165 Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment: 198 Battery 275 Battery 317 Battery

Unit No.


19 September 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium towards Nijmegen.


20 September 1944: 2 Sections of D.Troop deployed on opposite bank of river Waal to Defend bridge against MTB attack.


22 September 1944: Regiment held up at Veghel to allow for passage of 69 Bde, 2IC reports to HQ 101US Airborne Div to receiiveo rders regarding deployment of guns in defensive role. 317 received orders from YS army to give support in defence of expected enemy thrust to main route from north-west. Major Balfour of Royal Dragoons Recce unit took command of sector and gave order to 317 Battery to deploy one gun in anti tank role and for personnel to take up defensive position on main road. This order was then cancelled and orders given to follow up 4 tanks as infantry yroops. 317 Battery requested reinforcements from 275 Battery. 2IC returned with orders and ordered 198 battery to deploy 2 guns in Anti tank role and 275 Battery to deploy 2 guns for predicted shoot. 317 and 275 Battery infantry sections moved off with tanks. 198 Battery fired one round airburst at enemy infantry. Many tanks approached along canal bank, engaged and destroyed 1 3tonner of 198 battery and fired at and wounded a DR of 198 battery.  198 battery fired 2 rounds op AP, from gun on wheels. 198 battery cas 2 -ORs wounded, 2 guns deployed in anti tank role. 275 battery fired 60 rounds airburst.

 2IC ordered to deploy 275 and 317 battery guns in ground role in present location and to report to US HQ with W-T for fire control. 317 and 275 infantery sections returned, Captain W.R.A.Balkwill and 5 OR killed, 1 OR wounded, 7 OR prisoners and 1 OR missing. 198 battery fired 12 rounds airburst on battery shelling Veghel, later fired 33 rouands airburst on enemy field guns. 198 battery deployed remaining guns in anti tank role, together with guns of 275 battery and 317 battery. 7 OR taken prisoners, escaped and returned, 1 wouneed, Bren gun detachtment of 198 battery captured two enemy approching bridge with demolition material.


23 September 1944: Regiment arrived Nijmegen area and deployed in combined AA and ground role.


26 September 1944: 4 ORs killed by shellfire, one OR missing believed killed.


28 September 1944: 1 OR killed by action of enemy aircraft. River Defence of bridge at Nijmegen moved out.


3 October 1944: MTB defences of Nijmegen bridges handed over to 107 HAA regiment, and deployed in AA defence of bridges.


9 October 1944: Regiment moved to harbour area Zeeland (Brabant) and came under command of 8 AGRA. RHQ establised in Ledeacker (Brabant).


19 October 1944: Regiment operated in ground role with comd post at Tac HQ at St Anthonis (Brabant) 8,9 and 53 Heavy Battery came under command of Regiment.


30 October 1944: RHQ, 198, 275 and 8/53 Battery moved to Deurne(Brabant).


31 October 1944: RHQ moved to Vlierden (Brabant).


6 November 1944: RHQ, 198 and 317 batter moved to area Asten- Liesel (Brabant).


13 November 1944± 8/53 Battery left Regiment, 317 Battery returned.


25 November 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.