61 (North Midland) Field Regiment:     

241 Battery 242 Battery 443 Battery -    

25 pounders


Unit No.


December 1944 became Super Heavy Regiment

Gunner J.R.Evans No.14659111


I was with 241 Battery on 5th October, the Regiment was in support of 502nd Regiment of the 101 US Airborne Division, taking over from 94 Field Regiment in the area of Valburg. 241 Battery moved south of Elst to fire on the enemy who was dug in behind the railway embankment. This was very effective action. We were alongside the 907 US Glider Field Artillery, equipped with 75mm guns and one American told us that he wished we would go away as our guns made theirs sound like childrens pop guns. It was here that we fired smoke to cover the rescue of one of our pilots who had been shot down. The Americans in full view of the enemy dashed out through the smoke and brought him back safely. On the 8th October we were ordered to a new area of the bridghead which was to be held by three divisions. The 53 Welch on the right, the 50th TT in the centre and the 101 US Airborne on the left supported by 59th AGRA with the line of defence along the dyke from Randwijk. We stayed in this general area until the 13 October, firing at time through 360degrees and several times cut off by the enemy, by now the weather was deterioraring badly.