61 (Caernarvonshire and Denbighshire)Medium Regiment: 243 Battery 244 Battery-5.5inch

Unit No.190


24 September 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to Zomeren (Brabant).                   


26 September 1944: 243 Battery only fired 58 rounds this day.  


27 September 1944: Regiment moved to area Deurne (Brabant).  


30 September 1944: Since landing on D.Day Regiment fired a total of 36.925 rounds (243 Battery 19.183-244 Battery 17.742). Regiment moved to Milheeze (Brabant).       


11 October 1944: Regiment moved to St.Anthonis. They remained there 3 days during which the weather improved, and the heaviest day firing was 1384 rounds on 12 October.                                                    


13 October 1944: Somebody forgot the drill for engaging a pin-point target. An air OP went up and ranged in regimental salvos and at the end of 350 rounds the church tower at Venray was still undamaged!.                        


14 October 1944: Two guns of B.Troop, under Sergeants Jones and T.D.Williscroft, went out to a roving position and after airburst ranging,eight direct hits were made on the tower and many more on the rest of the building.                                                      


19 October 1944: Regiment moved to area St.Oedenrode.                                            


22 October 1944: Regiment fired over 2200 rounds in support of 53 Welsh Division attack on Den Bosch.  24 October 1944: Regiment went to position west of Oirschot.(Brabant). One gun from D.Troop was given priorty flags and went forward to shoot at Tilburg bridge.


28 October 1944: Regiment moved to Asten (Brabant).                                                     


7 November 1944: Regiment moved to Heusden (Brabant).                                    


18 March 1945: Last day of action in Holland. Regiment moved to Germany.