After action Report June 1944- May 1945


16 September 1944: Company "C" returned  to Battalion control on the vicinity of Maastricht and were placed on indirect fire mission 17 September to reinforce fires of CC "B" Artillery. Company C remained on indirect fire mission until 18 September.


17 September 1944: Two platoons Company A moved on Valkenburg, Holland in support of CC "A". Company "A"minus two platoons placed on road block on road fork north of Valkenburg 17 and 18 September during which operation Captain Mauro Company commander was seriously injured in a mine field.

On the afternoon of September 17th Company "B"direct fire, destroying one Mk4 tank, four 88mm guns, one SP gun and captured one officer and twelve enlisted men.


18-20 September 1944: Battalion less company "A" moved to vicinity of Geleen, Holland, assisting in the advance of  CC "B" by protection of flanks and securing of crossing over obstacles. The Battalion less Companies "A" and "C"moved to the Vicinity of Zwelkhuizen. Company C attached to 113th Cavalry 19 September and remained in the vicinity of Geleen. Company "B" during advance into Germany.


21 September 1944: The Battalion less three compagnies reverted to control of Company "B"  remained attached to CC "B" in vincinity of Sittard. Road block to protect their flank Company "C"remained at Geleen under control of 113th Cavalry prepared to take over positions of Company "B"when relief of CC "B"was ordered. Company A reverted to control of the Battalion and placed guns to reinforce CC "A"along the Gangelt- Geilenkirchen road.


21-30 September 1944: Company "A"was relieved by elements of the 29th Inf Division on 30 September 1944 reverting to Battalion control in Division reserve near Versillienbosch, Holland.

Company "B" under control of CC "B" was relieved of road block responsibility on 22 September and move to an assemble area in the vicinity of Valkenburg. Company C attached to 113th Cavalary relieved CC "B " in the vicinity of Sittard where they remained on a 1500yard front until 29 september protecting the left flank of the Corps. At 29 September Company C supported the attack of 113th Cavalry on the north. Company C encountered numerous dug in enemy positions, knocked out 1 SP gun, three machinegun postions, killed 42 enemy enlisted men and captured 29 enemy enlisted men as prisoners.


1 October 1944: the Battalion less Compagnies "A"and "C" (attached to CC "A" 2nd Armoured Division) was situated in the vicinity of Versilienbosch (Heerlen). Holland.

Company  "C' 702 TD Bn was detached from control of the 113th Cavalry and was relivieved from outpost in the vicinity of Sittard, Holland to move to an assembly area of the Battalion under Division Control.

Company "C" remained in the vicinity of Versilienbosch. Holland from 1 October to 4 October 1944 for purpose of maintenance and reorganization.

The Battalion less Compagnies "A" and "C"moved from the vicinity of Versilienbosch to Grotewrath Germany on the 4th of October.

Company "A"and "C" remained under attachments to CC "A" and Division control on alert to assist CC "B" if necessary.

Company C was placed in indirect firing positions on 4th October to assist in the attack.

Company C was on alert for movement to support Company B in the event of a counterattack. Reconnaissance was made for possible gun positions during the Day.


3 February 1945: The Battalion moved with the 2nd Armoured Division, from Belgium to the vincinty of Epen, closing in area 040330a February 1945.

The entire battalion remained in the vincinity of Epen until 7 february 1945, completing maintenance and making preparations for coming operations with the 2nd Tank Destoyer Group.