185 Field Regiment: 191 Battery-274 Battery


27 October 1944: Enemy arty activity was on reduced scale. Clarkeforce adv towards Wouw called for Uncle tgts on five occasion, one for ten mins on an enemy OP in that area.


28 October 1944: Gen fwd mov of div arty with adv of all bdes South and West of Roosendaal. Regt crossed Dutch-Belgien frontier and occupied posns West of Nispen with normal OPs with bns. All btys ready on div grid. Almost all tgts engaged during the day were in sp of Clarkeforce operating round Wouw and were principally SP Guns.


29 October 1944: 146 and 147 bdes attacked SW of Roosendaal at 1200 hrs and 1545 hs respectively and were supported by th regt with timed concs. During the night a very extensive HF programme was undertaken up to 70 rpg on the area of A tk ditch, surrounding Roosendaal. PW later reported that this was most successful.


30 October1944: Patrols from all bns reported areas East and North of bn localities up to the town clear of enemy. 146 and 147 bde advanced into the town during the morning and found no opposition. Enemy reported to have withdrawn.

Regt moved fwd through Roosendaal to posns North of the town area with 2 Glos occupying Oud Gastel. RHQ and all btys on regtal grid before dark.

In general contact had been lost with enemy and HF was on a very limited scale during the night.


31 October 1944: Quiet day. At 1745 hrs and again at 2100 hrs HF was arranged by regt for div arty with att med and HAA regts on areas reported held by enemy as result of afternoon patrols by 2 Glos.


1 November 1944: Regt moved to new fwd areas in Oud Gastel (Brabant), some enemy shelling during morning caused three cas to 191 Battery one fatal, Premature reported from B.Troop at 09.30hrs, gun breech block being severed from breech ring, badly injured two gun numbers, believed caused by double shooting.


2 November 1944: HF on known enemy localities were fired during the day, until 18.00hrs, Red smoke fired for RAF, all targets in Stampersgat area.


3 November 1944: H Hr for Crocus, Village of Stampersgat bombarded for 30 mins previous to 2 Glos attacking from East, opposition was heavy, especially from dug-in tank in village. After 10 min firing the enemy withdrew.


4 November 1944: Major R.Hudson assumed command the Regiment.


5 November 1944: HF at extreme range carried on during the night in Willemstad, where air phs showed enemy had been embarking.Regiment moved to sugar factory, Stampersgat.


6 November 1944: Regt moved back to Oud Gastel, packing in preparation for long move to XII Corps sector.


7 November 1944: Regt moved back to area Oud Gastel, were billets left on 6 November were re-occupied. Remainder of day spent in cleaning and main.


8 November 1944: Cleaning and maint all day. Packing in preparations for long move to XII Corps sector.


9 November 1944: Move from 1 Cdn to 2 Br Army and to XII corps. Move via Rijkevorsel and Herentals .


10 November 1944: Recce and svy of battle positions East of Weert area.


11 November 1944: Preparations of battle posns continued, Gen move much hindered by mud and rain.


12 November 1944: Preparations of battle posns continued. holding parties from all btys occupied fwd billets. Lt/Col K.F. Mackay Lewis assumed duties of CRA during absence of Brigadier C.H.H. Brunker.


13 November 1944: Regt moved to area Leuken (Limburg). No firing allowed and wireless silence in force.


14 November 1944: H hr for 51 Div's attack across Noorder canal. Div Sp was timed concs along South bank of canal observed by BC 274Bty. Fall of shot reported to be satisfactory. Continuation of fire plan in sp 51 div, lifting to Cm tasks at 17.00hrs. Assault crossing proceeding well and little opposition encountered.


15 November 1944: Three fire plans on call to 53 Div fired between 07.00hrs and 11.00hrs. Regt provided CRA's report eith RA 51 and 53 Divs until 16.00hrs when these were withdrawn.


16 November 1944: Conferences during the day were held at HQ 56 Inf Bde to plan fire sp for 49 Div's op across Uit canal.


17 November 1944: Adv parties left to prepare new fwd positions in Nijken and returned at nightfall.


18 November 1944: Quiet day. Preparations for new posns continued.


19 November 1944: Regt moved to new postions near Nijken (Limburg)


20 November 1944: Regt moved to new positons area Vosberg (Limburg) DF target fired at 02.00hrs against reported enemy movement.


21 November 1944: One DF target fired at 02.00hrs against reported enemy movement. Adv continued in daylight. Opposition light. Mov much hindered by mud and mines. Regt grouped under 69fd regt and LO maintained with that Regt.


22 November 1944: After 146 Bde had seized Maasbree without opposition, 2 Essex under command 146 Bde advance to Korteheide, short timed fire plan fired by regiment. No opposition reported.


23 November 1944: Regt moved to area Korteheide (Limburg) and was ready in action at 07.30hrs, to sp short adv by both SWB and Essex. No opposition. Enemy shelling increased during the day both in accuracy and colume. It was suggested that the enemy was leaving

 behind lone observers to control fire of their guns across the Maas. Mov was greatly hampered by bad weather, mud and schu mines. After midday SWB reported enemy area which was subsequently cleared up by Recce elts.

Glos moved forward to general line Woods. To cover any sound of mov 20mins HP was fired at a very slow rate.

As it was appreciated that the enemy had withdrawn behind the line of the rly, HF was fired up till 18.30hrs on this area and other locations where tps might be sheltering from the weather.

HP continued during the night up to 20rpg on areas of houses and shelter North of Blerick.


24 November 1944: A quiet day with patrolling by 2 Glos and recce regt. Move still very restricted by mud.


25 November 1944: 56 Bde reprouping to face North perimeter of Blerick. HF during the night was on four selected river crossings above Venlo.


26 November 1944: Regt moved to area near Sevenum, enemy art and hy mortars active and tgs were engaged on likely areas indicated by shelreps, during the afternoon and evenings number of Uncle targets were called for as HF.


27 November 1944: After patrols of SWB had encountered enemy in Woods, HF was fired on this area. DF and other tgts registered from bty OPs during the day. A certain amount of enemy mov reported in and round Blerick. During the night extensive HF programme fired together with a fire plan to support 2 Essex. HE and smoke 2000 rounds expended.


28 November 1944: Guns came out of action and Regiment conc in WL area Sevenum for the night. 49 Recce Regt with in SP 4 RHA took over 56 Bde sector and OPs. Reps from 131 Fd Regt visited gun area nad toover heavy and onther infms, preparatory to occupying similair psns 29 Nov.


29 November 1944: Move of Regiment to Nijmegen sector with 49 Div postphoned, order received from Div HQ that 185 Regiment be disbanded, and its place in 49 Div taken by a field Regiment from 50 Div.


30 November 1944: CO addressed all offrs and NCOs on the future of the Regiment, all amn handed over to 131 Field Regiment.


1 December 1944: Preparation for move to Ypres area. CRA 49 Div talked to all ranks on the disbandment of the regiment.


2 December 1944: Regt moved via Louvian to staging area Nosseghem.


3 December 1944: Move to rest area completed.