59 Medium (4th West Lancashire) Regiment: 235 Battery 236 Battery- 4.5inch 5.5inch



22 September 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to Eindhoven.               


26 September 1944: Regiment moved to another area near Eindhoven.                      


29 September 1944: Regiment moved to area Son, The glider position near Best occupied only by RHQ and 235 as the order for 236 to set up for the whole Regiment to forget it and somewhere else arrive at about the same time.                                                             


8 October 1944: Regiment moved to area near Elst, RHQ in view of enemy, guns only just not. We also get our first Brussels leave vacancies.                                                   


18 October 1944: Regiment move to Dinther (Brabant) OPs once more in tanks, Operation "Pheasant", starts with a programme of abour 75rpg.                                                        


24 October 1944: Regiment moved to area near Schijndel (Brabant).Only one night there, during which a few Germans are taken prisoner in A.Echelon.                                 


25 October 1944: Regiment move to position just East of Boxtel (Brabant). Captain Okell tank hets shot up South of Vught, but the crew escapes with a mere wetting. Memorable for that frightful night when vast expenditure was called for without notice and we only kept any guns firing by transferring shells direct from ammo lorry to breach, fuzing them on the way.


27 October 1944: RHQ moved to Lunatic Asylum, East of Tilburg.                              


29 October 1944: Regiment moved to Loon op Zand (Brabant).                                     


31 October 1944: Regiment moved to Kaatsheuvel. (Brabant).                                


1 November 1944: Regiment moved to Udenhout (Brabant). Visit Tilburg for baths, cinemas and shopping, also spent some time fitting some new barrels and calibrating with 21 Army Group Standard Gun.  


16 November 1944: Regiment moved to area near Leveroy (Brabant).     


30 November 1944: Regiment moved to area near Maasbree (Limburg). Here we received our first intimation about BLA leave to the UK. Unpleasant place in mined area. 235 get shelled considerably, 236 lose a roving gun.   


9 December 1944: Regiment moved Heythuizen (Limburg). Introduction to the German jet plane, about 10 bombs.


21 December 1944: Regiment moved to Belgium.   


10 January 1945: 1615 Regt ceases fire – out of action ready to move. Regt reverts to comd 3 AGRA.


10 January 1945: Med Recce parties leave to report to HQ RA 12 Corps at Beek


12 January 1945: Regt moved to harbour are at Hasselt.


14 January 1945: Regt moved from harbour area at Hasselt.

1200 – Regt in action at Sittard area.


16 January 1945: 0730 – OP ‘Blackcock’ commenced. Regt firing in support of 7 Armd Div. 52 (L) and 43 Div. Engaged on V tgts and bombards.


17 January 1945: Engaged on V tgts and bombards.


18 January 1945: 0930 – One gun Ctp out of action with buckled trail legg. Regt engaged on bombards.


19 January 1945: Engaged on Regt tgts and bombards. Regt moved, stepping up to new position in Germany.

2310 – P Bty ready in area Millen.


20 January 1945: 0345 – Q Bty in new position. Regt engaged in support of OP Blackcock.


21 January 1945: ditto.


22 January 1945: ditto.

2031 – Premature at gun in B Tp. 1 gunner killed. 2 suffering from shock.


23 January 1945: 0500 -  Regt ceases fire. Prepare to move to new area NE.


24 January 1945: 1020 – Regt ready in new position an area near Koningsbosch. Engaged on bombards and fire plan in support Blackcock.


27 January 1945: 1430 – Semi-calibration shoot carried out. Shoot being observed by Air OP.


28 January 1945: 1027 – 2 IC’s jeep damaged by mine. No casualties to personnel

Engaged on bombards and V Tgts.


29 January 1945: Engaged on Bombards and V Tgts.


30 January 1945: ditto.


31 January 1945: ditto.


1 February 1945: Regt engaged on bombard an V Tgts.


2 February 1945:   -do-                     -do-


3 February 1945: Regt out of action for Calibration.


4 February 1945: 0930 – Regt moved to Harbour area Moll.

1400 – In Harbour at Moll.


5 February 1945: 1700 – Regt moved to gun area at Beers. Under Comd 1 Cdn Army for OP Veritable.

2100 – RHQ established at Beers.


6 February 1945: Guns not in action. Platforms being prepared, and amn being dumped.


7 February 1945: 2300 -  Regt ready.


8 February 1945: 0500 – Commenced firing on fireplan in support OP Veritable, to clean from Maas to Rijn.


9 February 1945: Firing fireplan in sp Veritable.

1400 – Regt ceases fire preparatory to move to new position.


10 February 1945: 0400 – Regt moves to Beugen to support Veritable still from West side of Maas.

0800 – Regt in new area Beugen. Rep out with 51 (H) Div HQ RA.

Engaged on fireplans and V Tgts.


11 February 1945:    -do-


12 February 1945:    -do-

Engaged V tgts and HF tasks mainly in support 51 (H) Div.


13 – 19 February 1945:    -do-.


20 February 1945: 1000 – Move to area further south on West side of Maas.

1300 – Regt ready at Groeningen area.

            Engaged on fireplans and V tgts in support 51 (H) Div.


21 February 1945: Engaged on fireplans and V tgts in support 51 (H) Div.


22 February 1945:    -do-  Regt standard gun calibrating against AGRA Standard gun.


23 February 1945:    -do-                                       -do-


24 February 1945: 1115 – Regt comds under Comd 2 Cdn AGRA, and will move across Maas to area south of Cleve.

1400 – RHQ established. 2 FOO’s to report to HQ RCA 4 Cdn Armd Div, and one rep (Major) to 10 Inf Bde of 4 Armd Div.


26 February 1945: 0345 – Fired CB Program in support of 4 Cdn Armd Div OP Blockbuster.


27 February 1945: 1700 – Recce parties off to new area.


28 February 1945: 0815- Regt moves to new position.

1200 – Regt ready in position near Keppeln. Engaged on targets in support 4 Armd Div.