71 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment: 210 Battery 211 Battery-262 Battery: 40mm Guns


24 September 1944: 71 LAA Regt allotted tasks at Son and Veghel. RHQ, 210 & 211 LAA Btys move at 1615 hrs on road Bourg Leopold - Eindhoven.


25 September 1944: 0100hrs - Owing to road St Oedenrode - Veghel being cut by enemy all traffic held up and RHQ, 210 & 262 Btys harbour on road approx 1 mile North of Eindhoven having taken 10 hrs to travel 20 miles. 211 LAA Bty move from De Groote bridge and go into harbour 1 mile North of Aalst. 1400hrs - RHQ moves from harbour and is established in a timber factory in NE outskirts of Eindhoven. 71 LAA W/Shops REME established near RHQ - vehicles having filtered up from De Groote bridge in ones and twos.


26 September 1944: 210 LAA Bty deployed for AA defence of Bridge Veghel. 262 LAA Bty (less 1 tp) deployed n AA defence of Bridge Son. I Tp 262 LAA Bty deployed in AA defence of Bridge St. Oedenrode. 2330hrs - An enemy shell exploded in a gun pit of I Tp 262 LAA Bty and killed No. 1801367 Gunner J.L. Bullen and wounded 3 ORs. Remainder of detachment suffered from Shell Shook. The 40mm Eqpt was blown on to the side of the pit but was very little damaged.


27 September 1944: 0900hrs - Lt. Col. N.T. Bentley, RA (TA) assumes command of 71 LAA Regt RA vice Lt. Col. D.G. Brodie, RA who has completed 3 years and 6 months in comd of a Regt. 1640hrs - 211 LAA Bty deployed in AA defence of Bridge St. Oedenrode. I Tp 262 LAA Bty deployed along with G & H Tps 262 LAA Bty. 1830hrs - 211 LAA Bty reports severe enemy shelling of RHQ area - No. 5575187 L/Cpl R. Brooks, REME and No. 10558167 Cfn G.A.W. Ullmer, REME wounded and LAD 3 tonner damaged.


28 September 1944: 211 LAA Bty RA fire 379 rounds 40mm No. 11 Tracer in support of Infantry. Enemy Spandau Nests and enemy Infantry positions were engaged.


29 September1944: 211 LAA Bty RA fired 300 rounds 40mm No. 11 Tracer in support of Infantry. Report by Infantry Coy Comd on both shoots was 'Extremely effective and all in target area'.


30 September 1944: Intelligence Summary for week ending 30 Sep 44 is attached.


2 October 1944: 71 LAA Regt RA, less 262 Bty, allotted task of providing AA defence of bridging operations at Mook. Lt. Col. N.T. Bentley, RA (TA) is appointed AADC with following additional units under comd: - 382/108 HAA Regt RA; 474 (Ind) S.L. Bty RA; 157 Main AAOR. 2000hrs - RHQ established at Haps.


3 October 1944: 0600hrs - All units (less 141 (Ind) S.L. Bty) deployed and ready for action. 1900hrs - 474 (Ind) S.L. Bty RA ready for action.


6 October 1944: 108 HAA Regt RA established in area Haps. Lt. Col. Nicholson, RA becomes AADC vice Lt. Col. N.T. Bentley RA. 382/108 HAA Regt RA revert to under comd parent unit. 157 AAOR and 474 (Ind) SL Bty RA revert to under comd 106 AA Bde, with 474 (Ind) SL Bty RA remaining in support of this regt. 262 LAA Bty RA come out of action at Son and go into harbour.


7 October 1944: 0600hrs - Owing to enemy shelling of area - Mook bridge only just constructed and ready for traffic. 1900hrs - One light of 474 (Ind) SL Bty RA deployed to assist defences of the bridge together with Brens and rifles of detachments of 210 LAA Bty RA.


10 October 1944: 2 Tps of 474 (Ind) SL Bty RA cease to be in support. I Tp 262 LAA Bty RA come under comd of 121 LAA Regt RA and deploy for AA defence of HQ 8 Corps Main at Mill.


11 October 1944: 262 BHQ and 'G' Tp move to area Mook bridge and deploy for AA defence.


12 October 1944: 'H' Tp 262 LAA Bty RA deploy in AA defence of Mook bridge.


17 October 1944: No. 1732220 W/Bdr J.P. Patterson, 210 LAA Bty RA met with an accident whilst in a boat on the river Maas and was drowned.


18 October 1944: 71 LAA Regt RA relieved of defence of Mook Bridge by 109 LAA Regt RA. 71 LAA Regt RA move to harbour area Mierlo.


22 October 1944: RHQ opens near Veghel. 262 LAA Bty RA deploy in defence of Bridge Son. 211 LAA Bty RA deploy in defence of Bridge St. Oedenrode. 210 LAA Bty RA deploy in defence of Bridge Best.


25 October 1944: 'A' Tp 210 LAA Bty RA deploy in defence of Bridge Son.


26 October 1944: Radar Secs from 165 HAA Regt RA deployed with 210, 211 & 262 LAA Btys RA. 165 HAA Regt RA Telecomn Sec, S/Sgt and 4 ORs on loan for maintenance of Radar.


3 November 1944: A PAC (Diver) engaged by 211 LAA Bty. 57 rds 40 mm expended - target hit & crashed. Cat I awarded. 210 LAA Bty come out of action - revert to own comd - harbour SE Eindhoven. 382/108 HAA Bty come under Op comd and 157 Sub AAOR and harbour SE Eindhoven. 421 HAA Bty & 2 (Ind) LAA/SL Bty cease to come under Op comd. 262 LAA Bty remain under Op comd 108 HAA Regt.


4 November 1944: RHQ opens 1500 hrs Lanaeken. 71 Regt allotted task of providing AA defence of hrs over canals and river Maas preparatory to 30 Corps crossing. All AA defences tied into US 55 AA Bde, 9th US Army. Following units under comd: 210 LAA Bty with Radar Sec from 165 HAA Regt; 382 HAA Bty; 157 Sub AAOR.


5 November 1944: RHQ move to Hotel Astrid, Lanaeken. 211 LAA Bty deployed in defence of bridges over Maas, with Radar Sec from 165 HAA Regt.


8 December 1944: Owing to reshuffle of units within the Bde the following moves of tps takes place: (1) I/262 West and G and H/262 East of River Maas for AA defences of bridge being constructed at Papenhoven. (2) D/211 Bty move West and C/210 East of River Maas in AA defences of bridge at Berg.


20 December 1944: H Tp in defence of bridge at Berg and G and I Tp in defence of Bridge at Borgharen.

L/Bdr J.Aspinall

John had been out driving an officer of his regiment in his jeep. As they were coming back to the farm house, they heard a mine exploding and as they came into the field they were told a soldier had been injured crossing this field even though it was marked as having 'Mines' in large letters. Why this man was crossing this field no one knows.John then picked up his medical kit and went to help his comrade, then another mine blew up injuring John. He died of his injuries the following day.(copyright L.Eason)