2 IC.


11 November 1944: 2ICV attends CCRAs coordinating conference at HQ RA 12 Corps for OP  Mallard. CO rejoins Regt.


12 November 1944: Nothing to report.


13 November 1944: Capt. A.A. Pearce, RA attached to 7 Armd Div as rep for 1st phase of Mallard.


14 November 1944: Regt comes under operational command of 9 AGRA and takes part in 12 Corps fire plan for OP Mallard.


16 November 1944: CCRA 12 Corps and Bde Comd 100 AA Bde visit Regt with reference to future moves of Regt.


17 November 1944: Regt ceases to be under command of 9 AGRA and comes under command of 12 Corps.


18 November 1944: Nothing to report.


19 November 1944: Recce parties leave for area Heide.


20 November 1944: Regt deploys in gd role in sp of RA 53 (W) Div. The following Radar is loaned to 113 LAA Regt for deployment in area Weert. 3-No.3 MK II. 1-LW'V). 2-No.1 MK II. 3 Trailer plotters. Remainder of Radar remains with B Echelon.


21 November 1944: CCRA 12 Corps visited Regt. Regt shoots in 53 (W) Div fire plan in sp of attack to eliminate enemy bridgehead West of River Maas in area Roermond.


22 November 1944: 2nd Phase of attack commenced.


23 November 1944: Regt fires CB and CM tasks during day.


24 November 1944: Regt fires CB and CM tasks during day.


25 November 1944: IG Major Alday commences tests with on 3.7" gun 2 PFs and trailer plotter to determine point of burst of shell and so check gunnery data.


26 November 1944: Regt given additiona task of supporting RA 7 Armd Div. 337 Bty and A Tp 334 in sp of 7 Armd Div. 335 Bty and B Tp 334 in sp of 53 (W) Div.


27 November 1944: CRA 7 Armd Div called.


28 November 1944: CRA 53 (W) Div called.


30 November 1944: Regt takes part in RA 53 (W) Div fire plan in sp of 1/5 Welsh operation Andrew.


1 December 1944: CCRA  called to discuss fitting on No.7 Dail sight on 3.7inch gun. Regiment fired 196 Rounds in grond role.


2 December 1944: Operation Harbinger commenced, Regiment fired 111 rounds in ground role.


3 December 1944: Regiment carried out range trails at 14.000 yards, Regiment fired 1103 rounds in ground role.


4 December 1944: Major Parsons called to see IG re LWs, operation Hopeful commenced, Regiment fired 311 rounds fired in ground role.


5 December 1944: Regiment fired 162 rounds in ground role.


6 December 1944: Operation Hopeful II commenced. Regiment fired 933 in ground role.


7 December 1944: Regiment fired 266 rounds in ground role.


8 December 1944: Operation Hopeful II continued, CRA 56 Division visit Regiment. Brigadier Crosse informed 2IC that he is to command 90HAA Regiment RA, Regiment fired 277 rounds in ground role.


9 December 1944: CMC called on his way to OP to observe our shooting. Major Rae OC 354/112 LAA Regiment called to discuss matters with the CO. Regiment fired 411 rounds in ground role.


10 December 1944: Regiment fired 338 rounds in ground role.


11 December 1944: OP established in 335 Batteries Wagon lines to give early warning of hostile aircraft approaching Weert. :t/Col J.F. Saunders left Regiment to Command 90 HAA Regiment, Regiment fired 258 rounds in ground role.


12 December 1944: Regiment carries out further trails to test fuse correction, Regiment fired 374 rounds in ground role.


13 December 1944: Regiment fires 415 rounds in ground role.


14 December 1944: Captain Adams of 112 LAA Regiment called to get permission to lay a line from command post to or exchange. Regiment fired 605 rounds in ground role.


15 December 1944: Regiment fired 332 rounds in ground role.


16 December 1944: CMO 53 (W) Div RA led to introduce CMO 15 div. Regiment fired 168 round in ground role.


17 December 1944: CRA 53 (W) Div called to bid farewell. Regiment ceases to be in support of 53 (W) Div now in support of 51 Div, Regiment fired 116 rounds in ground role.


18 December 1944: CMO 15 Div called on Regiment. Regiment fired 32 rounds in ground role.


19 December 1944: Brigadier Crosse called and inspected Regimental transport.


20 December 1944: Regiment fired 127 rounds in ground role.


21 December 1944: Brigadier Crosse visits Regiment to present certificates of Merit to one officer and 8 other ranks. Regiment fired 80 rounds.


22 December 1944: Regiment ceases to be under command of 3 AGRA. Regiment now under command of 8 AGRA. Brigadier Campbell called 2I C goes to Nieuwpoort to tie up Regiments future visit to practice camp. Regiment fired 153 rounds in ground role.


23 December 1944: Brigadier Campbell called ref recce of an OP in KRRC area.


24-27 December 1944: Nothing to report.


28 December 1944: Major Allday Bde IG lectures to officers on new Radar ept.


29 December 1944: Nothing to report.


30 December 1944: Capt Colmer 8 Corps Camouflage Officer calls to inspect Regts Camouflage. Regiment fired 467 rounds in ground role.







377 Battery, 1945, Castle Cleydael ,south of Antwerp