65 Medium Regiment: 222 Battery 223 Battery

Unit No.


14 December 1944: Regiment moved from Belgium to Dongen area, north east of  Breda. Unit came under command 1 Corps RA.


15 December 1944: During the day A Tp deployed  to position on support of 4 Cdn Arm Div and D Tp in support of 1 Polish Armd Div. B and C Troops in 1st Corps reserve. With RHA at Dongen.


16 December 1944: No firing today, bad visibility. Flying bombs heard passing over RHQ area in Dongen in an approx WSW direction.


17 December 1944: At 20.00hrs A Troop fired a small fire plan on area North of River Maas in Sp 4 Cdn Armd div. Decreased activity during the day with divers, amn expended 8 Rds.


18 December 1944: At 03.00hrs a diver (V1)fell in A Tp area, Two civilians were killed and one injured. No cas to A Tp personnel but some blankets and kit destroyed. Diver was flying very low and hit a building, causing it to explode D Tp engaged at request of CO 15 Field Regiment ,Tgt succesfully engaged and at least 4 direct hits observed. Enemy diver activity continued Amn expended 45 Rds.


19 December 1944: BC 233 Bty received moving troop posn in areas Willemstad and Klundert is now of position  CB reuired in that area. CO left at 16.00hrs for leave of seven days in UK. Major R.E.Crompton assumed Command, Enemy Diver activitiy continued.


20 December 1944: Enemt diver activity continued on slightly increased scale. At 15.00hrs CCRA 1st Corps visited RHQ. This unit to be ready to deploy one troops at 6 hours notice. CO returns at 16.15hrs, his leave had been stopped in view of end Offensive. B Troop 4 Rds SF at HB. CO re-assumed command, amn expended 16 Rds.


21 December 1944: Major G.A.F.W. Jewell  RA attd to this unit from 150 Feld Regt.22 ORs also posted to this unit.At 22.00hrs instructions received for action to be taken, in case of enemy paratroop landings in the Corps area, all guards and sentries doubled. Enemy Diver activity on very small scale.


22 December 1944: Enemy Diver activity on moderate scaled uring all day. Amn expended NIL Rds.


23 December 1944: 10.05Hrs unit ordered by HQRA 1 Corps under code word Punch to deploy batteries fully in posn already. A and D tps were deployed in both cases, No firing during the hours of daylight. Enemy Diver activity continued with increased activity at dusk. HF task shot during hours of darkness, amn expended 72 Rds.


24 December 1944:  68 Med Regiment under command this unit at 12.00Hrs. Information received that an attack expected in area Geertruidenberg. Arrangements made for OPs to be manned during hours of daylight in good visibilty.


25 December 1944: A quit night 24-25 as far enemy activity concerned. During the hours 18.00-06.00. HF amn ex 407 Rds. Capt H.H.Brown reported to HQ RA 4 Cdn Armd Div as Rep. 222 Battery fired Sc 10 harrasing fire during night 25-26. Amn Expended 128 Rds.


26 December 1944: During the day B Tp engaged HBs using ranging with D Tp 9 Survey Regiment with airburst ranging. CO ordered 222 Battery to move to fresh position on 27 December to bring batteries closer together, and to avoid an CB from 222 Battery, whose present position is well forward and with no flash cover. enemy diver activitiy continued. Amn expended 144 Rds.


27 December 1944: At 08.30hrs 222 Battery moved by troops to new position. Harrasing firing programme fired during night 27/28 Dec. Enemy Diver activity contniued. Amn expended 339 Rds.


28 December 1944:  Air OP and airburst ranging shots during daylight and cover darkness. 222 Battery on HBs. Heavy HF programm during night 28/29 Dec. 16 Hvy Bty of 1 Heavy Regiment depployed in area, incorporation  into 65 Med Regt swoop, but reamined under direct command of CCRA 1 Corps. Amn expended up to 06.30hrs 29 Dec 448 Rds.


29 December 1944: D Troop moved west to area St Philipsland and deployed one section, for programme engaging and conc of troops on Schouwen Island with observation by AOP, visibility poor and the section returned to Dongen area after dark.Batteris fully engaged day and duing night 29/30 Dec with HF taskand engagement of HBs. Amn expended 375 Rds. Enemy diver activity on reduced scale.


30 December 1944: One section of D Tp again deployed out in area St Philipsland, some ranging carried out, but condition unsatisfacting, and section returned to Dongen area after dark. Unit engaged during the day on HB bombards with Airburst ranging and also HF tasks during night 30/31 Dec. Enemy Diver activity continued. Amn expended 207 Rds.


31 December 1944:  D Tp complete moved again to area St Philipsland and with AOP succesfully engaged targets on Schouwen Island. Regiment engaged on bombarding targets North of River Maas. Amn expended 597 Rds.


1 January 1945: An enemy aircraft flew over Dongen from SW to NE machinegunning the village. During start of Daylight, one aircraft was shot down an ME 109G, and crash landed near B.Troop positon, the pilot Gefr Edwin Mannweller was taken POW (4km East of Oosterhout JG 77) and was evacuated from RAP to 16 CCS. During the day the Regiment took part in CB bombards and HF during the night. Amn expended 208 Rds.


2 January 1945: Operation Trojan is postphoned for 24 hours due to weather conditions. Enemy diver activity  on much reduced scale . Both Batteries move to positions South of Wilhemina Canal. RHQ remained in present location at Dongen. No HF tasks fired during night, during the day only CB. Amn expended 118 Rds.


3 January 1945: Operation Trojan postphoned  for 24 hours. C.Troop moved to other area for the purpose of engaging in HBs with observation for AOP.C Troop reported premature. no casualties or damage. HF program in support of 1 Polish Arm Division. Amn expended to 18.00hrs. 112 rds. No Diver activity.


4 January 1945: Operation Trojan again postphoned for 24 Hours. During night  night Diver activity continued, also during the night. Captain H.H.Brown RA left at 11.00hrs to report to CO 76 AA Bde at Goes. For duties as observer in Walcheren.


5 January 1945: HF programma for support 1 Polish Arm Div onto area North of River Maas at Kappelsche Veer, 20 RPG expended. At 08.30-09.00Hrs further move from a medium section of the guns in A Troop area.


7 January 1945: No H.F. rounds during the night 6/7 Jan, except Tgt in Kappelsche Veer