A Humber scout car and trucks of 59th Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery crossing a Bailey bridge at Dreierwalde, 6 - 8 April 1945. (IWM BU3331)

59 (Newfoundland) Heavy Regiment:20 Battery 21 Battery 22 Battery 23 Battery-155mm and 7.2 inch Guns.

Unit No.179



28 September 1944: 23 Battery moved from Belgium to Doornhoek (Noord-Brabant).


30 September 1944: 23 Battery moved to Loosbroek (Noord-Brabant).


30 September 1944: 20 Battery moved from Belgium to Hoek (Zeeland), 27 rounds expended observed by AOP, but trough heavy flak not all rounds could be observed.  


1 October 1944: 20 Battery Wagon lines established at Sluiskil (Zeeland). Some personell were billeted in a school.


3 October 1944: Regiment moves forward to Eeklo (Belgium).


6 October 1944: 10rpg fired on Oostburg.


7 October 1944: Succesful shoot with AOP obs on enemy defences near Oostburg.


15 October 1944: fired on concrete Fort, One CB Bombard fired during the day.


20 October 1944: Regiment moved to Ijzendijke to support 3 Cdn Div attack on Breskens and Fort Frederik Hendrik, Regimental area is 4/5 flooded, Guns sited on "Islands" formed by farmyards.


22 October 1944: 155mm  fired 3HBs Vlissingen area and ship in Vlissingen Harbour, total 15 rpg. 7.2' Zuidzand and Nieuwvliet total 15rpg.


23 October 1944: 20 Battery bombard 3 HBs in Vlissingen.


24 October 1944: Regiment moves to Hulst, to support Ops in Zuid Beveland.


25 October 1944: During day 10 Y Targets fired in support of 2 Cdn Division.


27 October 1944: Breech blown off 155mm gun of 20 Battery, trail damaged  breech in ground.


31 October 1944: Regiment moved to Kruisdijk, to support in Operation Infatuate I.


1 November 1944: 7.2 fired 20 rpg on canal crossing North of Vlissingen.


2 November 1944: 20 Battery u/c 1 Heavy Regiment who have FOO in West Kapelle. 20 Battery ranges onto enemy location by FOO. It is reported that M32 was engaged with good results, many Germans killed or gave themselves up.


3 November 1944: 20 Battery only 20rpg on Harbour area Veere.


4 November 1944: HF task 20 Battery only 15rpg on 3 crossroads NE of Vlissingen.


8 November 1944: Regiment moved to Budel (Noord Brabant).


10 November 1944: 2 Guns 23 Battery  sent to 12 Corps Wksp Eindhoven  for change of barrels.


17 November 1944: Regiment moved to Heythuysen. Areas to cover Venlo and area west of Venlo, 7.2' area from Roermond to Venlo.


21 November 1944: 21 and 22 Batteries to fire in support of 53 Div in area North West of Roermond


25 November 1944: Regiment moved to Helden (Limburg).


6 January 1945: Regiment moved to Baexem (Limburg).


31 January 1945: Regiment last day in action in Holland.