653 Air Observation Post Squadron:

The Squadron was formed at  of Old Sarum 20th June 1942 under the command of Major T.I.Tetley-Jones, originally it was equipped with Tiger moths, later receiving the Auster Mark I.

On 26th June 1944, the squadron left England for France, It was continuously in action, except for a short rest period in February 1945, until the end of the war.


23 September 1944: Eindhoven airfield perimeter selected. B and C Flights moved over. A.Flight moved over later.


24 September 1944: C Flight, Munro&Goodwin did informal sortie, Pritchard shot heavies and was hit himself by boche small arms fire, aircraft holed.


1 October 1944: A Flight moved to Loosbroek (Brabant), Captain Jenkins flew regimental shoot, Captain Thrush informal sortie.


2 October 1944: A Flight Photographic sorties and shoots, B.Flight Captain Denholm joined flight. C.Flight Photo sortiers.


4 October 1944: CO photographic sortie, A Flight informal sortie, B Flight CCRA flow, C Flight photo sorties.


7 October 1944: Squadron HQ moved to Nijmegen area. Captain Eastgate to C Flight, take over 12 Section. A Flight to Nijmegen and 59 AGRA, B Flight to 53 Div, C Flight to Nijmegen.


9 October 1944: A Flight informal sorties and shoots by Jenkins. B Flight Captain Coles watched Victor Target, C Flight to 50 Div North of Waal, Captain Pritchard 2 Regimental shoots.


12 October 1944: A Flight Captain Thrush 3 "M" Targets informal sorties B.Flight photo shoots and informal flights.


15 October 1944: SHQ OCRA visit photographic section. A Flights photo and informal sorties and shoots, B Flight shoots, C Flight informal shoots and Victor targets observed.


16 October 1944: SHQ CO visit CO 658 Squadron ref night photography. A Flight Captain Pritchard/Davies shoot sortie. Bad weather.


18 October 1944: SHQ to Uden, hand over to 662 Squadron , CO photo sorties, A Flight to 7 Armd Div at Hoogerheide (Brabant). C Flight moved to Grave airstrip.


29 October 1944: SHQ move

to Helviort (Brabant).


8 November 1944: SHQ moved to Belgium.


25 January 1945: SHQ moved to Geleen (Limburg).


6 February 1945: SHQ moved to Belgium.