124 (Northumbrian) Field Regiment: 288 Battery 441 Battery 489 Battery- 25 pounders


Unit No.44


22 September 1944: Held up at Eindhoven on account of the road being cut by the enemy, Regiment came out of action immediately and Tac HQ was established at Sint Oedenrode. Tac HQ shelled for approx 30mins.


23 September 1944: Shots on various M and U Targets ans when road was cleared prepared to move along axis.


24 September 1944: Regiment moved to North of Nijmegen, crossing Waal


25 September 1944: Tgt Ser 2 Fired at 06.15hrs and 06.35hrs, 0.50hrs Regiment engages enemy Mortars. Captain W.A. Wood MC, killed in action


26 September 1944: 124 Field Regiment in sp of 69 Bde attack on Bemmel.


27 September 1944: Regt vontnually engaging HB and Mortar postions. Lt D.G. Jennings, reported missing believed POW.


3 October 1944: 2 O.P.s from 147 Field in sp 4/7 Dragoons with call on Regiment. Dovey (mortar retaliation Tgt) Scale 1 shot. Fired Red smoke. Several C/M Targets fired during the day. Considerable mortarting on Bde front.


4 October 1944: 2 Various "U' tgts on CB fired. Red smoke fired. 30 r.p.g  expended during morning on CB shoots under HQ RA direction. Shot on neutralization programme in sp of 231 Bde attack. Shot on barrage.

288 Bty taken off barrage to fire Counter Mortar targets, mortating severe on front. Shot on DOON 2,3,4, tgt on call.

Attack by 15 bde succesful. 8 and 9 DLI reached objectives and consolidated. HF 10 r.p.g during night. OP send to contact Americans to overlook Haalderen on 8 DLI front across Rhine.


5 October 1944: CB tgts engaged.

Fired red smoke on tgts for Medium Bombers in sp of Phase III 151 Bde attack.

Shot on DOON II.

"M" tgts engaged by 147 Fd Regt OP - Bosche running in ALL directions.

Slight counter attack dealt with satisfactorily - all quiet.

Hvy motaring of our FDLs from numerous locations.

Periodical C/M tgts engaged on the direction of CMO.

During night 5/6 Bde occupied objectives Phase III by infiltration with small RA programme. Throughout the day, enemy mortars were active and retaliation methods were taken.


6 October 1944: Hvy enemy shelling of Bemmel during early hours 6 Oct. A very quiet day. Various CB and CM tgts engaged. Enemy mortaring not so severe on our front.


7 October 1944: CB programme fired on 7 HBs. During day preparations were made for 124 Fd Regt to move into action South of Nijmegen. - posn surveyed. W/Ls etc. and amn dumped. Btys moved to new locations from 1600 hrs onwards but orders were then received to go into action NW Elst on 8 Oct. Convoy returned to location for night.


8 October 1944: 2 IC recce RV at new Regt area.

Regt moved to new area and came under comd op 12 Corps.

Rep of 59 Med Regt RA arrives at RHQ at 1900 hrs.

Amn expenditure for observed shooting CM and Div HF 30 rpg per day. No restriction on DF. A few "M" tgts were engaged immediately we took over new sector but enemy reaction was slight.


9 October 1944: HF on Elden. Shot on Ferry believed being used by Bosche.

Numerous "'V" tgts fired during the morning originating from 53 Div.

Enemy OP engaged. Enemy HQ engaged.

Regtl area shelled - 3 casualties.

"E" Tp of 441 Bty moved to new gun posn owing to enemy shelling.

Bosche aircraft dropped Anti-personnel bombs on 5 E Yorks Bn HQ.

"U" tgts on CB engaged during the evening. Mortaring and shelling of our FDLs fairly severe.

HF for night 10 rpg.


10 October 1944: CB bombard. Enemy HF during night 9/10 with mortars and spandaus.

1 Sgt, 12 Bdr, 2 Gnrs attached to 489 Bty to be trained for CM office. Sent to Regt to determine sound of mortars, shells etc.

Report on suspects in Windmill sent to HQ RA.

10 "V" tgts engaged during the day on enemy locations, HB etc. Mortaring of our FDLs and shelling of area still very active. HF for night - 10 rpg.


11 October 1944: Quiet night 10-11 intermittant Spandaus and Mortar fire. Bombards Scale 14 in all on HBs. LARK Retaliation Tgt engaged. Shot on enemy OP.

Americans report considerable mortaring. Air OP spotted track to River, probably to ferry. HF 10 rpg on  10 tgts on Bde front. Several "M" and "V" tgts engaged during the day but enemy generally quiet.


12 October 1944: Quiet night 11-12 - patrols nothing to report.

Enemy digging in on top of embankment. Several "U" and "M" tgts fired during the day on suspected mortar posns etc. - enemy digging in and very little activity. HF for night 12/13 - 10 rpg.


13 October 1944: Regt came under comd of 30 Corps. Quiet night reported from both OPs. 3 listening posts established by 7 Green Howards during the night.

Several "V" tgts fired on HB and mortar posns. comparatively quiet day with no offensive movement by enemy. Intermittant enemy mortaring of our FDLs throughout the day to which we replied with "M" and "V" tgts.


14 October 1944: Quiet and uneventful night 13/14.

Bombard on HBs. 9 "V" tgts fired on HBs. Regtl Bombard on 4 HBs.

Nebelwerfer posn engaged as "M" tgt. Quiet day for the OPs; majority of the firing being controlled by HQ RA. Enemy well dug in and few seen.


15 October 1944: OP heavily shelled - no casualties.

Air OP engaged enemy tks. CB programme "Sundown" shot. 8 "V" tgts fired during the day. HF 10 rpg. Arty concentrated on HB and mortar posns - enemy dug in and very loathe to move during daylight.


16 October 1944: Report of "quiet night" from OPs. 11 "V" tgts fired during the day.

Small fire plan compiled under code-words BATTLEAXE and BROADSWORD to protect patrol of 6 Green Howards.

Quiet day very few opportunity tgts engaged - majority of firing on HB and mortar posns.


17 October 1944: Stand-down on Battleaxe - patrol did NOT need Arty protection.

Bombards on HB and mortar posns. During night 17/18 61 Recce relieved 69 Bde. Relief was carried out without incident.


18 October 1944: Quiet night and NMS from OPs.

Red smoke tgt. Whole front quiet during the day - routine maintenance and inspections. and 0400-0500 HF by Div Arty.


19 October 1944: Another quiet night on Bde front.

Enemy OP shot up. Counter Mortar retaliation tgts shot. Air OP sortie NTR. HF for night 19/20 - 10 rpg.

Shot on DF - enmey patrol crossed River but was soon rounded and destroyed. Only slight mortaring on our front 19 Oct. Enemy very quiet. Tower in Arnhem being used as OP - our shells NOT large enough to destroy - Medium's did the job.


20 October 1944: OPs reports quiet night after slight disturbance of enemy patrol reported above. Visibility from OPs - 1000 yds. Air OP sortie NTR.

A few "V" tgts were fired on mortar posns during the day otherwise very little activity by either side.


21 October 1944: A quiet day spent with routine inspections, gun maintenance and resting. Programme Scream on HBs. Regt Milkround as our Bde front being slightly mortared.


22 October 1944: Mortaring of Bde front during the night 21/22. Preliminary CB tgts. CB Hate fired by Div Arty. OPs mortared severely moved back to alternative OP. Task Missouri laid on by HQ RA to bring back remainder of 1 Brit A/B Div - very successful. 10 rpg HF on 61 Recce front.


23 October 1944: Visibility OPs bad - very few opportunity tgts engaged during the day. Various "U" tgts fired on CM tgts. Further HBs engaged. DFs fired on strong enemy patrol approaching FDLs - patrol soon mopped up and all quiet.


24 October 1944: Comparative quiet night only slight mortaring. Counter mortar retaliation tgts fired. Enemy reported laying mines. Typhoons attacked factory - direct hits scored on chimney which was being used as OP. HF 10 rpg during the night. Definite increased mortar activity by enemy during the day on our Bde front.


25 October 1944: Quiet night - visibility 1000 yds.

Visit op Gen. Lyne DSO. Air OP reports visibility very bad. Propaganda shot - report very satisfactory. HFs shot on 61 Recce front - enemy patrol attempted to cross embankment. Shot on Fire Plan EMU.


26 October 1944: Fairly quiet night NMS of enemy. Visibility 1000 yds. Engaged suspected OP. Several "U" and "M" tgts fired on HB and mortar areas.


27 October 1944: Shot on EMU I Serial III. Shot on EMU I Servial IV and V. Quiet night with no offensive activity by enemy after 151 Bde attack EMU. Another quiet day. Only HB and mortar areas shot at. Enemy did NOT move and opportunity tgts NIL.


28 October 1944: Shot on 50 Div Arty CB programme. Quiet night during which 506 US Airborne took over front from 61 Recce. Red smoke shot. "U" tgts fired on CB work. Fairly quiet day on our Bde front, some mortaring but we retaliated with C/M tgts. Gas Works at Arnhem shot up successfully by Typhoons. HF 10 rpg for night 28/29.


29 October 1944: Quiet night - enemy movement heard W to E. Various "U" and "M" tgts engaged on HB and Mortar posns. 440 Bty came under our comd for OPs. 10 rpg for HF night 29/30.


30 October 1944: Stonk on Mortar posn. Various C/M retaliation tgts shot. Rep of 67 Med with BC 288 Bty. Slight enemy mortaring of our FDLs. Visibility from all OPs very bad during whole day. Comparatively quiet day at the Regt with routine inspections etc.


31 October 1944: Quiet night except for slight mortar activity. Series of HBs engaged and enemy HQ. "MILKROUND" on suspected Mortar posns. Slightly more enemy activity during the day than recently. A few opportunity tgts engaged by OPs.


124 Field Regiment, R.A. Action at Veghel 22/23 September 1944.


1 November 1944: Mortar activity along Bde front during the night. Regt fired "M" tgt on Bosche HQ. Bombard on suspected HB. 'M' tgt on enemy OP.

5 Bombards carried out by HQ RA on HB and mortar posns. Div Arty fired on 2 HBs. 3 'M' tgts on suspected mortar posns. Noise of traffic heard N of Oosterbeek, and definite enemy movement North side of canal - engaged whenever observed. Considerable mortaring of our FDLs during the morning. Enemy movement throughout  the day.


2 November 1944: Mortaring and Spandau fire on fwd Coy areas around midnight. Bosche observed in slit trenches and shot up. considerable movement heard in Arnhem all the morning going West to East. 2 Bombards on suspected HBs.

From infm obtained from PWs Bosche Command Post - Bn Cp and mortar locns - no action taken as 101 A/B arranging for "Leaflet and Broadcast" shoot. Bombard on HB by Div Arty. Air OP reported Guns firing - engaged by Regt. Fighting Patrol of 6 Green Howards with Arty Fire Plan went fwd to kill and capture Bosche for identification.

Fire Plan (Susana & Diana) consisting of Leaflet shoot. By arty concs and broadcast carried out in conjunction with 101A/B. Comparative quiet day on the Bde front. Majority of firing CB work.


3 November 1944: Bombard on HB. Results of 'Susana & Diana' 4 PWs came over, the remainder were prevented by SS NCOs who patrolled in front of them immediately the broadcast started. PW stated moral extremely low. The arty fire was very effective - one Command Post completely caved in. Working party engaged. Air OP engaged MG pit.

Fairly quiet day - majority of the fire on HB and suspected mortar posns.


4 November 1944: HF task carried out. Active mortars engaged Scale I by Div Arty. 1st Part of Propaganda shoot carried out. Propaganda shoot completed and effective; wind gives excellent spread. Engaged tgt from 2030 - 2100 hrs. Quiet day with some mortar activity on both sides.


5 November 1944: Some slight enemy retaliation during the night. Engaged enemy inf - Scale II. Enemy convoy engaged by Regt. PW report that reinfs are poor type - wounded and old men of 50 years. Comparative quiet day with some mortaring of our FDLs.


6 November 1944: 440 OP being shelled. Enemy mortaring Bn area. Nebelwerfer engaged.



11 November 1944: Quiet day with slight enemy mortar and shelling on Regt front. 906958 Gnr. H.E. Hope killed in action 11 Nov 44.


12 November 1944: Several tgts engaged Scale I. The day was spent with retaliation tgts and bombards on known HBs. 907800 Gnr. D. Curran wounded in action 12 Nov 44.


13 November 1944: Quiet during night. Retaliation shot Scale I. Regt tgt Scale I shot. 

Enemy shelling Elst area, otherwise quiet A.M. Air OP reports bad visibility. Several Regt tgts fired. Enemy shelling during evening - but otherwise nothing to report.


14 November 1944: Very quiet night. Retaliation tgt Morbid fired - completely successful. A milk round of known enmey locations fired several times during the day. Enemy arty quiet.


15 November 1944: Enemy activity during night. Some intermittent MG fire with some movement heard N of River. Otherwise nothing to report.  Morocco Scale I; 'U' tgt Scale I; Mosaic 1 Rd Salvo; Scale I on Morbid; Scale I on Mosaic; all retaliation tgts. Another quiet day.


16 November 1944: Some slight enemy hand grenade activity during night. Otherwise nothing to report. Shot Scale I on Morbid. Shot Scale I on Morse.

Regt tgt fired Scale I. Air OP reports visibility poor. 'U' tgts on enemy Bde Scale I. Moscow Scale I. Morocco Scale I.


17 November 1944: Quiet night with slight enemy Arty fire. Mosaic 5, Scale I.  Shot on Morse. Shot on Moscow. Shot propaganda leaflets. Shot on Mosaic Scale I.

Quiet day on Regt front.


18 November 1944:  Considerable shelling during the night. Hate.

1 Rd Salvo on Moslem 1&2

                       Mosquito 3&4

                       Mosquito 5&6

                       Morocco 1&6

                       Mop 3&4

                       Morman 5&6.

Morbid 1&2, Morbid 3&4, Moscow 5, Morbid 6 shot, Scale 1. Quiet during A.M. and afternoon. Several tgts shot Scale I. Enemy Activity - shelling and mortaring.


19 November 1944: 'U' tgt fired Scale I. Movement on rd, engaged with GF.

Continuous enemy activity. Enemy movement seen and engaged. Traffic on rd engaged.

Pegasus started. A Fire Plan arranged to assist in the attempt to bring back A/B personnel from Arnhem.


20 November 1944: Stand Down on Pegasus. Bombard on QU Scale II. Bombardon QW Scale II. A very quiet day.


21 November 1944: TAC reports considerable shelling. Quiet during day. Suspected V2 observed at 1800 hrs - flash and rockeet seen going up. Shot on Morbid and Morse Scale I. Shot on Morbid Scale I. Day spent in retaliation work - both on HB and enemy locations.


22 November 1944: Retaliation Moslem - Mosquito en Morse shot. Retaliation Morbid shot.

TAC relieved by 74 Fd Regt RA.

Slight enemy shelling and mortaring to which we replied to with several milk rounds of retaliation tgts.


23 November 1944: 'U' tgts Scale I. Quiet day on Regt front. Very little enemy movement seen. Slight shelling on FDLs. Enemy appeared very loathe to move during the day. Only enemy activity at night when the SS formed the patrol personnel.


24 November 1944: Shot on Apple. Shot on Banana. Retaliation tgts Moses and Morden - 1 Rd Salvo. Conc - 1 Rd Salvo. Morrow and Muzzle - 1 Rd Salvo. Muzzle - 1 Rd Salvo. Stonk -  11mm - Axis 58 deg. Shot on Apple. Mortar Strafe Scale I shot. Muzzle Scale I - shot. Mortar Strafe Scale I - shot. MHO and Morden 1 Rd Salvo shot. Morrow and Muzzle 1 Rd Salvo shot. Mud 1 Rd Salvo shot.


25 November 1944: Quiet during night. Details of Retaliation Stonks and Concs: Orange Scale I. Lemon Scale I. Mud Scale I. Stonk Baker Scale I. Orange Scale I. Moses Scale I. Stonk Charlie Scale I. All Retaliation tgts.

489 Bty report seeing V2. HF tgt shot.


26 November 1944: Quiet during night. Shot on Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Banana, Apple.

Shot on Morden - Muzzle - Morrow - Moses - Mortar Strafe. 1 Rd Salvo.

V2 observed by Svy Party. Bde front very quiet during the day.


27 November 1944: Muzzle 1 Rd Salvo. Shot on Pine, Serial 2, Maple, Oak, Moses Scale I. Shot on Morden - Conc 'N' - Morrow 3 & 4, Morrow 5 & 6.


28 November 1944: Instructions received from HQ RA for 124 Fd Regt to hand over to 185 Fd Regt (49 Div) on 29th Nov 44.

A very quiet day - the 124 Fd Regt had a few final "milkrounds" on the enemy throughout the day.


29 November 1944: "Cease Fire" - move to Conc area. 441 OP and Rep 288 handing over the 90 Fd Regt. RHQ moved from the 'Island'.

903374     Gnr.    J.T. Davies      killed in Action 29 Nov 44.

14648547 L/Bdr. J. Leaver         killed in Action 29 Nov 44.

901993     L/Bdr  J.M. Wharrier  killed in Action 29 Nov 44.

963130     Gnr.    A.N. Taylor     wounded in Action 29 Nov 44.

1056803   W/Sgt. F.G. Hancock wounded in Action 29 Nov 44.

948920     Gnr.    J. McPherson   wounded in Action 29 Nov 44.

948917     L/Bdr. J. Robson        wounded in Action 29 Nov 44.


30 November 1944: Night 29/30 Regt spent in Nijmegen. Regt moved to Conc Area by Batteries throughout the night. Final Destination - Zonnebeke in Belgium. 



In the event of the 'Island' being flooded by the Bosche, arrangements were made and an OO prepared for the 124 Fd Regt RA to evacuate and come into action South of the River.


1 January 1945: A Tp 308 Bty engage a/c. Claim one Cat I.


2 January 1945: As a result of low flying attack on the day previous by several enemy a/c consisting of ME 109s and FW 190a approx 6 in all 309 bty doing river defence in ground role request permission to engage a/c with guns which are able to elevate. Permission is granted.


3 January 1945: Arrival of now CO Lt Col J.A. Mitchell DSO RA.


4 January 1945: 3 men of 309 Bty injured by shell landing near Nijmegen Bridge.


12 January 1945: Div HQ area machine gunned by 2 enemy a/c flying very fast and low. Attack so sudden that no guns could be brought to bear.


13 January 1945: 2 enemy a/c again fly low over Div HQ - engaged by 2 guns of B/308 - no claims. A/C thought to be attacking with sole purpose of shooting up Air OP planes which are kept in field adjoining Div HQ.


16 January 1945: In the absence of CRA, CO acts as CRAs rep with 49 Recce regt. Guns of 309 bty in river defence engaged small objects floating down river towards bridge.


17 January 1945: 1 Spitfire observed by 1 det of 308 bty shot down by enemy anti aircraft fire.


18 January 1945: Drifting coat engaged by 3.7" guns emp oyed in river defence. 12 rds expended. Boat destroyed.


28 January 1945: 2 me 109s seen flying at extreme range. 3 warning rds fired by 1 gun B/308 tp.