473 Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion (SP)


On February 21st, 1945 Battery A, joined CCB of the 8th Armoured Division at Posterholt, Netherlands.

The Battery remained in Anti-Aircraft positions there and near Maasbracht until February 28th, 1945. There was no enemy air activity except lone flights which constituted no threat to our positions.

Before CCB began its march on the 28th, the first platoon was attached to the 399 Field Artillery Battalion ,and the second platoon was attached to the trains. The Battery C.P. remained in the same vicinity as the Combat Command S-4 section.

From Posterholt the battery moved to Huckelhoven, Germany.


On March 11th the Battery moved to Venlo, Holland, On March 13th, in the vicinity of Venlo, Holland one of the enemy's new ME-262jet-propelled planes appeared over the area. These planes are used on reconnaissance flights and for exception of gathering information constitute no threat to our positions.