33 Field Regiment: 101 Battery-109 Battery-113 Battery- 114 Battery


1 January 1945: Considerable activity during morning mostly from FW 109 and ME. Considerable execution done by AA and small arms fire and 4 reported to have crashed. 101 Battery captured Hauptman Dudeck who was fight commander and baled out, map (marked) sent to HQRA. 3 slight casualties in 113 from canon fire, Gunner Fitzgerald of 109 Battery died during night as result of falling on his head on icy road. Enemy patrol crossed Maas in South Lancs area, south of Well and inflict some casualties on own infantry. DF 1050 fired scale 2, followed by targets from 109. Some casualties inflicted on enemy.


2 January 1945: 109 Fire HF 46rpg on likely return crossing place of enemy patrol, considerable increase in enemy shelling, heavy concentration obviously intended as CB fired in 101 Battery area but shell fall wide and only casualty killed is one civilian. Several rounds of large calibre fired into Venray. Heavy BF on Blitterswijck. results in F.Troop OP recieving a direct hit and building catches fire and wall collapse, burying Gnr Mumford in cellar, rescue efforts not succesful. 109 established additional OP in Wansum. Enemy patrol in some strenght crosses Maas at similair point to late night. DF 1050 fired and fire plan arranged to support company attack to clear up area involving expenditure of 38rpg.


3 January 1945: H.Hour delayed 30 min to 03.30hrs, considerable enemy mortarting and shelling of Wansum area, CBO produced fire programme for mediums. Difficulties over ??, 12 prisoners taken and only 2 casualties to own troops, repeat of DF 1050 called for 10 minutes scale 2. delivered to be cover withdrawal but since discovered troop for later attack trough wood. Some enemy still remain by the side of wood. Considerable HF of area during night including some rounds directed at searchlights. 70 shell reps sent to CBO during day. Patrol again over Maas between Wansum and Geysteren. 33rounds of SA fire on wood at 00.30 and 02.45hrs.


4 January 1945: Considerable mortaring and shelling of Wansum during early part of morning. S Lancs stage company attack on wood. Before dawn on 5 Jan. Smoke screen and concentrations put down by regiment as deception during afternoon as order to reveal source and location of enemy DF. Succesful result and many mortar and shell reps received.


5 January 1945: Recce parties prepare gun positions to the East of Tienray for occupation when adjustment of the Battery's, Enemy patrols crosses river between Wansum and Geysteren. Two DF tasks fired result not known. CB fire directed at 101 and 109. CO and Bty Captains carry out recce of the rest area Gemert to which each Battery is to go for a period of 4/5 days. Fire plan in support of company attack arranged for 33 and 76 to fire on DF1050 and 109.


6 January 1945: Battery on concentration, H.Hour postphoned at short notice to 07.45, fire began at the time, stopped at 07.50hr. Shelling and mortaring 68 mortar reps and 40 shell reps received between 05.00hrs and 09.00hrs. 10 claim destruction of enemy gun battery, destructive shoot during afternoon also large explosion result of blg target. Inf unable to advance to objective owing to heavy mortar and artillery fire. Suspect mortar positions heavily bombarded, locations of mortar obtained by intersection of bgs from OP's and from A/Cmo. C Trp Comds jeep damaged by falling masonry. S.Lancs withdrew to woods north of Blitterswijk. HF fire on wood during afternoon. 50 cas to infantry during morning attack. 3 areas of wood engaged with tp during night.


7 January 1945: CB on 101 area accurated fire of about 30rds at 00.001hrs - 08.00hr on A Tp but no casualties. Suffolks withdraw into reserve to carry out attack wood, with 1 Sqdrn CLY on morning 8 Jan. Fire plan 06.00-06.10hrs. 101.109 and 1 Trp 113/114 smoke screen as deception plan to draw enemy DF and mortar fire. 08.00hrs this fire plan. Counter Mortar programme and smoke screen by 113/114 Bty.


8 January 1945: H.Hour postphoned until 08.30hrs and fire plan for deception plan carried out as arrangement, counterfire postphoned. Difficult road conditions for tanks owing o heavy snowfall during night. Attack successful and 20 POW taken one of whom stated that enemy withdrew so much before our attack came in. Not so much mortar or DF fire in wood. Mortaring and shelling continued on wood but little opportunity of observation of mortars owing to heavy snow. S Lancs relieving Suffolk in wood at dark. 109 same OP with them.


9 January 1945: Exchange of Bde Btys to take place tomorrow necessary  OPs joining them out on today, support passes when regt in action in new area. Heavy snow during night, continues in showers during days, very quick with no firing.


10 January 1945: Regt moves to 9 Bde area with RHQ at Melderslo and 101 and 109 Btys at Swolgen, 113/114 Bty exchange gun positions with 9 Bty 7 Field Regt. 101 and 109 move completed by 11.30hrs, 113/114 in action at 15.30hrs. RUR in reserve with 2 Lincs North, KOSB south of 9 Bde sector. Small number of HF targets engaged during night. 30 Degrees of frost.


11 January 1945: HF targets engaged on request of 2 Lincs.


12 January 1945: 101 Bty pull out of action for 4 days rest at Gemert Monastery at 07.00hrs. HE fire on targets as requested by 9 Bde during day. Ammo ration now 5 to 10 rpg, heavy snow and frost continued


13 January 1945: Nothing to report, retaliation targets arranged on Div level.


14 January 1945: 113/114 use mobile OP tower. HF targets engaged at request of 2 Lincs.


15 January 1945: Hostile mortar engaged. HF targets engaged at request of 2 Lincs.


16 January 1945: 101 battery return from rest at Gemert in action at 17.00hrs. Enemy mortars engaged.


17 January 1945: 109 Bty proceed to rest, 113/114 sent one gun for trails with 4 pen recorder under construction of ??. Enemy mortar areas engaged.


18 January 1945: DF task fired scale 1 and 10 tgts engaged as part of deception plan for KOSB.


19 January 1945: 3 HF targets fired at request of RUR, test of timing Mike Target asked for by inf 4 mins.


20 January 1945: GOC visit RHQ and 113/114 brty. 22 propaganda shells fired on selected targets in Germany. 113/114 will not be able to proceed to rest the 22th as Monastery Gemert has been withdrawn, one trp being pull out of action at a time.


21 January 1945: E Trp moves to a new postion. 101 supply gun for Radar shoot with Lincs. 109 return into action from Gemert. Single gun shoot continues with Radar equiptment of ??. Heavy fall of snow during the night.


22 January 1945:  12 propaganda shells fired during the afternoon and 3 Mike targets HF also fired.


23 January 1945: German patrol of 1 officer and 20 other ranks following a recce patrol crosses Maas in the area of C.Coy KOSB. Engaged with SA and DF task fired for 10mins vale v slow. 1 killed and 2 wounded, 1 POW own cas nihil. Air OP tries to register witness point during afternoon but not succesfull, reason obscure. Several HE Targets engaged as Mike tgrts during the afternoon. ?? believed to be used as patrol, HQ engaged scale 30, patrol estimated to 40 crossed Maas 22.30hrs, 3DF.


24 January 1945: Fired expending 150 yards, no trace of patrol seen in morning, Air OP register witnes point. Succesful with 109 Bty. DF task carried out. No result reported. HF targets engaged  during afternoon.


25 January 1945: MC's awared to Capt T.F.Palmer RA and Capt H.S. Taylor 109 and 113/114 Btys respectively. Div bdy amended as 6 Airborne Div take over sector from 1 KOSB who go into reserve, 2 Lincs take over from 185 Bde, HF for Lincs and RUR fired during the night.


26 January 1945: Propaganda shells fired on 3 postions. Nortar targets HF from Lincs and RUR in troop salvos fired during night. Recce patrols ordered to RV with CRA at Deurne.


27 January 1945: HF for Lincs and deceptation fire in preparation for RUR raid fired during the night.


28 January 1945: Heavy snow during night and ice floe reported on Maas. Corps Comd visited Bde area.Heavy counter mortar programme fired. Fixes obtained from 4 pen recorder established near BC 101 Bty in all 400 rounds fired on suspect enemy mortars during period 06.00hr-18.00hrs. targets for RUR deception plan fired during the night.


29 January 1945: Calibration carried out by Calibration troop 2nd Army. Signle gun detached to continue with Radar experiments. In ranging with Cmdr 3 Bde Div. Hf targets as part of RUR deception plan fired during night.


30 January 1945: Heavy snowstorm, considerable number of mortar postions engaged on cal of 4 pen recorder. HF task RUR deception plan continued.


31 January 1945: One Tp 113/114 fire in support 7 RUR patrol over river Maas. Firing us to cover noise. Patrol finds postion were held and no prisoners.