13 Medium Regiment: 89 Battery 90 Battery

Unit No.


25 September 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to Acht (Brabant), but moved in the evening to St Oedenrode (Brabant).


27 September 1944: Engaged regimental comcentrations and hostile batteries. regiment began to moved troops to area South of Veghel (Brabant).


28 September 1944: C.Troop had premature, shell exploded about three yards in front of the gun, only one man was injured, who had a flesh wound in his arm. 90 Battery moved to an area near Molenhoeven (Brabant), but remainder of Regiment remained in present location.


30 September 1944: RHQ and 89 Battery moved to new area close to Loosbroek and was joined later by 90 Battery. D.Troop moved about 1000yards south to caary out harrasing fire during the night.


1 October 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.


25 October 1944: RHQ and 90 Battery moved to Dommeloord (Brabant). Regiment was engaged on fire plan in support of 51 Division, during the afternoon the Corps Commander visit 90 Battery, he said that the Mediums had done wonders in this campaign.


26 October 1944: 89 Battery moved up to an area near Esch (Brabant).


27 October 1944: 90 Battery moved to area of Molenstraat (Brabant), RHQ and 89 Battery

moved to area of Mertel (Brabant) later 89 Battery went into action NE of Udenhout (Brabant). 90 Battery moved up by troops and came into action round RHQ. Major Birch was rep with 5 DGs, Captain Nicholson with 8 Hussars, Captain Jolley to 1 R Tks.


28 October 1944: Regiment fired fire plan to support 131 Brigade attack on Loon op Zand (Brabant).


29 October 1944: Regiment moved forward to area of Klokkenberg (Brabant) fired on Corps and AGRA concentration.


31 October 1944: A Troop  89 Battery had a premature. The shells exploded in the gun, and although the next gun was damaged when a splinter struck a tail leg, there were no casualties.


10 February 1945: Regiment moved from Belgium to Boxmeer.


13 February 1945: During the morning enemy guns were shelling the area of Boxmeer. Tractor of C Troop was hit and three men were killed. (I could only found 2 fatal casualties). 2 men were injured and C.Troop moved to an alternative position.


19 February 1945: C.Troop had premature , shell exploded about 150 yards in front of gun, there were no casualties.


23 February 1945: Regiment last day in action in Holland, moved to Germany.