63 Medium Regiment: 214 Battery 216 Battery

Unit No.


4 October 1944: Regiment moved to Leende in regimental concentration area.


5 October 1944: Regiment moved from Leende to Harbour area between Gemert and St.Anthonis, move completed by 12.00Hrs.


8 October 1944: New postions west of Cuyk, village on the bank of the river Maas.


10 October 1944: B Tp posn 214 Battery mortared, no casualties, some charges set on fire.


11 October 1944: 216 Bty ordered to move 2 C Tp guns back to at least 100yards from the lateral road across their front.


13 October 1944: Air OP shoots carried out.


15 October 1944: Message from 8 AGRA, Regiment will not to be employed on DF tasks during the night unless situation demands it.


16 October 1944: Orders recd from CBO re ranging of B Tp on mortars and also 24 HAB tgts, 12 of which are for this Regiment. 6 to be taken by each Bty alternatively. DF task recd, also HF task of ferry at Well, 50 rounds from the regiment to be fired on the latter before 05.00hrs.


17 October 1944: 214 Bty positions shelled intermittently, Sgt Lockwood , Signal Sergeant slightly wounded. On orders of CBO bombarment, after which shelling ceased fired 1677rds between 06.00-18.00Hrs.


18 October 1944: Regiment came out of action.


19 October 1944: Regiment commenced digging in new area South East of S'Hertogenbosch.


21 October 1944: Operation orders recd for Operation Pheasant, objective the capture and occupation of S'Hertogenbosch and Tilburg, est of comns thro them and domination South of Maas to the Schelde estuary.


22 October 1944: Regiment supported 158 Bde and 160 Bde of 53 W Div throughout the hours of daylight firing M,Y and V Targets.


24 October 1944: Regiment moved to Schijndel area, following infm recd re the enemy on our immediate front units inlc 88 Corps, comprising 59,245 and 712 Inf Divisions, no armour reported.


25 October 1944: Regiment moved to Gemonde and occupied new positions again in support 53 Division.


26 October 1944: Regiment moved to area near Boxtel, Booby traps and mines were plentiful but the Regiment suffered no casualties through these.


27 October 1944: Regiment ordered to move by subunits.


28 October 1944: Premature in B Troop 25yrds in front of gun, two light casualties, no damage to equipment. Regiment in action at new locations (Gijzel, Brabant).


30 october 1944: Regiment ceased fire and moved into area north of Loon op Zand.


31 October 1944: Regiment ceased fire amd left loon op zand to move to new area Heeze, south of Eindhoven.


1 November 1944: B Troop fired a HP programme throughout the night, 200 rounds on 5 targets BC 214 Bty and A Tp commander joined 227 Brigade and 181 Field Regiment respectively.


2 November 1944: A fire plan in support of an attack by 44 Bde was shot off during the morning. The attacks was entirely succesful.


4 November 1944: AOP shoot on heavy mortars. A/C flying round posn dropping flash illuminations. 214 Bty bracketted 4 shells in all, no casualties.


6 November 1944: Counter flak targets engeaged every 5 minutes up to 09.20hrs. Rep reported fire very effective. No AA was observed by AOP.


8 November 1944: About 12 to 14 shells landed near 214 Battgery, 1 very slight casualty.


11 November 1944: D Troop alternative posn fully recced and surevey carried out, digging trenches etc commenced.


12 November 1944: B troop put out roving gun for sound ranging.


13 November 1944: Approx 12 rds believed from Medium gun fell near battery. C Troop sound rangers reports shelling.


16 November 1944: Move to new locations near Neerkant.


18 November 1944: Number of targets engaged.


20 November 1944: Number of targets engaged scale 3. 3 times.


21 November 1944: Accident occurred, Cpl T.W.Sykes and Gunner J.w.Young sustained injuries through contqct with a mine, believed to be a Schumine. Cpl Sykes suffered the loss of right foot, Gnr young superficial injuries only.


23 November 1944: Informed by 8 AGRA that guns dets could be withdrawn under cover, and a guard left on the guns. Major C.F.Rouse BC 216 Battery taken ill with malaria before leaving the OP. Evacuated to CCP at Panningen. Captain C.A.Hogg retd from OP and stated that rd Meijel-Sevenum was almost imassable, only vehs of high priority are being allowed in NE direction.


26 November 1944: Regiment proceeded to move to new location area Sevenum.


29 November 1944: HF/VHF set arrived at RHQ, received A/R Targets from CBO 8 Corps. Fire plan received from HQ 8 AGRA to be fired in support of 11 Armd division attack on Kasteel and Broekhuizen at 10.00hrs, 30 november.


1 December 1944: Cvivlians reported mines in area and track running south. C.Troop in whole area mines werre reported,warned of their presence. Order received from 8 AGRA to increase Amn holdings to 200 rpg, this number to include 25% 222fuzes.


2 December 1944:  Battery commander Major A.H.Watts and  Troop commander Captain W.h.Naylor repor to HQ 181 Field Regiment, Troop commander Captain J. Mc Binney report to Bh HQ 6 RSF with spare 22 set.


3 December 1944: Major A.H.Watts reported A/T ditch in front of Blerick had been crossed in 4 places, also 1 suspected enemy OP, engaged with Regiment scale 1. Enemy trying to withdrew across river under smoke. Capt J.Mc Binney reported


4 December 1944: Considerable shelling in Blerick throughout the night., the CAGRA ordered that disposition of OPs should be left to discretion of own CO and OC 181 Field Regiment. Major Watts returned to unit.


5 December 1944: Captain Naylor returned to RHQ 181 Field regiment.


6 December 1944: Heavy shelling in areas.


8 December 1944: Regiment came out of action, Regient moved to area Achtmaal, received orders from HQ 8 AGRA to communicate with HQRA 11 Armd div about the proposed destruction by us on 9 December of the church spire at Arcen.


9 December 1944: Captain Naylor arrivved at RHQ 13RHA, aftr being briefed he left to recce suitable gun area for D troop and D troop forward section of 2 guns, Arcen church spire engaged. Top steeple knocked down and about 4 hits registered on tower below. There were also a number of hits on the church roof, but owning to surrounding building hits on the fabric of the church below roof level could not be observed. Amn expenditure on tgt 90rds.


10 December 1944: Shoot on hostile battery started in conjunction with Sound raging Troop of 10 survey regiment. Shoot abandoned after 2 rounds. Troop fire as sound rangers were unable to pick up bursts with their instruments, HQPE 11 Armd div agreed to build us a tower at the OP.


11 December 1944: OP reports quiet night, 2 shells landed in Fwd troop position no casualties or damage.


12 December 1944: OP reported an unusually loud explosion heard on bg 140.


13 December 1944: Ranged by comparator from 10 Survey regiment with forward troop.


14 December 1944: OP reorted 2 red lights ascending vertically and changing to white after a few seconds on bg 40, thought to be V2's


15 December 1944: HQRA 11 Armd Div reported a few enemy across the river Maas at Wesserhof with Spandaus and a mortar. Patrol not active at present.OP reported that Inns of Court had the situation under control. Believed that about 12 men had crossed river OP reported that one of their Ops from the river had been attacked. Raiders were driven off leaving 2 men killed.


16 December 1944: OP reported a further small attack on Inns of court by 7 or 8 men, they have situation under control 3 Germans killed by Artillery concentration.


17 December 1944: Op reported that they had been in touch with fwd troops, and had been informed that at 00.30hrs 17 december 6 enemy had crossed the river Maas and were fired on. OP reported 4 enemy fighters flew in a northernly direction. Light shelling or mortaring in the direction of Tienraij. OP reported 4 Rocket Typhoons engaged target, apparently village of Broekhuizen. Plane passed over in South Easterly direction and crashed in flames some miles away.


18 December 1944: Forward troop shelled by 1, 88mm gun, 4 shells fell, 1 civilian killed other-wise no damage, 3 possible V2 trail reported.


21 December 1944: