4 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment- 32 Battery-69 Battery-100 Battery


Regimental No.47



11 November 1944: One troop 32 Battery and RHQ moved to Nijmegen area at 06.00hrs via Gent, Antwerpen, S’Hertogenbosch, Grave arriving on concentration area at 19.00hrs. 69 Battery HQ in area, C Troop on 13 Field Regt area and D Troop 14 Field Regt in area. Guns in action by 13.00hrs. 32 Battery in Harbour area, 100 Battery HQ, E Troop HQ 3 Canadian Div square at 17.00hrs and F Troop on 12 Field in area.


12 November 1944: 00.01Hrs to 24.00hrs, cold windy, very wet with heavy low clouds Uncertainly as to future commitments, will not be decided till 13 november. RHQ and 32 Battery in area, 32 Battery troops in harbour. 69 Battery no change, 10 battery no change. Weather and road conditions off payment is frightful.


13 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cold, very cloudy, steady rain, visibility poor. Very little activity.  Troops settling in and improving positions. Recce was made for HQs in area with little success. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow received verbal order from HQ RCA to see Brigadier Smith OC 74 AA Bde RA at 14.00hrs when he was given primary orders for a job of protecting two bridges in  Nijmegen area under operational  comd of 74 AA Bde. No enemy activity in the air.


14 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy cold, wet visibility poor, intermittent showers  of rain all day and night.  Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow and Captain H.W. Sisson left at 10.00hrs to meet Col Jones of 120 LAA Regt and went over the layout of the gun areas for the Nijmegen Bridge and the railway bridge. Returned at 15.00hrs, called in the Bty commanders at 15.30 and gave the orders and the layout. Col Woodrow returned from order gp with Brigadier Smith at 17.00hrs with news that the job is off and will be done by 8 LAA Regt. Recce will again have to done to find new HQ.


15 November 1944: 01.00 hrs to 24.00 hrs cold, cloudy, wet, visibility poor. Lt-col C.E. Woodrow attended O Grp at HQ RA 3 Cdn Inf Div at 15.00hrs. Prelim Orders given to BC 69 and 100 Btys. Will remain deployed as at present. 32 Bty will be protecting Bde HQ, details to be given on the 16 th . Recce of HQ for RHQ completed. 100 Bty to move to new HQ at 09.00hrs.


16 November 1944: 01.00hrs to 24.00hrs cloudy, cold visibility fair. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow gave order to Major Cousins of 32 Bty to deploy the 32 Bty on HQ of the 2 Forward Brigades and the tps so deployed to be ready at short notice  to take part in exercise “Magnet”. Details to be given later. RHQ moved to new HQ at 10.00hrs and were est at 12.00hrs.


17 November 1944: 01.00hrs to 24.00hrs dull, foggy, cloudy, very cold, visibility fair. Billet froms completed and forwarded to Q3 Cdn Inf div at 14.00hrs. So far away little air activity in our area. Extremely heavy rain all day. Orders received at 18.00hrs for 1 Bty to report to CO 6 LAA Regt RCA at 11.00hrs 18 Nov to which Regt they will be attached for Op control from Monday, 20 th rill wed 23 rd . Major Cousins of 32 Bty will do the job, coming off the Bde HQ. 32 Bty Tps in action on Bde in forward area, A Tp and B Tp by 11.00hrs.


18 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, heavy rain, cloudy, visibility nil. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs, scattered clouds with a little sunlight now and then. Visibility fair. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs, Majr J.M. Cousins with Tp Comds reported to OC 6 LAA Regt RCA at 11.30hrs. E Tp moved to new area with 3 Div HQ at 14.00hrs, Major F.A.L. Charlesworth to CSS to recce the FMC where we take over the guard duty at 12.00hrs 26th.


19 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, cold windy, wet. Visibility fair to poor. 30 Bty moved to new area to protect brg over Maas-Canal. Moved and in action by 12.30hrs. BHQ at, A Tp in area East of canal. B Tp west of Canal. Shelling quite heavy. Minor roads in very bad condition. 32 Bty will remain under comd 6 LAA Regt for ops for an indefinite period. Regt relieved of the guard commitment at Oss. 2 ME 109 engaged at 14.30hrs. The first planes to be shot at by our guns in four months. Morale took a big boost. No claims.


20 November 1944: 0001hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, cold, wet visibility poor to good. 100 Bty HQ to new position at 10.00hrs. 1 Signal Vehicle complete sent to Div School near Gent. To be used for training purposes. 15 men from Regt on training there as driver ops as it is not possible to obtain them as rfts.


21 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs cloudy, cold windy, very wet. Several enemy planes over during the day. 11.27hrs one ME109 on recce, no hits from 65rds. 4ME 262, hit and run attacks no hits claimed. All the gnrs are right on their toes and glad to be back firing at their game again. Morale is rising appreciably.


22 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, steady rain all the time. Visibility poor. Everything is extremely wet, side-roads practically impassable , rather a quiet day, very little activity. 5 cars, 5cwt turned over to 9Bde. The Regt now 6 cars 5cwt below WE with little change for any replacement nor will MC be available to replace the 5cwts. New CRA Brigadier Suttie, visited RHQ at 11.00hrs.


23 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, steady fine must, rain, visibility poor. BC in between 10.00 and 11.00hrs to get the latest information and discuss all problems. Major B.M. Osler and Capt R.M. Sketch Comd F Troop were given orders at 14.00hrs by Lt-Col Woodrow for their employment in a ground role. The Tp will be used to bring down harassing fire on any tgt within range. Capt Sketch to recce suitable gun posns  as far forward as is pratical. Col Woodrow will designate specific tgts when gun posn have been found. Tp will liaise very closely with inf in fwd areas. CMO staffs, art Ops and inf will forward particular tgts through HQ RCA channels. CA Brig Suttie visited Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow at 14.00hrs to discuss this job further. Col Woodrow is to be given full scope for any ideas he wishes to try.


24 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs few scattered clouds, warmer, visibility fair. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs scattered clouds, sunshine, dry and warm, visibility good. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs cloudy, raining very cold. Capt R. M. Sketch and Major B.M. Caler made a detailed recce in the area for posns for special harassing fire task in ground role. Close liaison and contacts made with the inf bdes and bns on the ground as posns  will be located in the FDLs in some cases in front of the foremost inf. Inf Comd are all out to give the gnrs a good show at this initial try in this role. 19.00hrs met Lt-Col Woodrow at RHQ and discussed the Recce. Further still to be carried out on the 25 th and plane are being set for the job to start on the morning of the 27th .


25 November 1944:  00.01 to 08.00hrs, cloudy, wet, cold, visibility poor 08.00hrs to 12.00hrs, raining, cold, visibility fairly good. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs cold wet, visibility poor. Posns final selected for guns. At high ground east  where silent guns will protect the guns from any small arms or close in mortar support. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow submitted the plan to CRA after co-ordination talk with Capt Sketch and Major Caler at 17.00hrsm when details were all made clear. Permission to carry out the shoot granted at 19.00hrs from the selected posns between 08.45 and 09.15hrs. Little air activity.


26 November 1944:  00.02hrs to 08.00hrs clear, very cold, visibility good for night. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs clear, bright, cool visibility very good.  09.40hrs 2 ME 262 over Nijmegen area dropping 250 kilo bombs, causing cas and damage to civ and mil pers and prop. 09.50hrs 2 ME 262 dropped same type of bomb in D Troop, 69 Battery, one bomb 50ft from side D-4 killing one man and causing 4 casualties, the bombs in us being splinter effect of  very heavy shell and heavy blast effect. Tgts were engaged without success. F Troop 100 bty fired 200 rounds from 3 guns, at house and trenches at Wyler with good result. Posns are in front of thefdl. Fired for 5 minutes. Left posns within 3 minutes of firing. Over 18rds enemy mortar fire was brought to bear approx. 10 min after the guns were clear. Recce still being carried out through the FDLs for further posns and tgts.


27 November 1944:  00.01hrs to 08.00hrs fairly clear,slight mist, visibility poor, very cold. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs clear, slight haze in air and on ground. Visibility good but difficult due to haze to distinguish accurately. Cold and dry. F Troop 100 Bty fired 320 rounds harassing fire in ground role, fire opening at 16.35hrs from well concealed posn on hill. Tgts were houses in Zyfflich, 1600-1900 yards. Guns went under cover during daylight. Fire continued for 10min, 3 min after fire closed German Fd arty began shelling 75 or 88mm. lucky there were no cas from 20-30yards as the guns were pulling out while firing was on. Result of shoot were satisfactory. F troop fired 273 rds HE, part of a fire plan to help a patrol of RWR who were attacking a house. Our fire brought to bear on German trenches and houses  running north and south. Firing was for 5 min. Guns were clear of posns 3 min after firing ceased. Enemy heavily mortared posn 4 min later. The SP gun does a good job in the type of work under review as they are able to get away very quickly from their posns after firing.


28 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs clear, cold, with slight mist. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs, scattered clouds with a little bit of sunshine now and then. Major F.A.L. Charlesworth went to 203 Crd Inf Sub Pk at Osse with reps from 69 and 100 Btys to inspect 15, 40mm Towed Equipments prior to sending crews to pick them up. No deal as the guns are not operational. Q is very bad, insist our turning in first class, well-mainted equipment and drawing equipment not in good shape and hopelessly short of stores required to keep the guns in action.  F Tp occupied 3posns in FDL, firing 423 rds HE at Den Heuvel wood, scoring hits on enemy cookhouse, trenches, strongpoints and immobile Sherman tank. Scored hits causing several fires in the area. Posn occupied at 11.30hrs and cleared at 12.12, mortar fire from enemy at 12.14hrs.


29 November 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, quite clear and cold. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs,clear and cold. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs, clear and few scattered clouds, slight ground mist, visibility fair. Orderes received that 15 SP guns will be turned over regardless of condition of guns we received. Stores will be kept from SP guns. Turnover completed at 18.00hrs. 15 guns returned to 203 Inf Sub park. By 18.00hrs 30 th and 3 to be turned directly over to 6 LAA Regt RCA.


30 November 1944: 00.01Hrs to 08.00hrs clear, cold, visibility fair. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs very few scattered clouds, visibility goo. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow accompanied by Brig Smith of 74 AA Bde inspected 32 Bty sites at 10.00hrs. Lt-Col Woodrow to CO Conf at HQ RCA 3 Cdn Inf Div at 14.00hrs. Major F.A.L Charlesworth to Q meeting rep EFI gift stores to discuss means of making these stores available to the Div. A great deal of work being done on the new guns. 32 Bty remain SP, 69 Bty are now completely  T.D and 100 Bty have one Tp T.D and one Tp SP. Little activity in air.


1 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, slight fog, bright visibility fair. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs few scattered clouds, cool, visibility good. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs quite clear, visibility fair. 32 battery  still under command of 6 LAA regt who are working under 74AA Bde.   Bty HQ with A Tp, east of Maas-Waal canal and B Tp West of Canal protecting Rly and Rd Bridges. 69 Bty now completely tractor-drawn. BHQ with C Tp protecting 13 Fd regt RCA and D Tp protecting the 14 Field regt RCA. 10 Bty now one Tp SP and one Tp TD. E Tp on 3 Cdn Div HQ protection, HQ Tp. F Tp being employed doing ground shoots harassing fire and co-op with Inf. F Tp are T.D. and from 10.00hrs to 14.00hrs all detachments are perfecting their drill for a shoot at 08.50hrs on 2 nd . In and out of action drill and careful camouflage jobs on  tractors and guns. Capt R.M. Sketch had completed recce of the area and liaison with 9 C.I.B took D.Cs to their positions at 16.00hrs. No enemy air activity.


 2 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs cloudy, cold, visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs cloudy, cold windy, visibility fair. Very little activity at all in air. 2 Tractor-drawn guns of F Tp conducted a shoot Vossendaal, building and orchard. 15rd only were fired from posns and due to mechanical defects in the newly drawn guns. A complete exam of the equipment had been carried out but the faults were impossible to find until the guns were fired. The shoot was not a success and the complete troop will be taken out to strip the guns right down in order to ensure no further trouble. This should have been done in base shops, not by our troops.


3 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy, cold very wet visibility poor, 08.00hrs to 24,.00hrs very windy, heavy rain, cold visibility bad.  ME410 on recce at 03.00hrs. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow completed plans and had them approved to employ 3 guns in an anti-mortar role. Ours will be weel dug in and in permanent posns.  Tractor drawn guns to be used. A composite tp of 3 SP and 3 TD will be employed in the ground role. Major B.M.Osler is making the final recce of posns and CMO of 9 CIB, Lt Love, is keeping him posted on active mortar posn, these all in range by direct fire from the proposed gun sites. Reports are coming in that V2 are being seen from the area at a bearing of 30degrees.


4 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs cloudy, wet, windy ,visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs heavy clouds, quite low. Intermittent sun, by rain showers, with a little snow at time, visibility ground, good, in the air, poor. BC in before 10.00hrs for information latest picture and to settle all admin matters. E and F Tps 100 Bty switched positions. E Tp equipped with the SP are going on to the job of ground shoots. 4 cars 50cwt received on readjustment of cars within the Div. All but one on poor condition.


5 December 1944: 00.01hrs, quite clear, cool, visibility fair. 09.00hrs to 18.00hrs, scattered clouds with intermittent showers. Visibility faro to good all day. 18.00hrs to 24.oohrs wet and cold, visibility poor. Major F.A.L Charlesworth and Major B.F. Gossage left for leave to Paris at 08.30hrs. 6 rfts arrived at 11.30hrs. Auxiliary Service Officer, Cpl Military Police arrived at 14.00hrs. Mr Keachin of the YMCA, appears to be a capable officer, will do a great deal for the men and is a hard worker, knows tier problems. A Sint Nicholaas party held for approx. 75 children at 14.30hrs, a show was given in the CANADA CLUB by Aux services and after the show the children came back to HQ where they were given a party, St Nick and Black Peter, according to local customs came at 16.45 and distributed presents to the children, consisting of parcelled sweets and small games, collected by the men during the previous week or so. Very successful.


6 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs cloudy, wet , visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs, scattered clouds, few showers, rain visibility from poor to good. No unusual activity. E tp finishing recce of posns and tie-up of comns for their anti-mortar role.


7 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs cloudy, wet, visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs, scattered clouds, wet. E Tp moved into anti-mortar posns at 05.00hrs. Guns are well dug in and will remain in action till dark, when they will be withdrawn to Tp HQ. No.1 Gun at arc of fire 113deg- 163deg,  No.2 gun arc of fire 71deg- 11odeg, No.3 gun arc of fire 180-170deg, No.4 gun at arc of fire 52-78 deg (alternate posn). OP at, many reports from sites of V2 seen en general  direction of 50degrees. At 14.10hrs a postion was engaged by No.2 gun, 4 ranging and 1o auge fire. No report on results.


8 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs cloudy, wet, cold, visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs scattered clouds, visibility fair, cold. 100 Bty E Tp fired 42 rounds at enemy OP in church . Enemy arty from Reichswald Forest opened fire immediately at 14.01hrs. 1 Cas to No2 gun from air burst. These are two guns deployed in C.M. role and normally remain in posn during daylight. So far it does not appear that they will be effective used in the static role. Me363 dropped bombs north west at 13.50hrs., 13.30hrs ME109 flying NE at 8000fet. 13 men returned from 3 Div sig course with 1 15cwt wireless truck and 1 Sgt instr, 1 Bdr  instr at 1.00hrs to RHQ. 9 of 11 qualified in the 3 weeks course and excellent average.


9 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 09.00hrs, cloudy, cool, heavy fall of snow, about 4 inches on the level. Visibility nil. 09.00hrs to 24.00hrs cloudy, wet, cold. E tp 100 bty engaged area of Ouer Dam slit trenches and dugouts. With 104rds HE. Two guns fired from posn. SP guns used. Came in at first light fired from 09.00 to 09.02hrs, were clear of posn 4 minutes later. No enemy fire returned and 99rds burst in target area. Enemy air activity nil.


10 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, few scattered clouds dark, cold, visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 17.00hrs bright, clear, visibility good. 17.00hrs to 24.00hrs scattered clouds, rain, wind, visibility poor. Considerable air activity. Many friendly aircraft. 12.15hrs, 1 ME 262 engaged by HAA and pursued by Spits. 15.00hrs 1 ME 262 flying East to West pursued by 6 Tempest. Dropped bombs. 15.30hrs 2 ME 262  flying North at 20.000feet dropped 5 bombs in area.


11 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy wet, cold windy, visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs scattered clouds, dry visibility fair. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs, cold, cloudy, dry, visibility poor. Quiet, nothing to report.


12 December  1944: 00.01Hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, cold, visibility poor. Very quiet, little activity, only normal routine. Many aircraft (friendly) over during day.


13 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, cold, visibility poor. ME109f over area at 14.00hrs. Due to cloud it could not be engaged, only seen for one second. E Tp moved 3 guns into posn, in preparation for a shoot in support of 7 CIB attack . Guns into posn at 18.00hrs.


14 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, cold, visibility poor during hrs of darkness, fair, duing day. Div Arty fire plan began and few seconds rain at 03.07hrs. Three guns E tp fired opened fire on target area of Zyfflich and 395rds HE. Visibility poor due to fog but guns were laid for line by compass and elevation by elevation scale. Guns withdrew 03.45hrs. No return fire till three minutes later, when 5rds fell in area. Other activity nil. V2 launching reported by sites in area. Other activity nil. V2 launching reported by sites in area.


15 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, cold visibility poor at night due to mist. Fair to good during day. Preparations for Xmas will in hand, extras for everyone being arranged satisfactorily. Mail coming in well. Meeting at 18.00hrs attended by rep from HQ and each Bty for Officers Dance Xmas Eve. I decided to hold one. Captain H.W. Sisson Chairman and will see to details necessary to put it over.


16 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy, cold, visibility poor, 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs, cloudy. Cold, visibility fair. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy cold, misty, visibility poor. 17 Flying bombs reported over Nijmegen flying NE to SW from 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs. G2 AA Major Emery arrived at RHQ at 16.00hrs to see Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow and brought 2 range drums prototypes or ones to be fitted to the 40mm. Very little activity of note. Normal admin routine.


17 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs cloudy cold, wet, visibility poor.  08.00hrs to 20.00hrs cloudy, cold, wet, vis poor. 69bty shot down one ME109 at 10.46hrs, one of a fmns of 4 109s. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow to CO Conf at HQ RCA at 10.00hrs returned with oders fo Major F.B. Gossage 69 Bty. Orders to Major Gossage at 11.30hrs to Recce area protection for the 12, 13 and 14Fd Regiments , 2 ME262 engaged at 10.15hrs. Considerable enemy activity in air and numbers of flying bombs over area. 32 Bty scored 1 hit at 10.00hrs on an ME109.


18 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy, cold, wet, visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 20.00hrs, cloudy, cold, wet, visibility poor. 20.00hrs to 24.00hrs scattered clouds, ground mist, visibility poor. 69 Bty engaged two ME262 at 09.46hrs at 600feet. No hits claimed. Fighter patrols active all day. Few V1 over but not in large numbers. 69 Bty on recce of field gun areas.


19 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs,cloudy, cold, foggy, visibility poor. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs scattered clouds, visibility poor due to ground mist. C Tp 69 Bty moved to new area at 13.15hrs. protecting 12 and 13fd regts in areas. Posns were dug and camouflaged before the guns moved in. Some flying bombs over the area during the night.


20 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy, cold, heavy fog, visibility very poor. 08.00hrs to 17.00hrs, visibility poor. Scattered clouds, heavy fog. 17.00hrs to 24.00hrs vis poor, foggy cold. D Tp moved to new posn with 14 Fd Regt RCA in area, guns in action at 15.15hrs. Considerable number of flying bombs over the area during the night. Little other activity, quiet on front.


21 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy, cold, heavy fog, visibility very poor. 69 Bty now protecting three Fd Regt. Guns are all concentrated in a relatively small area.  Large number of flying bombs over the area at least 17 in 24hours period that were seen. Warning issued that large conc of enemy paratroops to North of Arnhem, probably will be used in L of C area shortly. All local def plans re-checked and liaison completed with neigh boring units.


22 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cold, foggy, visibility very poor. 08.45hrs C Tp moved back to old locns with Fd Regt area. D Tp moved back to old posn with 14 Fd Regt. 100 Bty moved in to action area, to prot the 12 Fd Regt. At 10.20hrs Still many flying bombs going over and few V2 reported observed from launching sight to the East and NE.


23 December  1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, colder, sky clearing but still quite heavy ground mist to 24.00hrs. Some air activity today, first in several days. Friendly  fighters. 13.45hrs A and B Tps engaged a flying bomb, flying SW over Nijmegen. 57rd fired ,no results. Large numbers still going over. Xmas sups being drawn, Turkey, pork, many little extras. Mail is still fairly good, Dance held for men of RHQ and 100 Bty at 20.00hrs.


24 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, clear, very cold, visibility good. Little activity in our immediate sector. Air activity  increases very much. Large number of rockets observed from 08.00hrs to 24.00hrs. in general NE to Eat direction. Few enemy aircraft over from 13.15hrs. Christmas festivities being curtailed due to present operational necessity.


25 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, clear, and very cold, visibility good. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs very cold, clear and visibility goof. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs, foggy, damp, visibility poor. Xmas preparations completed and rations are sample. Parcel mail for men from home and friends added to the Xmas. 9 Rockets V2 observed being launched on a bearing of 83 to 70 degrees from Nijmegen. Few V1 Buzz bombs over during day. One FW190 engaged by A Tp at 13.45hrs, no hits, and by 4 guns of 69 Bty, no confirmed hits. Very quiet generally, little activity of any kind.


26 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 06.00hrs, fairly clear, cold. 06.00hrs to 09.00hrs light ground mist, visibility fair. 06.00hrs to 18.00hrs clear, visibility goof. 18.00hrs to 20.00hrs flight fog. 20.00hrs to 24.00hrs, clear, cold. 100 Bty three engagement JU88 at 22.50, Ju88 at 24.00hrs. Unidentified A/C at 23.45hrs. Some air activity ME262 at 14.30hrs, and 21.30hrs to 21.38hrs JU88 seen to crash in area of Grave. Many Divers at least 6, and 16 Big Bens observed being launched.


27 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, clear, cold visibility good. Very cold, everything is frozen solid. Roads dry and hard. D Troop of 17 Bty 3LAA regt RCA under command 4 LT AA Regt for ops. D Tp are on the 5 th Fd Regt RCA in area. E Tp 100 Bty moved south with 12 Fd to area, with only 5 guns in action. 1 gun in wksp being fitted with range drums.


28 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, quite clear, visibility fairer. 05.00hrs to 10.00hrs foggy, visibility poor. Fog cleared slightly but still low ground fog from 10.00hrs to 20.00hrs. 20.00hrs to 24.00hrs, cold, quite clear. Roads extremely dangerous, icy and glazed. Flying bombs still coming over area (17 in 24hours) and several Big Bens observed from their launching sites, 22 at least. Air activity very small. Normal harassing dire heard otherwise very quiet.


29 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 18.0hrs, clear, cool, bright, visibility good. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs foggy and cold, visibility poor. Heavy fog started coming in at 17.30hrs by 18.00hrs, it had blanketed the whole area. Many divers at least 12 and 8 V2 reported during the 24hrs period. 4 Typhoons escorted by 2 spitfires attacked power plant. Details not available but they used different technique from our own air force and I is presumed that they were captured planes.


30 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy but very little fog, visibility fair. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs light mist, visibility fair. 18.00hrs to 20.00hrs, cloudy misty, visibility poor. 20.00hrs to 22.00hrs clear and bright. 22.00hrs to 24.00hrs cloudy, steady rain, visibility nil. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow to CO’s conference at HQ CRA 10.30hrs  and on his return gave the batter commanders the picture of present operations at 14.00hrs. 32 battery engaged a flying bomb at 10.20hrs, no hits claimed. 35 flying bombs reported over the area during the 24hr period. Vapour trails of six rockets were seen as they were launched.

31 December 1944: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, clear and cold, visibility good. A very quiet New Years Eve. Entertainment kept at a minimum in view of expected German activity. Over 20 flying bombs reported in the 24hrs. 8 rockets vapour trails observed in the area North of Arnhem


1 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, quite clear, cold, visibility fairly good. From 09.00hrs to 11.15hrs several FW 190, ME 109 and ME 262 over area straffing. 32 Bty engaged ME 262 at 09.00hrs, 4 FW 190s at 09.50hrs, 1 FW at 09.58hrs, 3 FW at 10.05hrs and 21.25hrs, 1 Ju88. 69 Bty engaged me262 at 09.25hrs, 10 Bty engaged ME 262 at 09.36hrs, FW190 at 10.02hrs, ME109 at 10.10hrs, JU88 at 21.25hrs. 17 Bty D Troop engaged ME262 at 09.22hrs, ME262 at 09.35hrs, ME262 at 09.50hrs, FW190 at 09,55hrs and ME262 at 10.24hrs. Results engagement in respect of damage to enemy aircraft nihil with the exception of one hit scored. 8 Big Bens reported in the 24hrs. Over 45 divers during the same period. Largest enemy activitiy over this area for some time. No damage to Vas.

2 January 1945: 00.001hrs to 11.00hrs. Few scattered clouds and slight ground mist. Visibility fair. 11.oohrs to 24.00hrs, rain, wet, visibility poor. Very little activity of any kind. Roads very wet and slippery Spitfire partol over area from 09.00hrs to 12.00hrs. All quiet with nothing but the usual routine activity.

3 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs quite clear, warmer, with ground mist. Mist quite heavy at dawn and last light. Visibility varying fair to good. Activity nil. More Divers appeared over the area all told about 20 in the 24 hour period.

4 January 1945: 00.001hrs to 24.00hrs, scattered clouds, warning intermittent showers. Visibility varying from poor to failry good. Patrol activity during the day. No enemy activity except Diver, which numbered aprrox 50 in 24hrs, and about 20 Big Bens. Roads very icy.

5 January 1945: 00.001 yo 08.00hrs, clear cold, heavy frost. 09.00hrs to 18.00hrs, clear bright sun, visibility good. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs clear but dark, visibility poor. Cold from 22.30hrs. Lt-Col Woodrow received order to prepare a neutralizing shoot on town of Zyfflich. No enemy air activity. Active patrols by spits and Tempests during day. 15 Big Bens observed from vapour trails. 14 divers over the area, flying from NE to SW.

6 January 1945: 00.01Hrs to 08.00hrs, very cold, slight mist, visibility fair to poor. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow left of 09.30hrs for study period Falcon, on air excercise for comds of 3 Cdn Inf Div down to include all Lt-Col comds. At 09.00hrs gave orders to Major B.M. Osler to recce gun posns for a neutralizing shoot on Zyfflich to take place during a show put on by the Div at a date to be named later


7 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy misty, snow fall from 13.00hrs on, cleared for a short time and then began snowing, 23.55hrs, visibility poor, Roads icy and dangerous. Temperature just below freezing point. 15 odd Divers over in 24hrs. Double guard still being used in every HQ and on every gun site. Very little activity.

8 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, misty, with steady fall of snow. Visibility ranged from fair to poor. Quite cold, although not much below freezing point.11.00hrs F Troop 100 Bty relived of AA role on 12 Field Regt for a ground role job to provide harassing fire on village of Zyfflich.

9 January 1945: 00.01Hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy cold, misty, visibility poor. Light snow falls intermittently throughout day and night. Very little activity, flying conditions very bad. Normal routine.

10 January 1945: 00.01Hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, cold,misty, Visibility fair to bad. Roads very icy and slippery. Some air activty during the day. 14.30hrs, 10.30hrs, 18.10hrs, 18.05hrs, 19.40hrs, but not identified. D Troop 17 LAA Bty reverts to Comd 3 LAA Regt RCA at 21.00hrs. Normal routine and active.

11 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, fairly clear, very cold, low lying light ground haze, visibility poor. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs scattered clouds, cold, visibility poor. Stand to ordered at 69 Bty from 23.04hrs to 23.40hrs  when telephone lines in area were cut and a Sgt of 22 Bty found unconscious from a head injury. Nothing found. Lt-Col C.E. Woodrow ED to conference HQ RCA 3 Div at 14.00hrs. E Troop moved to new area with 12 Fd at 14.00hrs.

12 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, cloudy, dull, warmer, snow melting during daylight, visibility fair. Few friendly patrols during day. Cipher lecture at 10.15hrs for I.O and 2 clerks at HQ 3 Cdn Div. Lt Murray and Lt McGarrity attended lecture at 14.00hrs at HQ 2 Cdn Div on 79 Armd div. Normal routine and activity.

13 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, clear cold, windy, visibility fair. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs cloudy but fairly bright, visinility fair to good. Cloud ceiling high. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs, misty, cold visibility poor. Considerable activity in air. 32 Bty engaged 2 ME109s at 13.12hrs, claim one hit. Guns were restircted in their firing by very low height the planes were  flying. Six flying bombs reported over area and two Big Bens observed.

14 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 08.0hrs, dull, misty, visibility very poor, cold. 08.00 to 24.00hrs, clear bright, cold. 100 Bty engaged 2a/c FW 190 and ME 109 at 11.25hrs, flying at 100ft. no hits claimed. 32 Bty engaged and ME 109 at 12.30hrs, scored 1 hit. Patrol activity by spits, and Tempests and Typhoones, ME262 over area 15.00hrs flying E to W. 30 Big Bens observed from contrails from bearings of 40 to 290 degrees in 24hrs.14 Divers over the area in 24hrs. Major Cousins to Engeland on 9 day priv leave.

15 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 24.00hrs, clousy, cold misty, visibility poor. Little air activity. Captain H.W. Sisson left the Reginent for new position with 205 Fwd Maint Centre. Lt J.W. Ferguson t.o.s from X4a list. 28 divers observed over the area during 24hrs period. Normal routine.



16 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy, cold visbility poor. 08.00hrs to 24.00hrsm cloudy, cold, fairly high cloud ceiling. Visbility fair . 3 Div Artillery study period 10.00hrs to 15.00hrs attended by Col Woodrow, Major Charlesworth, Major Gossage, Major Osler, 100 Bty Tp Comds and Adjudant. Useful points were discussed and the value of past OP experience as done by each regt was put forward for criticism by each branch of the Arty.

17 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy with temp just below freezing. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs, bright and sunny, thawing considerably. 17.00hrs to 24.00hrs, visbility fair, temp just below freezing. Spitfire, Tempest and Typhoon patrols active throughout hours of daylight. Six divers passed over area from NE to SW from 17.30hrs to 24.00hrs. Some unseen due to clouds. Co to conference at HQ RCA 3 Div at 14.30hrs. Lt Murray appointed Adjt 4 LAA Regt RCA. Allotments for 9 day priv leave to UK for month of Feb 45 rec/d from HQ RCA 3 Cdn Inf Div.

18 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 08.00hrs, windy with intermittent showers. 08.00hrs to 18.00hrs almost steady rain with strong wind. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs cloudy with strong wind, freezing slightly. Friendly air activity limited to a few patrols and air OP sorties. # Divers passed over area direction NE to SW, between 05.40 and 07.00hrs. Normal routine.

19 January 1945:00.01Hrs to 08.00hrs, cloudy, low ceiling, fresh wind, visibility fair. 08.00hrs to 12.00hrs colder with intermittent snow squalls. 12.00hrs to 18.00hrs cloudy, fresh wind, raw, visibility faor to good. Friendly air activity limited to normal patrols. Lt Kinght, returned to Regt from 2 CBRG, after being in hospital. 7 Big Bens observed over are during period. Normal routine.

20 January 1945: 00.01hrs to 12.00hrs, cloudy, scattered snow flurries, windy, 12.00hrs to 18.00hr more snow, windy, low clouds, visibility fair. 18.00hrs more snow, windy, low clouds, visibility fair. 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs thawing slightl, sky clear except for scattered clouds, moderate wind, visiblity good. At 10.10hrs a large formation of Fortresses were observed returning from enemy territoy. E-5 Gun site reported one Super fortress was in the formation. Diver activity dropped to one, but Big Bens increased to eleven during the period. 3 Cdn Inf Div massed Pipe band played at a gathering in sportfield across the road from RHQ, location 4 LAA Regt RCA, LtCol C.E. Woodrow ED and A Captain Murray were among the spectators. Major Osler OC 100 Bty admitted to 6 Cdn CCS, expected to be back within the course of a few days. Normal activitiy and routine.