71 Anti Tank Regiment:

Unit No.

Gunner R. Davies:

We were cut off from 2nd Army, it was a good distance along the road I should think, about 8 miles. We dug in along this farm, there was the farm yard 3 ft stone wall then us and the hen running allround. We could not light and make fire to cook or make a hot drink with only cold food out of a tin which was on ration. It was over a week before we were told by our Sergeant to get out as best we could one man every 5 minutes, there was no officer in the area, after we have been going all night in a ditch on the side of the road at about 10.30am I saw US tanks coming up the road, they stopped to speak to me, they did not know we were there at all.

They were looking for 82nd Airborne Division, an hour or so later these tanks came dashing back down the road, the Germans were after them, they gave me a lift into Nijmegen. It was one of the worst times in my army life.

Den Bosch Holland 1944 A gun crew of 71 Anti Tank

71 Anti Tank Battery:

278 Battery-279 Battery-283 Battery-

336 Battery


18 September 1944: Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Heavy opposition to Bde attack; 7 RWF and  E Lans R over canal: gun posns recce'd on canal bank; 0900 hrs - 'C' Tp cross over canal and deploy area; 1630 hrs - Class 9 br completed 'A' & 'B' Tps cross over and deploy; 2000 hrs - sharp air raid and bombs fall in area of bridge. No casualties.

279 Battery: No change.

283 Battery: Move forward with Bde to Lommel. All bns concentrated. 2030 hrs - German air attack on area Lommel and main br and over Escaut Canal. 'I' Tp in area South of br suffered slight damage. An AOP and gun tower were destroyed and one gun slightly damaged. Bde moves forward to area Luyksgestel and crossed the Dutch border at 2400 hrs.

336 Battery: No change. Capt Pegrum R.A. attached from RHQ to gain battle experience.


19 September 1944: RHQ move to Luyksgestel thence to Westerhoven u/c 71 Inf Bde. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Warning order Bde moving area Duizel.

279 Battery: 71 Bde Gp with 2 Tps u/c bns advance via Lommel across Escaut Canal and deploy on objectives as follows after crossing Dutch border: - 'D' Tp with Oxf & Bucks Veldhoven; 'E' Tp with 1 HLI Duizel and Eersel: 'F' Tp with 4 RWF conc Oerle After unsuccessful attempt to take Wintelre; Bde HQ and Bty HQ and A Ech at Westerhoven.

283 Battery: Bde arrives Luyksgestel 0330 hrs and deploy as follows: - 4 Welch area Muggenhool; 6 RWF area Boksheide; 2 Mons area Weebosch; During the day 4 Welch suffered heavy cas in attack on wood (spandau wood).

336 Battery: Bty and 7 RWF placed u/c 71 Bde and move area Westerhoven where ordered to proceed with 7 RWF to Oirschot. Coln stopped by ops in Wintelre and bn gp ordered to Laager in area Veldhoven.


20 September 1944: RHQ move to Steensel with 71 Bde HQ. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 'A' Tp conc near canal, 1/5 Welch clearing East bank. E Lans with 'B' Tp push West along canal bank. Bty moves to Luyksgestel. 'A' Tp moving area Steensel. 'B' Tp Duizel, 'C' Tp u/c 158 Bde to Reusel. BHQ moves to hide.

279 Battery: RHQ moves with Bde HQ to Steensel. 1 Oxf & Bucks advance to Wilhelmina canal near Oirschot. 'D' Tp withdrawn from comd and placed u/c 4 RWF in addition to 'F' Tp 336 Bty placed u/c 1 Oxf & Bucks. 'E' Tp with 1 HLI conc at Veldhoven.

283 Battery: 2 Mons deployed in area Escaut canal; 4 Welch deployed in area Weebosch. Active patrolling by inf throughout day and night.

336 Battery: Tac HQ moves to area Oerle, Bty remains conc at Veldhoven. 1830 hrs - Bty taken from in sp 7 RWF and placed u/ 1 Oxf & Bucks. 1900 hrs - Tac HQ est at Veldhoven, Bty ready to move to Oirschot '?' Tp to be u/c D Coy to move as far as Oerle at once and be prepared to move to Oirschot at first light. 2100 hrs - orders received to move Bty to Oirschot via Bijsterveld when route was clear.


21 September 1944: 1400 hrs - The Commanding Officer leaves to visit 336 Battery deploying in the area of Dunn, using Willys Jeep A7 with Gnr. W. McCrae as driver. The C.O. did not arrive at 336 Battery location and at 1900 hrs had not returned from this journey. Enquiries revealed that he had called at HQ 7 RWF with OC 1 Oxf & Bucks for infm as to the route to 336 Battery and had proceeded to Dunn via the woods at Bijsterveld. Is was also discovered that the x rds at Bijsterveld were covered by enemy spandau fire and that Brig 71 Bde and a Staff Officer had been wounded at that point during the afternoon. It was reported to 71 Bde that a jeep had been seen standing abandoned near the x rds and Major Keating, 2nd i/c, arranged with the acting Brig for a patrol to investigate the following morning. In the meantime RHQ change location to Oerle. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: BHQ moves to hide and two mobile Bofors guns are attached from 116 LAA Regt to BHQ.

279 Battery: 0900 hrs - D & F Tps advance with 4 RWF on Wintelre held up by MG fire and objective not taken until afternoon. D1 engaged enemy OP in church steeple (Wintelre). 1500 hrs - E Tp u/c 1 HLI advance towards Oostelbeers and Middelbeers. 1600 hrs - BHQ advance with Bde HQ to area Oerle. 1700 hrs - D & F Tps deploy around area Wintelre. 1900 hrs - 12 Oxf & Bucks with 336 Bty withdrawn and conc North of Wintelre. 2 dets LAA (116 LAA Regt) attached to BHQ for all purposes in contemplated role of anti-sniper and anti-MG.

283 Battery: 2 dets LAA (116 LAA Regt0 attached to BHQ for all purposes in contemplated role of anti-sniper and anti-MG.

336 Battery: 0800 hrs - Bn Gp left Veldhoven - opposition encountered at Bijsterveld from spandaus. Coln held up for an hour, then coln ran the gauntlet and suffered casualties. Bty casualties 1 NCO wounded. 1100 hrs - Tac HQ arrived South of Oirschot. L Tp Comd reported Tp deployed - 1 gun with D Tp and 2 guns detached u/c Recce Sqn under orders from Bn Comd - task given was to attempt to cross Wilhelmina Canal. 1300 hrs - BC to O Gp - coy localities setteld. B Coy pinned to ground by 20 mm and spandau fire. Approach to B and D Coys (area Dunn) very sticky. 1430 hrs - Recce withdrew and were ordered to bring guns with them. These guns were not able to keep pace with the recce cars and were left behind u/c L Tp Sgt. Tp Sgt brought them back without a map and during the journey one carrier driver was hit and the veh was ditched - then set on fire by incendiary and MG bullets. The other veh was hit and the crew was pinned to the ground. L Tp Sgt reported this and went back to retrieve the other veh and gun, which he did satisfactorily. The det returned by foot. Casualties - 3 ORs wounded and evacuated. 1515 hrs - news that bn was being relieved by a bn of 15 (S) Div. 1600 hrs - K Tp opened fire on church tower at Oirschot, used as enemy OP;  26 rds fired, all hits, and enemy arty and other observed fire ceased from that time. 1800 hrs -  Bn ordered to move to area Mostheuvel at once cross country.  2330 hrs - Bty arrives in Mostheuvel after hard journey cross country. Many Bty and Bn vhs ditched - approx 60% of Bty in conc.


22 September 1944: 0700 - 2nd i/c joins Armd Battle Patrol to recce area x rds Bijsterveld. Patrol moves off at 1100 hrs and clears x rd area where it is discovered that the jeep reported there had been removed by 83 Fd Regt and was believed to be A7. This is confirmed by 83 Fd Regt and the jeep damaged by MG fire is recovered by L.A.D. It is understood from civilian sources that the enemy captured 2 PW yesterday afternoon. RA 53 Div Boundary Sitrep and 12 Corps Traffic Control Directive received. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0600 hrs - Bde intention to move Westwards area Lage Mierde. A Tp in action Hoogeloon. B Tp - Reusel. C Tp Vessem. Sporadic enemy fire during the day on the Tp posns. B Tp Comd pinned down for 10 hours.

279 Batrery: 1700 hrs - F Tp placed u/c 1 HLI in addition to E Tp and moves to Middelbeers. 2 dets LAA also placed at disposal of 1 HLI. 4 RWF with u/c D Tp move to Westelbeers there to relieve 7 RWF in attack on that village. 1 Oxf & Bucks remain with u/c 336 Bty conc at Mostheuvel near Wintelre. 2100 hrs - J Tp of 336 Bty attached to and join HLI at Middelbeers. During the day E Tp fired several rds at a rd block in Middelbeers with good effect and the LAA dets fired one hundred rds at various targets, notably an MG post in a house, which they destroyed. Heavy mortar fire, shelling and MG fire at Middelbeers, Oostelbeers and Westelbeers.

283 Battery: LAA guns placed in area Postel to shoot up a farm suspected of being a German HQ with MGs in sp. 40 rds pr gun fired and farm completely destroyed. Enemy replied shooting smoke and HE mixed and spandaus opened from Southern end of Spandau wood but was silenced by MGs. LAA guns withdrawn without casualties.

336 Battery: 0400 hrs - Whole battery less 1 quad in conc area. 1030 hrs - Bty placed at ½ hrs notice to move to Oostelbeers area dependant upon success of HLI Bn Gp. 1315 hrs - Bty moves to area Donk and harbours for night. 1830 hrs - attack on Oostelbeers cancelled and Bn Gp ordered to return Oirschot area to relieve Bn of 15 Div. 1930 hrs - Bty leaves Donk and J Tp deploys Middelsbeers u/c HLI.


23 September 1944: RHQ moves Broekstraat and reverts u/c RA 53 Div. AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2 Echelon. 53 Div 00 No.22 received and Amendment No.1 to 53 Div 00 No.16. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0700 hrs - A Tp - Kasteren; B Tp - Bladel; C Tp - Hapert. 1030 hrs - BHQ move to Duizel. 1400 hrs - A Tp - Netersel; C Tp - Hoogeloon. Heavy shelling on A Tp. 2100 hrs- Sgt Waterman's gun overrun by enemy counter attack.

279 Battery: LAA dets withdrawn to BHQ control. E Tp have 2 guns deployed South of Middelbeers. F Tp move to Oostelbeers in sp C Coy 1 HLI. Suffered considerable spandau and mortar opposition in all the Beers. E Tp have 1 casualty. J Tp placed u/c Bty for all purposes. 1830 hrs - J Tp withdrawn from  HLI area to BHQ area.

283 Battery: BHQ moves with Bde HQ to Weebosch at 1800 hrs.

336 Battery: 0130 hrs - Bty arrives same area as 21 Sept. 0700 hrs  K Tp deployed - 2 17prs left in rear to shoot up Oirschot Church and other specified targets. Coy attack with arty and MG support in village of Dunn fixed for 1000 hrs - 17prs to shoot up church from 10 to 1200 hrs at five minute intervals. 1000 hrs - Coy attack postponed - 17prs open up. 1115 hrs - Coy attack goes in - successful by 1130 hrs. 1300 hrs - Bn and Bty recce parties moved to recce area of Dunn and held up by spandau fire and 20 mm gunfire - BCs carrier hit twice by 20 mm - driver wounded and evacuated. 2400 hrs - Bn Gp moved to Dunn.


24 September 1944: RHQ moves to Eersel. RA 53 Div Warning Order re  move 7 Armd Div and 53 Div Bdy Trace received. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0600 hrs - Posn restored and gun recaptured. Heavy shelling on Netersel all day. 1 OR killed and 1 OR wounded.

279 Battery: D Tp moved to conc at Wintelre with 4 RWF on relief by 7 RWF. F Tp deployed in Oostelbeers and E Tp deploy two guns in Middelbeers.

283 Battery: Bde Tac HQ move to area Reusel, main move to Postel.

336 Battery: Area mortared - K2 gun hit. L/Sgt Gough very badly wounded in head and evacuated. Capt Birkett RA wounden slightly in ten places but returned to duty after being dressed.


25 September 1944: 2nd i/c coordinates Div A tk layout. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: No change. Sporadic enemy shelling.

279 Battery: No change.

283 Battery: 1200 hrs - 1 17pr H Tp fired at Reusel church suspected as enemy OP. Several direct hits on enemy mortaring ceased.

336 Battery: No change, but heavy enemy mortaring and shelling.


26 September 1944: Lt. Col. W.J. Norman-Walker, R.A. posted to comd the unit w.e.f. 24 Sep in place of Lt.Col. G.D. Castelli, R.A. missing, presumed POW. 53 Div Op Instr No.23 and Amendments 1 & 2 and 158 Bde 00 No.19 received. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Received Warning order to move to Nijnsel. 1900 hrs - A & C Tps conc Hoogeloon. B Tp still in action

279 Battery: No change except D Tp now deployed around Wintelre and J Tp deployed in def Bde HQ.

283 Battery: 4 Welch attack Reusel and village occupied by 4 Welch and 6 RWF.

336 Battery: No change.


27 September 1944: 53 Div 00 No.16 amdt No.3 received, and RA Sitrep. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Bde with Bty u/c ordered to relieve 131 Bde area St. Oedenrode. Bde u/c 7 Armd Div. 1600 hrs - BHQ arrive hide. 1830 hrs - A, B and C Tps in action.

279 Battery: LAA dets engage possible sniper targets in area Dunn - Oirschot. Otherwise no change.

283 Battery: 160 Bde take over two Bde front. 2 Mons withdrawn. 6 RWF to outskirts Reusel. 4 Welch to area Postel.

336 Battery: No change.


28 September 1944: RA Arty Sitrep received. CO visits all Battery Comds. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0900 hrs -Regt asked for another Battery to take over area in sp E Lans in place of 7 Queens who are to re-group for counter attack role. G Capt to B Tp as fwd BHQ. 1600 hrs - BC and Tp Comds 336 Bty arrive and taken around area. 1930 hrs - J Tp Comd on recce with CO E Lans and moved guns into Bty hide.

279 Battery: BHQ moves to Vessem. LAA dets engage more targets area Dunn - Oirschot. 1900 hrs  D Tp deployed to take over posn from 336 Bty u/c 1 Oxf & Bucks in area Dunn.

283 Battery: All tps deployed. 1430 hrs - H Tp fell Church steeple at Reusel after successful attempt by fd and med regts and Typhoons.

336 Battery: Bty under orders to move u/c 158 Bde area St. Oedenrode. BC and Tp Comd recce area, 1 E Lancs.


29 September 1944: No change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 336 Battery arrive to support Bde A tk defences. 2 SP Tps in area moving out to form part of counter attack force. BC arranges for K Tp to cover tasks.

279 Battery: No change - LAA dets again in action area Dunn.

283 Battery: No change.

336 Battery: Battery moves area St. Oedenrode and deploys.


30 September 1944: AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2 Echelon. C.O. coordinates A tk layout in 158 Bde area and in 53 Div area. Battery Sitreps: No change in general situation.

278 Battery: Report 336 Bty in action. Lt Brooks attached for all purposes. 1700 hrs - spandau det destroyed by gun from A Tp.

279 Battery: Report that 2 guns from E Tp and 2 guns from G Tp fired 22 rds per gun at the tower at Oirschot. The tower was damaged but still stands.


1 October 1944: No change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 1600 hrs - C.O. visits Tps.

279 Battery: Location Vessem - no change in dispositions which are - D Tp u/c 1 Oxf & Bucks deployed area Dunn; E Tp u/c 1 HLI deployed area Middelbeers; F Tp u/c C Coy 1 HLI deployed area Oostelbeers.

283 Battery: Location Postel. 6 RWF occupy Reusel.

336 Battery: Location Koevering. 1530 hrs - C.O and 2 i/c visit J Tp guns with BC.


2 October 1944: No change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: C Tp relieved by Tp SP from 15 (S) Div. 1630 hrs - attached Bofors shoot at wood - good airbursts seen.

279 Battery: 0815 hrs - D Tp with 2 guns plus 4 SP 17 prs of 86 A Tk Regt (u/c 53 Recce) fire at the tower by Oirschot. 47 rds expended and tower badly damaged but still standing. 0900 hrs - 4 RWF take over additional area Kasteren. Own 6 prs plus 1 tp SP 17 prs (86 A tk Regt) (340 Bty) employed in A tk defence, co-ordinated by OC 279 Battery. 1100 hrs - D Tp and 1 Tp 340 Bty (with incendiaries) again engaged tower at Oirschot and succeed in firing and demolishing after expenditure of 18 rds.

283 Battery: HQ moves to Bladel.

336 Battery: Lt. R.J. Barwell, RA returns to duty from Hospital. Sporadic shelling and mortaring of area throughout the day - no damage or casualties sustained.


3 October 1944: RHQ - no change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Location Nijnsel. No change.

279 Battery: 1900 hrs - F Tp u/c 2 Coy 1 HLI advance and deploy area Vaast. Bde move to area Donk.

283 Battery: Bde move to area Donk.

336 Battery: No change.


4 October 1944: No change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0900 hrs - BC to Bde, receives orders that a Bty of 61 A tk will take over from B & C Tps. 1700 hrs - B & C Tps conc area RHQ.

279 Battery: 0600 hrs - E Tp u/c 1 HLI advance to and deploy area Heide with Tp HQ at Voorteinde. 1030 hrs - 4 RWF without supporting arms advance to area Hilvarenbeek. 1130 hrs - BHQ advance with Bde HQ to Middelbeers. Shelling and mortaring by enemy continues.

283 Battery: Recce parties to area North of Nijmegen. Bty concentrates.

336 Battery: 1030 hrs - Bty placed u/c 160 Bde for move to Nijmegen area. 1100 hrs - Bty receives orders to remain with 158 Bde and 278 Bty to move u/c 160 Bde. Attack on Schijndel cancelled. 1400 hrs -CO visits Bty giving BC infm re move of 278 Bty and coordinates taking over by 336 of 278 Bty's positions. 1600 hrs - 50 enemy tanks including Tigers and Panthers reported area Schijndel. 1605 hrs - Reinforcements arrive - 2 Sgts, 2 Bdrs.


5 October 1944: RHQ - no change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0900 hrs - BC coordinates  tk layout with CO 61 A tk Regt. 1400 hrs - Recce party to Nijmegen. 1700 hrs - A tp relieved by Tp of 61 A tk  and conc area BHQ. 2200 hrs- Bty ordered u/c regt moving to new area with 160 Bde.

279 Battery: 1400 hrs - F Tp move to and come u/c 4 RWF. 2 guns deployed and 2 mobile reserve area Hilvarenbeek. Posns vacated taken over by 2 guns 1 HLI, in turn replaced by 2 guns E Tp from Heide area. 3 cas sustained in change-over. 1600 hrs. 1 Oxf & Bucks relieved by Royals, D Tp remain in sup Royals. 1 Oxf & Bucks conc Oerle prior to going u/c 160 Bde.

283 Battery: Bty with 278 Bty move to area North of Nijmegen.

336 Battery: BC coordinates A tk layout with 2 Mons on right.


6 October 1944: RA 53 Div Opsum No.10 received - Task of 12 Corps is to take over Nijmegen br head 7 Oct with u/c 1 Airborne Corps and 53 W Div. 2nd i/c moves forward on recce. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0830 hrs - Bty on move. 1300 hrs  Bty arrives Heide Nw Nijmegen. 1700 hrs - BC recces locality 235 A tk Bty (43 Div) Lienden.

279 Battery: 1400 hrs - Tps conc with Bns as follows: D Tp with BHQ at Middelbeers, E Tp with 1 HLI at Veldhoven, F Tp with 4 RWF at Wintelre, Front taken over by Royals, 53 Recce, and RAF Regt.

283 Battery: Bty takes over from 43 Div A tk Bty in area Hein in support US Airborne Regt in area West end of Island. Considerable enemy activity, culminating in strong enemy push. 2 guns of H Tp N of rly track completely but off by enemy.

336 Battery: 1200 hrs - BHQ moves to Nijnsel. 1600 hrs - Bty area (E Lancs) shelled heavily by enemy - no cas.


7 October 1944: RHQ prepares to move to area North of Nijmegen and moves at 1230 hrs to NW of Nijmegen. C.O. visits Batteries and coordinates gun posns.

Battery Sitreps: 

278 Battery: C Tp deployed area Lienden. Heavy shelling and mortaring of fwd gun posns renders movement about A Tp and B Tp guns during daylight impossible.

279 Battery: Bty advance u/c 71 Bde with Tps u/c Bns to Nijmegen Brhead and deploy North of the River in area Bemmel - Haalderen with RHQ at Ressen.

283 Battery: 2 guns of H Tp still out off with no news of personnel.

336 Battery: 7 RWF relieved by 5 Seaforth Highland and 7 RWF relieve 2 Mons.

Afs W 3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2 Ech.


8 October 1944: No change - RHQ. CO liaises with US Airborne Tps and coordinates gun posns. RA 12 Corps Op Instr No.21 received.

Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: BC attends  O Gp at 502 Bn 101 US Airborne Div and area to be taken over by 50 Div. 53 Div to occupy area NE of Nijmegen. 101 US Airborne Div - NW of Nijmegen. 1500 hrs - BC 50 Div a tk calls at BHQ to arrange take over by night. 1700 hrs - Recce Party to Wolferen for Battery hide. 2100 hrs - Tps conc area Lienden. A tp delayed due to enemy patrol. 2315 hrs - Bty arrives hide at Wolferen.

279 Battery: 1 HLI relieves 6 HLI area Haalderen. E & F Tps in sup 1 HLI in that area. D Tp still in sup 1 Oxf & Bucks area Bessel. Considerable actitity - spandau, mortar and shelling on whole of front.

283 Battery: Personnel of 2 guns H Tp recovered without cas. Guns and vehs lost. Nos.1 were Sgt. Roberts and L/Sgt. Holt.

336 Battery: Harbour Party on recce with Bde reps to area Nijmegen. 1230 hrs - warning received from 61 AS tk of impending attack by 1 Sqn Churchills. All gun dets informed.


9 October 1944: RHQ no change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: BC to RHQ. Bty to remain concentrated u/c regt until arrival of 158 Bde. Day spent on maintenance.

279 Battery: No change except slight positionel changes of 2 or 3 guns in further coordination of layout. 1700 hrs - 1 cas, Sgt. Sparkes, TP Sgt E Tp wounded by shellfire and evacuated.

283 Battery: Arrangements completed for take over of Bty posns by 86 A tk Regt. Relief took place at last light except for 2 6prs in area Hein and the Bty concs an area Oosterhout u/c 160 Bde.

336 Battery: LO to Bde. Bde to be relieved by 154 Bde as follows: 1 Bn and 1 A tk Tp to be relieved night 10/11Oct and proceed to new area Nijmegen. Remainder of Bde to be relieved night 11/12 Oct.


10 October 1944: RHQ - no change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Maintenance continued. C1098 checks arranged and personnel batched.

279 Battery:  No change but front very active and heavy shelling continues.

283 Battery: G Tp and H Tp (2 guns) deployed in area 4 Welch. Bde HQ moved to area Ressen.

336 Battery: 0030 hrs - Relief of Bde cancelled until further orders. 0900 hrs - LO to Bde. Relief cancelled for up to five days, as 154 Bde were not free to take over. Weather very bad and rum issued to tps.


11 October 1944: RHQ no change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: BC to O Gp RHQ. Bty will deploy B Tp as long stop for 279 & 283 Batteries. 1700 hrs - B Tp move to area Ressen - guns in action 1830 hrs.

279 Battery: No change.

283 Battery: No change.

336 Battery: No change.


12 October 1944: RHQ no change. Weather very cold and rainy throughout this period. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Location unchanged. Maintenance and resting of tps continues.

279 Battery: No change.

283 Battery: I Tp deployed in area North of Bemmel.

336 Battery: Bde O Gp. Bde relief by 154 Bde to be arranged and move to Nijmegen area completed. Bde received allotment of 69 vacancies for 51 Bde Rest Centre.


13 October 1944: RHQ no change. Battery Sitreps - no change.


14 October 1944: RHQ no change. Battery Sitreps - 278, 279, 283 Batteries no change.

336 Battery: 2 i/c & MO visit Battery. 2 i/c & BC inspect K Tp.

Afs W3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2 Ech.


15 October 1944: RHQ no change. CO arranges for A tp 278 Bty to carry out an experimental indirect shoot assisted by AOP using HE. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Wet day - maintenance continued. A Tp fired as Fd arty on experimental indirect shoot using HE.

279 Battery: No change.

283 Battery: No change.

336 Battery: No change


16 October 1944: Warning order received that the Div will be prepared to move to area Oss in preparation for attack on 's Hertogenbosch as part of 2 Army's plan to free SW Holland. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Warning order from RHQ for Harbour parties on 17th. BC carried out inspection of guns and vehs.

279 Battery: Reduced enemy activity. Veh cas - water truck overturned and was written off.

283 Battery: Warning order from RHQ - prepare to move to area Oss.

336 Battery: No change.


17 October 1944: 53 Div Op Order No.20 received. RHQ moves to new area Berghem. CO and A/Adjutant left behind as rear HQ to coordinate the take over of 279 Bty and 283 Bty by 50 Div. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0700 hrs - B Tp conc with BHQ. 0900 hrs- Harbour party with 2 i/c to Reek. Weather still variable and roads muddy.

279 Battery: Bty relieved by 107 Bty of 50 Div and Bde relieved by 231 Bde. Tps conc with Bns North of Nijmegen.

283 Battery: Arrangements completed for take over by Bty of 86 A tk Regt. 1800 hrs - I Tp relieved and conc.

336 Battery: 0900 hrs  LO to Bde. Warning Order - Bty may be relieved 17/18 Oct. 1030 hrs - Harbour parties stand by for recce of conc area - area Grave. 1330 hra - Harbour party stands down.


18 October 1944: RHQ rear parties join main body at Berghem. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Bty ordered to move at 2150hrs and crosses Nijmegen bridge at 2200 hrs.

279 Battery: 2130 hrs - 71 Bde Gp with Bty u/c moving as a Bty move to conc area Reek. Bty concs area Neerloon.

283 Battery: I Tp cross Nijmegen bridge at 0300 hrs. G Tp completed handover 0600 hrs and cross bridge at 0730 hrs. H Tp completed handover 0930 hrs and cross bridge with main BHQ at 1030 hrs. Bty concs with 160 Bde in area near Grave for maintenance and rest.

336 Battery: LO to RHQ for recce of new area. BC attends CRA 51 (H) Div with OC 61 A tk to arrange relief of Bty and arranges with 62 A tk Regt for loan of two SPs to RV at K Tp HQ to get guns out of posn. 2130 hrs - relief of Bty completed and Bty concentrated.


19 October 1944: RHQ no change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0100 hrs - Bty arrives at hide. Maintenance and rest.

279 Battery: No change - maintenance and rest.

283 Battery: No change - maintenance and rest.

336 Battery: 1700 hrs - Bty arrives new location adjacent to RHQ at Berghem station.


20 October 1944: RHQ and all Batteries remain concentrated for period of maintenance and rest. The CO visited and inspected Bty A Echelons and 336 BHQ.


21 October 1944: RHQ No change in main HQ. Tac HQ of CO, 2 i/c and A/Adjutant set up at Oss. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0800 hrs - Bty placed in support 158 Bde. 1600 hrs - Op Order No.22 from 158 Bde - B Tp only committed. 1700 hrs - BC attends coordinating conference at E Lancs.

279 Battery: Tac HQ moves to Heesch where 71 Bde Gp is assembling.

283 Battery: Bty placed u/c 160 Bde and Tps placed u/c Bns as under: - G Tp - 4 Welch, H Tp - 2 Mons. I Tp - 6 RWF. BHQ joined Bde HQ at 1800 hrs and moved to area Geffen where Bde was forming up for twin-bde attack on 's Hertogenbosch.

336 Battery: No change.

Afs W 3008 & 3009 submitted to GHQ 2 Echelon. RA 53 Div Task Table No.1 for Op Allan received. 53 Div Op Order No.21 received.


22 October 1944: 53 Div Op Order No.21 received. Two Bde attack on 's Hertogenbosch was launched and recorded in Tac HQ log. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 1330 hrs - Adv party to Geffen. 1600 hrs - Tac HQ established Geffen. 1700 hrs - Bde break through unsuccessful. E. Lancs ordered to adv to Bergen.

279 Battery: Bty moves to conc SW of Heesch to act in res role in Div assault on 's Hertogenbosch. 71 Bde Op order for Phase I received.

283 Battery: 160 Bde cross start line at 0630 hrs. 2 Mons line of adv North of rail track Oss - 's Hertogenbosch. 4 Welch line of adv Sout of track Oss - 's Hertogenbosch. 6 RWF in res and counter attack role moving up on 4 Welch route 2 Mons cross the start line 5 mins before the alarm signal from German FDLs was sounded. The two Bns had by 1400 hrs advanced to a line 1 mile west of Nuland where they halted to allow a Bn of 158 Bde with tanks, flame throwers and a sqn of recce to pass through. Throughout the day, more than 500 prisoners were taken by the Bde, incl a Bde Comd and 3 Bn Comds. Cas were extremely light.

336 Battery: 2 NCOs and 10 men loaned as guards to Div POW cage.


23 October 1944: No change in Mian and Tac HQ. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0800 hrs - B Tp deployed emergency action. A & C Tps conc with BHQ. Tac HQ prepares to move.

279 Battery: BHQ adv with Bde HQ to Nuland. 283 Battery: Tac and Bde HQ move fwd to Nuland. 4 Welch entered at 1400 hrs.6 RWF entered Rosmalen at 1500 hrs and encountered stiff opposition. 2 Mons entered Rosmalen and 1 Coy in area Herpen at 1800 hrs. Cas heavy.

336 Battery: No change.


24 October 1944: 53 Div 00 No.23 received. RHQ Main and Tac move to Nuland. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Tac HQ established, Q Capt. takes over G. during G Capt's absence on leave. 0230 hrs - Bde attack commences. E Lancs meet slight opposition Factory taken by E Lancs. 1/5 Welch push through bo bridge. 0830 hrs C Tp Comd in attack with 7 RWF along main 's Hertogenbosch road. 7 RWF along main 's Hertogenbosch road. 1000 hrs - A & C Tps conc area Kruisstraat. 1330 hrs - BC recces Eastern approaches to 's Hertogenbosch. 1500 hrs - recce party to Hintham and Tac HQ est. 1730 hrs - BC to Bde O Gp. Bty to be used to seal off side roads in the adv through 's Hertogenbosch on 25 Oct. CO places 279 A tk Bty plus one SP Tp of 340 Bty u/c for this task. C Tp deployed covering bridge.

279 Battery: 0620 hrs -2 guns D Tp deployed with 1 Oxf  Bucks area 's Hertogenbosch. E Tp, F Tp & remainder of D Tp adv and conc in area RHQ. Bns engaged in mopping up. 71 Bde plans for the day received.

283 Battery: Bde HQ move to area Rosmalen at 1400 hrs and to 't Hertogenbosch at 2000 hrs.

336 Battery: G Capt recces new conc area near RHQ.


25 October 1944: 53 Div Op Instr No.25 received. Otherwise no change. Battery Sitreps.

278 Battery: BC to Bde O Gp. A tk guns to follow up main axis of adv routed through SE edge of town. Tac HQ est. BC moves with OC E Lancs along axis. 0930 hrs - B Tp crosses bridge. 1 gun received direct hit no 10 m shell - no cas. 1500 hrs - A tp est in town. Heavy enemy shelling throughout the period, quietened down in the evening.

279 Battery: BHQ adv to Hintham and Tps adv to conc in outskirts of 's Hertogenbosch. Bty ordered u/c 158 Bde for this op. 1800 hrs - F Tp u/c 278 Bty cross brs and deploy covering rd exits to route through town. 2000 hrs - F Tp withdrawn to conc on outskirts under 279 Bty Comd.

283 Battery: Bde HQ moved at 0300 hrs to main rd area Hintham. 4 Welch moved into 's Hertogenbosch at 1100 hrs. Prisoners taken by this Bde since 22 Oct - total over 1000. Extremely heavy shelling of area by enemy.

336 Battery: No change.


26 October 1944: RA 53 Div Opsum No.1 received. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 0930 hrs - Tps conc ready to move fwd. Jnr Comds with respective bn Comds, or adv over canal to far side of town. Enemy shelling continues severe.

279 Battery: Bty returns to comd 71 Bde otherwise no change.

283 Battery: No change. Shelling continues.

336 Battery: No change.


27 October 1944: RHQ moves fwd with Div - otherwise no change. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Bde having asked for a tp of 17prs as 7 enemy tks approaching from West, C Tp deployed and claim a hit on 1 enemy tank. A Tp eployed area. 1600 hrs - recce party arrive from 283 Bty to take over posns. 1930 hrs - BHQ, A & C Tps move out of town.

279 Battery: No change - Bty conc area Hintham in res with 71 Bde.

283 Battery: 160 Bde relieve 158 Bde at 1830 hrs in the Eastern suburb of 's Hertogenbosch. H Tp remain in Herpen with 3 Coys 2 Mons. G Tp & 4 Welch took up posns East of City along line railway.B Tp remain with 283 Bty during the night.

336 Battery: Warning order move to area Nuland on 28th Oct.


28 October 1944: RHQ returns to former location. RA 53 Div Opsum No.11 received. Afs 3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2 Echelon. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: B Tp joined Bty Maintenance and rest.

279 Battery: No change.

283 Battery: 1200 hrs  CO leaves recce patrol accompanied by 2 i/c and OC 283 Bty in area of Sports Palace. Infm gained - Palace not occupied. G Tp adv 2 guns across railway track. 1730 hrs - K Tp pulled out.

336 Battery: K Tp placed u/c 283 Bty and deployed area SW 's Hertogenbosch. Bty less K Tp move to Nuland area. 1700 hrs - K Tp arrive in conc area.


29 October 1944: RAO 33 received from RA 53 Div. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Lt. Barwell RA evacuated to hospital with shrapnel in left leg. Otherwise no change.

279 Battery: No change.

283 Battery: No change.

336 Battery: No change.


30 October 1944: RAO 2 received from RA 53 Division. Warning order for regt to move area South of Helmond on 30/31 Oct and 1 Nov. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: 1200 hrs - Bty at one hours notice to move. 2100 hrs. Bty on move to area South of Helmond.

279 Battery: 71 Bde adv to area Helvoirt - Crommont. Role wood clearing and flank defence 51 Div.

283 Battery: No change.

336 Battery: J Tp engaged Church tower used as OP without success.


31 October 1944: RHQ moves to area Bree. 53 Div Op Instr No.27 received. Battery Sitreps:

278 Battery: Arrive Bree 0600 hrs and Tps dispersed round side streets. Gun posns recced but not occupied. 1600 hrs - A Tp u/c 7 RWF move to Weert and guns deployed at last light around Eastern edge of town. 2200 hrs - Warning order from Bde to move on 1 Nov to area Weert.

279 Battery: Bde Gp relieved by recce regt of 51 Div and concs for move to Helmond area. Role is depth to Belgian Bde at present deployed area Bree.

283 Battery: Relieved at 1700 hrs by Bty of 61 A Tk Regt and Bty concs at Hintham.

336 Battery: Bty moves to new location - area Bree and BHQ est.



14 November 1944: 53 Div Op Bristol  Amdt No received.

278 Battery: BHQ est Swartbroek. B Tp Weert. 1320 hrs - Recce group and harbour parties move area Oler. 1900 hrs - Tac HQ and C Troop est. A & B Tps deployed. 3 ORs wounded by shellfire.

279 Battery: No change. But 71 Bde outline plan and traces for Op Mallard received.

283 Battery: 160 Bde assault and crossing of the Nederweert Canal at 2000 hrs. Crossing was made according to plan and final layout - 6 RWF on right in Grathem. 2 Mons centre - Clever. 4 Welch left Oler. Opposition was light although the enemy had laid extensive minefields including wooden box mines.

336 Battery: K Tp concentrates near BHQ.


15 November 1944: Amdt to Defence Overprint sheet 37 received.

278 Battery: No change.

279 Battery: HQ est at Stramproy.

283 Battery: Class 9 bridge completed by 1300 hrs and G Tr cross at 1330 hrs and deployed in area of bridge.

336 Battery: No change.


16 November 1944: RAO 1 - Inter Bde Boundary received.

278 Battery: A Tp advanced in support 1/5 Welch to Hallen. B Tp in support 1 E Lancs in Nunhem. Tac HQ est. C Tp concs same area.

279 Battery: HQ est in Baexem E Tp deploy area with 1 HLI.  D & F Tps conc Baexem. A Ech - Bocholt.

283 Battery: 6 RWF exploit to area Tanheel. 4 Welch to area Heel. 2 Mons to area Beegden. HQ est at Grathem.

336 Battery: No change.


17 November 1944:

278 Battery: Battery concs area.

279 Battery: E Tp conc with 1 HLI. Remainder - no change. Op Mallard continues. A Ech move to Swartbroek.

283 Battery: Battery concs in area Grathem.

336 Battery: Concs new location.


18 November 1944: Afs W 3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2 Echelon.

278, 279, 283, 336 Batteries: No change.


19 November 1944: No change.


20 November 1944: No change.


21 November 1944:

278 Battery: No change. Maintenance & Training.

279 Battery: 71 Bde Op 'Turf' commences with intention of clearing both enemy pockets existing this side of Maas - area Roermond. 5 rds per gun from 8 guns of D & E Tps harrassing fire, along with normal artillery barrage. Target suspected V2 site and enemy occupied buildings West of Roermond.

283 Battery: No change. Maintenance & Training.

336 Battery: Lt. Chipper & 3 Nos.1 report at Eindhoven for course on SP A tk. equipment.


22 November 1944: RA 53 Div Op Instr No.4 received.

278 Battery: Maintenance & Training continued.

279 Battery: 71 Bde Op 'Turf' II commences. Carried out by 1 Oxf & Bucks. This Op cleared all pockets West of Maas in Bde sector. There was no A tk role and Battery remains conc in Tp areas round Baexem.

283 Battery: Maintenance & Training.

336 Battery: Maintenance & Training.


23 November 1944: RA 53 Div Warning Order received. RHQ ordered to move to area Huithuizen. All Batteries - maintenance & Training.



18 January 1945: Warning order received that Div is moving to Eindhoven area on 19 Jan. Regtl and Bty recce RV at Eindhoven.


19 January 1945:

RHQ - Move to Opwetten.

278 Battery - Move to Helmond.

279 Battery - No change.

283 Battery - BHQ move to Stiphout North of Helmond.

336 Battery - No change.


20 January 1945:

AFW 3008 and 3009 dispatched to GHQ 2nd Ech.

53 Div is enter short period trainin and maint in preparation for forthcoming operations against the enemy west of the Rijn. 

278 Battery - Maint and trg.

279 Battery -Bty moves to Tongelre. Major Patt-Reidge returns from leave and assumes Comd of Bty.

283 Battery - BHQ  est a new HQ and tp area between Helmond and Stiphout.

336 Battery - CO visits Bty to watch Sp trg.


21January 1945:

RHQ - 278 - 279 - 283 Maint and trg.

336 Battery - CO and G Capt visit Lommel to watch K tp firing.


22 January 1945:

RHQ, 278, 279 and 283 - Maint and trg.

336 Battery - K tp returns from SP reorg. J Tp under Comd Lt Chipper RA leave for RHQ for use as travelling surplus to visit inf Bdes. L Tp to RA Reorg for conversion.


23 January 1945: No change.


24 January 1945: RHQ, 278, 279 and 283 - Maint and trg continues. Lt J. Geary RA posted to 279 Battery.

336 Battery - K Tp trg commences. One 6 pr and stores returned to RVP.


25 January 1945: RHQ no change.

278 Battery - Bty commenced reorg preparatory to departure of A Tp to 336 Bty under Regtl reorg scheme. Bty reorg into two tps, one to 4 x 17 pr towed and one tp 5 x 6 pr towed.

279 Battery - Trg continued and tps visit Lommel A/Tk range for range shooting.

283 Battery - BC inspects the Bty.

336 Battery - Personnel of SP surplus return leaving eqpt with dvrs at RHQ.


26 January 1945: No change.

CO carries out scale A inspection of 283 Bty.


27 January 1945:

AFW 3008 and 3009 dispatched to GHQ and 2nd Ech.

278 Battery - B Tp fire at Lommel range zeroing was carried out and practice shoot at a Panther tank at 12 yds.

279 Battery - Bty reorg on two basis. D to consisting of 5 x 6 prs, E tp of 4 x 17 prs, Sgt R Keen appointed tp Sgt of E tp. Tp HQ of F tp transfered to 336 Bty. E tp zeros 17 prs at Lommel ranges.

283 Battery - Firing practice - zeroing - Lommel ranges. H tp HQ transfered to 336 Bty and Bty takes over new establishment of two tps.

336 Battery - Major S.B. Gibbs RA returned from leave and resumed comd to HQ of F tp and H tp arrive on reorganisation.


28 January 1945: Maint and trg continues.

336 Battery - Prepare to move from Tervuren to area Opwetten.


29 January 1945: Maint and trg continue. NCOs attend a lecture at RHQ and demonstration of a device to assist in counter mortar work.


30 January 1945:

278 Battery - A tp leave for 336 Bty.

279 and 283 Batteries - no change.

336 Battery - Bty moves to area Nuenen. Less half Bty HQ rendered immobile on icy roads.


31 January 1945:  Counter Mortar exercise attended by all Regtl NCOs.

336 Battery - Half Bty HQ arrives.


1 February 1945: Intimation is received that 53 Div will take part in Operation Veritable as part of 30 Corps which plans to attack the enemy with five Divs up between River Maas and River Rijn and break through in a Southerly direction between these two rivers. The first part of 53 Div is to capture the Brandenburg feature, advance along and clear the high ground which runs through the Northern part of the Reichswald forest, capture the Stoppelberg features and conc in  mob res ready for future ops. Preparation for the operation are to be carried out with the utmost secrecy and the highest order of security is commanded from all concerned.

RA 201/1 of 31 Jan 45 received.

RA 201/3 of 31 Jan 45 received

278, 279, 283 & 336 Batteries - maintenance & training continue.


2 February 1945: 53 Div RA OP Order No.23 received - probable move for regt less two Batteries night 6/7 Feb.

279 Battery - probably 4/ Feb under comd 71 Inf Bde.

336 Battery - SP Night Half-Battery probably 6/7 Feb under comd 158 Inf Bde.

278, 279, 283, 336 Batteries - maintenance & training continue.


3 February 1945:  RAO 201 and RA Adm Instr No.1 received - Div sign on all vehicles to be obliterated. CO to Coordinating Conference 53 Div.

278, 279, 283, 336 Batteries - maintenance & training continue. AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2nd Echelon.


4 February 1945: 1100 hrs - all officers attend Div Comds lecture on future ops.

53 Div Sigs Instr. No.2 and RA 53 Div Adm Order No.1 received.

278 Battery - Lt J.C.GV. Parsons-Chandler, RAS. sent on loan to 336 Bty to assist Right Half Battery during commencement of future ops as   re-org of 336 Battery not yet complete.

279 Battery - Adv party move under direction 71 Inf Bde to Monastry at br Nijmegen, followed  main body which arrived at 1700 hrs.

283 Battery - Maintenance & preparation for move to assembly area nr Nijmegen.

336 Battery - Arrangements completed for Right-half Battery under comd Capt P.R. Birkitt, RA with Lt A.R. Chipper, RA commanding J Troop and Lt H. St. C. Whitford, RA in comd K Troop and Lt Parsons-Chandler acting as L.O.


5 February1945: Advance Party RHQ & 336 Bty, 2i/c i/c to Nijmegen to recce billeting area allotted by 30 Corps.

53 RA Op Instr. No 24 received together with Arty Fire Plan.

278 Battery - CO visits BC to discuss future ops.

279 Battery - No change.

283 Battery - No change.

336 Battery - J Troop bog two SPs on Tewt near Helmond and take over L Troop SPs in readiness for future ops. Harbour parties leave for Nijmegen area.


6 February 1945: \

RHQ commences night march to Nijmegen.

278 Battery - Battery leave on night march to Nijmegen area.

279 Battery - No change.

283 Battery - Recce party leaves for Nijmegen area.

336 Battery - Right half Battery leaves on night move to Nijmegen area.


7 February 1945:

RHQ est Nijmegen.

278 Battery - est Nijmegen.

279 Battery - No change.

283 Battery - Moves up and concs Nijmegen.

336 Battery - M Troop arrives from Re-org cent. J & K Troops move into Reichswald in sup 158 Inf Bde.


8 February 1945:

RHQ no change. Operation Veritable commenced 1030 hrs.

278 Battery -move to new area South of Nijmegen.

279 Battery - Bty move to conc area, D Troop with Oxf & Bucks, E Troop with HLI. A Ech remain at Nebo. Tach HQ arrived Groesbeek 1100 hrs and moves forward wh HLI 1400 hrs with E Troop following. 1530 hrs Tac HQ enter Gemany. 1600 hrs heavy enemy shelling. Lt Geary RA & L/Bdr Roberts wounded and evacuated.

283 Battery - No change.

336 Battery - Right half Battery continues action in Reichswald forest.


9 February 1945:

53 Div Op Instr No. 42 received. Div to continue advance Easwards.

278 Battery - Working party of 50 men dispatched to aid repair to Div axis through Reichswald forest where tracks had disintegrated through flooding, rain and heavy traffic.

279 Battery - No change. Intermittant enemy shelling continues.

283 Battery - No change.

336 Battery - Right Half Battery placed under comd 71 Inf Bde.


10 February 1945:

AFs W 3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2 Echelon. 53 Div Op Instr No.43 received - Div to adv South Eastwards.

278 Battery - Working party of 50 men as before.

279 Battery - 1630 hrs B Trpop moved with Oxf & Bucks to relieve 7 RWF. Remainder unchanged.

283 Battery - Working party to Reichswald Forest with 278 Bty.

336 Battery - J & K Troops continue ops in Reichswald, BHQ move to Tongelre.


11 February 1945:

RHQ - no change.

278 Battery - Working party as before.

279 Battery - Main body with HLI moved. Shelling during move. D Troops deployed with Oxf & Bucks. E Troop harboured at Frasselt. A Ech unchanged.

283 Battery - Working Party as before.

336 Battery - Right Half continues action in Reichswald.


12 February 1945:

53 Div Op Order No.28 53 Div Op Order No.29 and RA 201/1 received. 53 Div will continue to clear the Reichswald and will seize the bridge.

278 Battery - Working Party as before.

279 Battery - BHQ move. E Troop remain Frasselt. D Troop with Oxf & Bucks.

283 Battery - Working Party as before.

336 Battery - Right Half remains in action in Reichswald forest and Lt. A.R. Chipper RA receives wound and is evacuated.


13 February 1945:

CO est Tac HQ with HQRA 53 Div at Groesbeek.

278 Battery - Working Party as before.

279 Battery - Tac HQ under comd Capt W. Cunliffe, RA capture 3 PW. Lt. D.H. Davenall RA (283 Bty) assumes comd E Troop,  in place of Lt. Geary, RA.

283 Battery - No change - maintenance & training continue. Lt Davenall, RA sent to 279 Bty to assume temporary comd E Troop.

336 Battery - Right Half Battery still in action.


14 February 1945:

RHQ - No change.

278 Battery - Lt. J. Peace RA sent to 336 Battery on loan to assume temporary.

279 Battery - H Troop deployed in support HLI. Remainder unchanged. Right Half Battery 336 Bty placed under comd 279 Battery.

283 Battery - No change.

336 Battery - Right Half Battery under comd 279 Bty in support 71 Inf Bde. Orders from RHQ to move remainder of Bty from Tongelre to Nijmegen.


15 February 1945:

RHQ - no change.

278 Battery - No change.

279 Battery - No change. Lt Davenall returned from 283 Battery.

283 Battery - Bty left Nijmegen and rejoined 110 Inf Bde in NE corner of Reichswald forest, arriving at 1030 hrs. Bty did not deploy.

336 Battery - Right Half battery rest in Reichswald and Adv party from main body to Nijmegen.


16 February 1945:

53 Div 00 No.30 received - 51 Div is to adv and secure Asperden and Helvoirt. 53 Div will adv and secure the area up to and incl the wood.

278 Battery - Maintenance & training continue.

279 Battery - One gun of E Troop (Bdr. Rogers assisted by Sgt Keene) deployed on edge of forest in sp of Oxf & Bucks expressed his pleasure and congratulations on this feat.

283 Battery - G Troop deployed in area 2 Mons extreme NE tip of forest.

336 Battery - Remainder of Bty less L Troop move to Nijmegen.


17 February 1945:

RHQ - no change.

278 Battery - no change.

279 Battery - 71 Inf Bde planning Notes received.

HLI and Oxf & Bucks attack and capture high ground North of Goch, D Troop in sp HLI, E Troop in sp Oxf & Bucks.

283 Battery - no change.

336 Battery - no change.

AFsW 3008 & 3009 despatched to GHQ 2 Ech.


18 February1945:

53 Div Op Instr No.46 received.

278 Battery - No change.

279 Battery - No change.

283 Battery - 0800 hrs 2 Mons with 1 coy 6 RWF under comd put in silent attack on NW tip of square wood and exploit southwards along western edge. Objectives having been taken, 6 RWF - G Troop in support attack Southwards between Eastern edge of Reichswald and Western edge of square wood.

G Troop deployed in fwd area. No opposition.

336 Battery - Lt. Middlemiss, RA assumes role of RO to Right Half Battery HQ.


19 February 1945:

RAO 37 received - Passwords.

278 Battery - Lt. J.C.G.V. Parsons-Chandler, RA rejoins Bty from 336 Bty.

279 Battery - No change.

283 Battery - No change.

336 Battery - Right Half Battery concs in Reichswald. Orders received for Bty to move to area Hau and conc.


20 February 1945:

278 Battery - Lt Peace rejoins Bty.

279 Battery - Bty conc in area Halzdorf. A Ech - continues Nebo. Half Battery 336 Bty reverts to 336 Bty.

283 Battery - no change.

336 Battery - Bty moves into Germany and BHQ est at Hau.Thorough maintenance inaugurated.


21 February 1945: No change.


22 February 1945:

RHQ - no change.

278 Battery - Harbour Party leave for Eastern edge of Reichswald.

279 Battery - Lt. R. Gibb RA joined the Bty and assumes comd E Troop.

283 Battery - No change.

336 Battery - BC and left Half Battery Comd to 0 Group 160 Bde. 2 Troops in sp 160 Bde for attack planned South of Goch on 24 Feb. Right Half Battery placed in sp 158 Bde for attack on 24 Feb. CO and OC 283 Battery visit BHQ - conference re attack, with R half a L half Bty Comds.


23 February 1945:

RHQ receive orders to move on 24 into Reichswald.

278 Battery - BC to Bde O Group - Bty supporting Bde in attacks South of Goch. Half Bty 336 Bty SP a tk under comd.

279 Battery - No change. 71 Inf Bde OO No.31 received.

283 Battery - BHQ moves. I Troop joins 2 Mons.

336 Battery - L Half Bty Comd attends O Group at 160 Bde; change of plan due to slow progress by 15 (S) Div. L Troop now placed in sp 4 Welch and  J Troop in sp 6 RWF who are in reserve. RH Bty Comd to 158 Bde O Group. M Troop comd to contact 1/5 Welch. K Troop Comd to contact 7 RWF.


24 February 1945:

RHQ - move to Reichswald.

Den Bosch Holland 1944 next to the Priest Gnr R. Davies