557 Independent Search Light Battery

Unit No.


2 November 1944: Section C Troop moved up to BREDA area to provide lighting for construction work on areadrome.


9 November 1944: Moved to Grave area.


10 November 1944: B Troop return to command this unit and deploy in defence of Mook Bridge. A Troop deploy in defence Grave Bridge.


15 November 1944: B.Troop moved to Nijmegen and deploy in AA defence of bridge, two of the lights have dual role of moonlight for 50 Div.


16 November 1944: BHQ moved to Nijmegen. C Troop returned and deployed in AA Defence of Nijmegen bridge with two detachments under command B troop, remaining 6 lights used in sweeping river looking for objects floating down.


19 November 1944: A Troop 356 Ind SL Battery left to rejoin parent unit, a section of Search light troop of 4 LAA/SL Battery comes under admin of this unit.


26 November 1944: When B Troop Ration lorry proceeding along road from B4 towards Nijmegen a bullet penetrated cabin and hit driver Gnr M.A.Swann, lorry with RAP doctor stopped and attended Gnr Swann, who died 10 minutes later.


27 November 1944: Sent Lt N.S.E.Darkhurst and Sergeant Reeth to 76 Bde at Goes (Zeeland) to instruct personnel in Searchlights.


8 December 1944: 3rd Canadian Inf Div request Moonlight on Battalion front in area Groesbeek .


14 December 1944: C Troop reased to oman lynn lights on river and handed them over to A/T Regiment Derbyshire Yeomanry. B Troop supplied Moonlight on river to unable RE's to search for last position from "Woolwich Ferry".


21 December 1944: Information received that German Paratrooper JU52 assembling North of Arnhem. All warned to look out for JU52. A Troop Command post at Grave hit, no casualties, communication out of action.


23 December 1944: Lt Darkhurst and Sgt Reeth returned to Battery.