110 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment: 360 Battery 361 Battery 362 Battery-40mm Bofors

Unit No.47


23 September 1944: 2330 hrs received orders that Adm Gp would move at 0430 hrs 24 Sep in a different order, RASC coys being in the lead. Destinatio area Wijchen & Nederasselt.


24 Septemer 1944: Left Vink 0430 hrs arrived Wijchen area 0930 hrs (head of column only).

By 1800 hrs whole Regt had arrived less 4 guns H/362 ad362 Bty HQ which were cut off when road was cut by enemy near Veghel. B/360, E/361 and H/362 (2 guns only) deployed around Adm. Area.


25 September1944: RHQ moved to Wolferen. All SP Troops deployed between River Waal and the Nederrijn under comd Bdes. Considerable enemy air activity during day. 4 Cat IIs claimed. Counter Mortar parties called for by HQ, RA and reported there at 0930 hrs, less party from 362 Bty which had not yet arrived from rear. During night J/362 was employed in ground role and all guns fired during night at enemy mortar and MG positions. They also gave directional fire for evacuation of Airborne tps from Arnhem area over the Nederrijn. 3 Jeeps reported at HQ 130 Bde 1900 hrs for evacuation of airborne casualties.Considerable enemy air activity, 2 Cat I and 6 Cat II being claimed.


26 September 1944: Remaining 4 guns of H/362 and 362 Bty HQ came up at about 1800 hrs on 24 Sep and had taken up a defensive position round the road until ordered back to St. Oedenrode until road was cleared. They were allowed fwd again at 1450 hrs 26 Sep. Considerable enemy air activity. One Cat II claimed.


27 September1944: S Troops reverted to comd and AA defences North of river Waal co-ordinated on a Div basis.  E/361 and H/362 moved over river Waal leaving B/360 defending Adm Area South of Nijmegen. Enemy air activity decreased.


28 September 1944: No change in gun layout, but Bty HQs 360 and 362 moved North of river Waal.


29 September 1944: No change.


30 September 1944: Guns of 82/25 L.A.A. Regiment RA (with 69 Inf Bde under comd 43 Div) co-ordinated with Div layout. B/360 moved with Adm Area. In action at 2000 hrs.


1 October 1944: No move. No enemy air activity.


2 October 1944: No change in positions. Div area attacked at 1230 hrs by twelve MEs 109 and two FWs 190. One Cat I and One Cat II claimed. Informed that Div to be relieved by 101 US Airborne Div, but Regt to remain in action North of river Waal in support of 101 Div until relieved by 112 L.A.A. Regt (12 Corps). Visited by Lt. Col. Cox comdg AA Bn 101 US Airborne Div who agreed that layout should remain as it was.


3 October 1944: No change in positions. JU 88 pick-a-back plane engaged area by B/360 and claimed as Cat I. Crashed near Grave.


4 October 1944: E/361, H/362 and J/362 relieved by 354/108 L.A.A. Regt of 52 (L) Div. H/362 and J/362 moved South of river Waal to protect 130 Bde conc area, and 362 Bty HQ moved to same area. E/361 moved to protect Div conc area at Beuningen.


7 October 1944: C/360 and F/361 relieved by 502/149 L.A.A Regt RA amoven South of river Waal to deploy round Div conc area at Beuningen. RHQ and 361 Bty HQ as moved to Beuninen and 360 Bty to Nijmegen.


9 October 1944: Div moved into holding position north east of Mook. RHQ, 360 Bty HQ, C/360, B/360 Niftrik (Admin area, 361 Bty HQ Hatert, F/361 Mook, E/361 Hatert.


10 October 1944: RHQ moved north of Hatert, as original location in are allotted o Gds Armd Div. 43 Div ordered to co-ordinate layout of LAA in Mook area north east of river Maas, and layouts therefore obtained from 71 L.A.A. Regt  (protecting br at Mook, and 27 L.A.A. Regt (30 Corps). No move of guns necessary.


12 October 1944: No change in positions. One ME 262 engaged at 1525 hrs, and two ME 262 at 1705 hrs, on one of which hit was observed.


28 October 1944: Oe ME 109 and two FWs 190 flew over Div area at 1615 hrs ad one ME 109 at 1700 hrs. Engaged in both cases by H/362. Two hits observed. Otherwise no change.


29 October 1944: Two ME109 on recce flew over Div area at 1420 hrs. Engaged by E/361 and C/360. Otherwise no change.


30 October 1944: Commenced practising indirect Ground Shooting, using range drums made from 25 pdr cases. Otherwise no change.


31 October 1944: Continued firing practice as above, watched by CRA 43 Div. Otherwise no change.


1 November 1944: No change. Continued practising indirect ground shooting.


2 November1944: No change. Continued practising indirect ground shooting. 2 ME 262 engaged by 360 and 361 batteries. One FW 190 engaged by E/361 over Div HQ and Cat I claimed.


3 November 1944: No change. Continued practising ground shooting (indirect.


4 November 1944: No change. Continued practising ground shooting (indirect).  Four engagements of single E/A (FW 190, ME 109 and ME 262. One ME 109 claimed by 360 Bty as Cat II.


5 November 1944: No change in positions, except that one gun of F/361 engaged ground target from position West of River Maas.  Target was Wood known to contain tps and guns. Range 5325 yds. 48 rds HE 14 Trac expended. 360 Bty engaged 2 ME 109 over Div area.


6 November 1944: F/361 from position West of River Maas engaged woods and houses known to contain enemy troops. Range 5600 yds. 60 rds 40mm HE expended in bursts. OP offr reported all rds in target area and one small fire started. German ambulances reported leaving area after the firing. One ME 262 engaged by 360 Bty over Div area at 1615 hrs.

C/360 Bty engaged house known to contain enemy Coy HQ from 129 Bde area. Target hit with fourth round. 150 rds 40mm HE ad AP mixed were then fired, the majority of which were observed to hit the target. Proportion of HE to A-four to one. One ME 262 engaged by 360 Bty over Div area at 1300 hrs.


7 November 1944: F/361 engaged roads East of River Maas at ranges of 3900-4000 yds from positions West of River Maas. Rds expended 122 40mm HE. Advance party of 3 Cdn L.A.A. Regt of 2 Cdn Div arrived 1900 hrs.


8 November 1944: R.A. 43 Div Op Order no. 6 Operation "Cygnet" received 0100 hrs. 43 Div Movement Instrs Operation "Cygnet" received 1000 hrs.


9 November 1944: Regt relieved by 3 Cdn L.A.A. Regt. Remained concentrated in present locations with the exception of 360 BHQ and C/360 which moved off at 1500 hrs under comd 129 Bde, (Op "Cygnet").


10 November 1944: Operation "Cygnet" continues.  361 BHQ, F/361, RHQ, E/361, H/362 moved to Div conc area S.E. of Sittard.


11 November1944: RHQ out of Div area and moved to Brunssum. Bty HQ 362 and J/362

moved to Div  conc area. E/361 deployed round Div HQ at Brunssum. H/362 deployed Gun area.


12 November 1944: C/360 deployed first light 129 Bde area between Gangelt and Gillrath, H/362 Gun area. J/362 130 Bde conc area Oorsbeek. F/361 conc in 214 Bde area. B/360 Adm area Lanaeken. CO attended Div Comd's 'O' Gp 0900 hrs ref Operation "Clipper".


17 November 1944: F/361 protecting 214 Bde conc area, otherwise no change.


18 November 1944: Op "Clipper" being attack on Geilenkirchen by 30 Corps comprising 43 Div and 84 US Div. E/361 included in fire plan and fired 4,500 rds 40mm HE into Bauchem and Geilenkirchen from positions North of Teveren. Time of shoot 0700 to 1530 hrs.


19 November 1944: J/362 deployed Niederbusch, otherwise no change.


21 November 1944: H/362 and B/360 changed over positions. Otherwise no change.


22 November 1944: F/361 moved to Geilenkirchen.


24 November 1944: H/362 moved with Adm area to Oorsbeek.


25 November 1944: C/360 moved to Bauchem. F/361 moved to Schinveld.


29 November 1944: F/361 moved to Niederbusch. J/362 moved to Schinveld.


30 November 1944: C in C visited 43 Div and H/362 moved to Idenboden, during his visit and then returned to original position.


6 December 1944: C/360 moved to  Niederbusch. F/361 concentrated Venweg. J/362 moved to Teveren.


8 December 1944: J/362 concentrated Amstenrade. C/360 concentrated Leeuwstuk.


10 December 1944: CO attended Div Comd "O" Op 1000 hrs. Adjt attended co-ordinating conference 106 AA Bde 1000 hrs. J/362 moved to Gilrath nd F/361 to Bauchem, both protecting Fd Gun areas.


16 December 1944: F/361 and J/362 and B/360 all relieved by 108 L.A.A. Regiment RA (52 Div)


17 December 1944: Considerable enemy air activity on night 16/17 over Div area, lasting throughout the night. Flares and bombs dropped. H/362 engaged flares and illuminated aircraft. E/361 relieved by 108 L.A.A. Regiment RA but remained in present positions. Harbour parties left for Tilburg area.


18 December 1944: RHQ moved to Hubbelrade, together with BHQ 360, E/361 and BHQ 361. Again considerable enemy air activity over whole of Div area during night 17/18. H/362 again engaged flares and illuminated enemy aircraft.


19 December1944: C/360, F/361 and J/362 moved off for Tilburg area under comd Bdes. Harboured night 19/20 between Hechtel and Escaut Canal.


20 December1944: Regt less SP Tps moved under comd Admin Area. B /360 deployed Genck. Remainder conc area Hoesselt. Sp Tps moved as follows under comd Bdes. C/360 to area Weert, F/361 to Bilsen, J/3620 to Hasselt. Harbour parties ordered to return from Tilburg area.


21 December 1944: Harbour parties returned from Tilburg area 0930 hrs. C/360 moved under comd 129 Bde to Koninkheim.


22 December 1944: E/361 deployed round Div HQ area Welden.


23 December 1944: RHQ moved to Welden. 361 Bty HQ moved to Cotessem. J/362 moved to Waremme under comd 130 Bde.


24 December1944: B/360 deployed Diepenbeek. 6 MEs 109 overTongres area. Onde E/A shot down by C/360 and crashed North of Tongres.


26 December 1944: 0830 hrs Warning Order received that Div will move East of River Maas on 27 Dec. Div counter Mortar personnel were to move with and would in future be attd to RHQ for administration.


27 December 1944: Movement Order received 0100 hrs. RHQ and Counter Mortar dets moved to Nuth, 360 Bty HQ Beek, C/360 Hellebroek, 361 B ty HQ Kelmund, E/361 protecting Div HQ Nuth, F/361 Rathem, 362 Bty HQ Klagenhout, J/362 Meerssen, H/362 Gun Area Krawinkel. Div in reserve to 12 Corps and 9 US Army.


28 December 1944: RHQ and Counter Mortar moved toSpaubeek. CO attended Div Comd's 'O' Gp 1515hrs.


29 December1944: B/360 moved with Admin Area to Mechelen. Otherwise no change.




Holland 1944: one of J.Troop guns getting ready for action
B.S.M. Reeves and S/Sgt C.R. Pratt 110 LAA Workshop REME