75th Anti Tank Regiment R.A.

117 Battery; 118 Battery; 119 Battery; 338 Battery.


21 September 1944: 119 Bty less I Tp u/c 3 RTR G. Tp u/c 29 Armd Bde HQ at Mierlo. H. Tp had two guns brewed up by enemy AP in the evening. Sgt Roberts badly wounded four men missing. 118 Bty moved to Maarheeze and came u/c 159 Bde less E Tp with 1 Herefords at Someren. RHQ moved fwd (on main road between Heeze and Someren). 338 Bty advanced and deployed at Someren.


Night 21/22 September 1944: Major R.L. Crouch MC RA (2 i/c) i/c Bridge Control for crossing of the Zuid Willemsvaart Canal at Someren by the Div. Class 40 bridge constructed by Div R.E.s after 1 Herefords had made an assault crossing covered by arty sp. E Tp deployed on near side of canal in action in inf role during determined by unsuccessful enemy attack on bridgehead. L/Sgt Marten wounded by S.A. in spine and evacuated.


22 September 1944: 338 Bty with 4 KSLI crossed canal and captured Asten holding is against repeated enemy counter attacks. Helmond liberated by 29 Armd Bde Gp. 119 Bty spent night just outside town. 118 Bty (less E Tp) and RHQ moved to outskirts of Someren. One Tp deployed to North to protect Div. C.L.


23 September 1944: 119 Bty advanced to Liesel area u/c 29 Armd Bde. Three ORs of 338 Bty wounded by HE from enemy SP gun at Asten. L/Bdr Hattersley (118 Bty) wounded in neck and evacuated. 117 Bty moved to Leende.


24 September 1944: 119 Bty advanced to Deurne. Heavy shelling but no casualties. 338 Bty advanced with 4 KSLI to two miles NW of Deurne where Tps deployed. 118 Bty and RHQ crossed canal and harboured night ar Vlierden.


25 September 1944: 119 Bty advanced against very slight opposition and leagered night at St. Anthonis. 338 Bty advanced to Bakel where two Tps deployed in sp of 4 KSLI before noon. Later they continued advance with 4 KSLI and a Sqn of 15/19 H. via Gemert to St. Anthonis. Tps deployed there.


26 September 1944: 119 Bty in area Oploo with 29 Armd Bde. 338 Bty deployed round St. Anthonis. Responsible for anti-tank protection of village u/c 4 KSLI. RHQ and 118 Bty in 4 KSLI area on outskirts of St. Anthonis. E Tp u/c 1 Herefords at Lamperen about two miles NW of St. Anthonis. 117 Bty moved to village of Mortel.


29 September 1944: 11 Armd Div relieved by 7 US Armd Div RHQ moved to Gemert. 118 Bty just outside town.


30 September 1944: Regiment reverted to command CRA Btys concentrated in Gemert less 117 Bty remaining in Mortel. E Tp rejoined 118 Bty.


1-6 October 1944: All Btys resting and maintnance. 117 Bty at Mortel.


5 October 1944: CO inspected all Tps.


7 October 1944: 11 Armd Div relieved 7 US Armd Div in area South of St. Anthonis facing Overloon. 117 Bty u/c HQ RA and placed in Div Reserve still at Mortel. 118 and 338 Btys u/c 159 Inf Bde. 119 Bty u/c 29 Armd Bde. One Tp 338 Bty u/c of each Inf Bn of 159 Bde. Tps of 118 Bty deployed in St. Anthonis area covering approaches to village from East. E. Tp North of village. D Tp covering Boxmeer road. F Tp supplied forward listening post at Halfweg (on road to Boxmeer) 118 & 338 Bty HQs and RHQ on Eastern outskirts of St. Anthonis.  119 Bty in De Rips area.


8 October 1944: No change in positions. Nothing to report.


9 October 1944: SPs of 119 Bty engaged pill boxes on canal East of Milheeze, range 2300 yds several hits obtained bad visibility made observation difficult.


10 October 1944: A quiet day. 119 Bty reported shooting impossible owing to pouring rain and bad visibility.


11 October 1944: Regiment less the two SP Btys reverted to comd CRA wef 1200 hrs. 117 Bty placed u/c 159 Inf Bde and moved to St. Anthonis. Gun detachment of L Tp had amazing escape when salvo of 'moaning minnies' landed in Tp area. One shell landed at side of weapon slit,  but, due to soft nature of ground dug itself in and exploded harmlessly blowing in end of weapon slit. Another landed directly on weapon slit of supporting infantry. The shell penetrated the cheat of one infanteer killing him immediately. Another man occupying the game trench merely suffered from concussion. 119 Bty engaged pill boxes again - range 2400 yds - many hits and considerable damage.


12 October 1944: OP 'Constellation' commenced. 3 Brit Div passed through 11 Armd Div to attack Overloon. Btys deployed as before. Capt Smalley posted to 117 Bty as Capt "G". Lieut Swiney took over command of H Tp (119 Bty).


13 October 1944: Some shelling in 119 Bty area - no casualties, otherwise nothing to report.


14 October 1944: D & E Tps (118 Bty) came u/c 3 Div Recce Regt. F Tp u/c Inns of Court. F Tp each with one Sqn Recce Regt. Role flank protection. 338 Bty positions slightly modified to meet changing conditions due to 3 Brid Div advance. 119 Bty resting at De Rips.


15 October 1944: 159 Bde responsible for the protection of the left flank of 3 Brid Div, clearing the area to the East of 3 Brit Div. A Tp u/c 4 KSLI, B & C Tps with Tac BHQ employed in follow-up role. Country most unsuitable for A. tk. guns.


16 October 1944: Sgt Taylor's SP (117 Bty) K.O'd   believed hit by enemy tank or SP gun from SW direction. Nothing seen of enemy gun. Three killed, Sgt Taylor, Bde Franklin and Gnr McLachlan G.S. Two wounded  D/Mech Hoare and D/Op Day. Gun was well camouflaged and position may have been given away when the gun went in at 1730 hrs the previous evening, or by tanks of F & F Yeo which were firing nearby at the time and may have attracted close study and return fire. Sgt Brettle attempted to get Sgt Taylor out of the K.O'd SP while ammunition was still exploding, succeeded but Sgt Taylor was almost dead. Sgt Brettle badly burned on hands but did not report fact. Targets engaged by the Tp at Smakt and Maashees one a very high factory and two church towers at Smakt, almost certainly enemy OPs, destroyed by 17pdr AP and HE at 3800 yds and 1600 yds respectively. Huge explosion heard at Maashees at same time suspect HE fell in ammunition dump. Area in which Tp was deployed was very sandy country, making going very difficult, sometimes through 2 and 3 ft of sand. Heavy shelling and mortaring of area. C Tp (117 Bty) u/c 1 Hereford - not deployed. 119 Bty in 29 Armd Bde ops - u/c 23 Hussars. No action - I Tp carrier blown up by mine. Gnr Childs killed D/Op Barnes slightly wounded. At 1700 hrs Bty reverted to comd 29 Armd Bde. 118 Bty Read justment of positions D Tp moved during evening to Vierlingsbeek. E Tp to Mullem. F Tp unchanged.


17 October 1944: 29 Armd Bde advance continues. 119 Bty spend a very wet night at Merselo. 117 Bty moved back to Oploo area. 118 & 338 Btys pulled out of action and together with RHQ moved to Bakel area (Bakel-Milheeze road). 98 A Tk Regt RA took over area from 118 Bty. During the morning 2 Jeeps of 118 Bty hit mines. Major A.G.D. Durnford, Lieut R.A.E. Hine and two ORs were all slightly injured. One OR badly wounded and evacuated. Two further casualties of 118 Bty, injured by falling masonry and evacuated.


18 October 1944: 117 Bty with 159 Inf Bde having moved over to Right flank of 29 Armd Bde Gp advanced to Ysselsteyn area. B Tp (117 Bty) engaged in their first tank action. On going into village of Veulen in support of 4 KSLI OC Tp was informed that there were some enemy tanks to the South. The SP commanded Sgt James J. deployed from the road into an orchard from where the cupola of a Panther was seen moving behind a haystack. The Panther was then engaged at approx 800 yds and was set on fire by the first round. A second stationery Panther was engaged and hit but this tank was claimed by an Armd Regt. 119 Bty at Merselo, 118 and 338 Btys resting and maintenance in Bakel area. 48 hrs leave to Brussels and Antwerp started.


19 October 1944: 117 Bty guns in static positions consolidating ground gained. 119 Bty advanced to Heide.


20 October 1944: No change. Nothing to report.


21 October 1944: 119 Bty out of line. Moved to concentration area at Milheeze (Bakel-Milheeze Rd). 117 Bty as before - B Tp with 4 KSLI. C Tp with 1 Herefords.


22 October 1944: 119 Bty reverted under command CRA resting. 117 Bty C Tp came u/c 3 Mons who took over from 1 Hereford. A Tp u/c 1 Herefords at Veulen, having relieved B Tp now back with BHQ as Bde Reserve.


23 October 1944: 117 Bty as before. Other Btys resting and maintenance.


24/25 October 1944: No change.


26 October 1944: A Tp with 8 RB. B Tp with 4 KSLI at Veulen. C Tp as Bde Reserve back at Deurne with 117 Bty A Ech. "Tod Force" formed - 1 subaltern and 30 ORs to guard Bailey Bridge because enemy patrols had become aggressive in area. 119 Bty report: "2300hrs "Sammy" our famous feathered friend passed away and was buried wiht full military honours".


27 October 1944: Germans attack on right flank of Div Meijel taken by enemy. Liesel threatened 338 Bty deployed by CRA to meet the threat. J. Tp across road Deurne - Asten. K. Tp across road Deurne - Liesel. L. Tp u/c 1 Hereford area Griendtsveen. F.Tp (118 Bty) deployed as local protection to 159 Inf Bde HQ in an infantry role. D. Tp take over Bridge Guard with two Guns.


28 October 1944: No change. Enemy halted just short of Slot.


29 October 1944: E. Tp (118 Bty) u/c East Yorks (3 Div) deployed in Zijlberg area. G.Tp (119 Bty) u/c 15/19 Hussars in Zijlberg area south of railway. H & I Tps ordered to Asten area by HQ RA, escort duty. Returned to Milheeze at dusk.


30 October 1944: E & D Tps (118 Bty) relieved by K & J Tps (338 Bty) respectively. F. Tp relieved at defence of 159 Inf Bde HQ. G.Tp (119 Bty) still u/c 15/19 Hussars in same area.


31 October 1944: C. Tp (117 Bty) took over local protection of 159 Inf Bde HQ at Ysselsteyn.

1 November 1944: 118 Bty u/c 29 Armd Bde moved. D. Tp in position last light. E. Tp remains in area. Sgt Thompson re-posted from 119 Bty. 338 Bty BHQ at Deurne. J. Tp protecting bridge in inf role. K. Tp deployed in Zijlberg area. L. Tp deployed in area Griendtsveen. 117 Bty u/c 159 Inf Bde HQ at Ysselsteyn. A. Tp in 8 RB area. B. Tp in 4 KSLI area Veulen. C.Tp in inf role as local defence for 159 Bde HQ area. 119 Bty and RHQ in Milheeze. G. Tp returned u/c.


2 November 1944: F.Tp occupied positions at last light in Leunen area. 8 RB relieved 3 Mons during day. 1 OR wounded by shrapnel and evacuated. B. Tp engaged house east of Veulen suspected occupied by enemy. Considerble damage caused to house.


3 November 1944: C. Tp relieved B. Tp at Veulen latter taking over local protection of 159 Bde HQ. L/Bdr Garrod (118 Bty) received shapnel wound in hand - remained on duty.


4 November 1944: 5 Coldstream GDS relieved 8 RB. 1 Welsh GDS relieved 4 KSLI. A Tp engaged two suspected enemy OPs.


5 November 1944: 119 Bty relieved 117 Bty. G Tp u/c 4 KSLI at Ysselsteyn. H Tp u/c 1 WG at Veulen. I Tp dismounted protecting 159 Bds HQ. 117 Bty cncentrated at Deurne.


6 November 1944: J Tp withdrawn from bridge.


7 November 1944: H Tp supported 1 WG in small scale attack at 1500 hrs- used new low velocity HE shell against a house; gun did not recoil and it is suspected that charge is too low. More trials wll be carried out.


8 November 1944: J Tp relieved L Tp in area Griendtsveen. H Tp engaged houses with HE and AP - confirmed that HE does not eject - considerable damage inflicted.


9 November 1944: L/Bdr Reed (118 Bty) wounded by shell splinter and evacuated.


10 November 1944: Nothing to report.


11 November 1944: 5 Coldstream GDS relieved by 8 RB. L Tp relieved J Tp in area Griendtsveen. J Tp relieved E Tp (118 Bty) in area Scheide. E Tp withdrawn to rest in BHQ area.


12 November 1944: I Tp relieved H Tp at Veulen.


13 November 1944: Nothing to report.


14 November 1944: H Tp engaged houses and farm buildings at Veulen with good results. Considerable shelling during night in 119 Bty area. D Tp relieved by E Tp ad withdrawn to rest in Bakel area. 2 ORs (118 Bty) sustaned shrapnel wounds and evacuated.


15 November 1944: 117 Bty relieved 119 Bty. A Tp with 3 Mons at Veulen, C Tp with 1 Hereford. B Tp in inf role in defence of 159 Bde HQ. 119 BHQ G & H Tps returned to Milheeze at last light.


16 November 1944: A Tp fired 12 rds into house East of Veulen suspected of harbouring enemy inf. House damaged, no other results observed. I Tp returned to Milheeze at first light.


17 November 1944: D Tp (118 Bty) relieved J Tp (338 Bty) in area Scheide. One OR killed and one OR wounded by shellfire during changeover. J Tp relieved K Tp.


18 November 1944: A Tp engaged another house with 10 rds. House badly damaged, no other results.


19 November 1944: 8 RB relieved by bn of 9 Bde (3 Brit Div). J Tp withdrawn from area. 117 Bty less A Tp returned to Deurne.


20 November 1944: 338 Bty less L Tp withdrawn to concentration area near Milheeze. A Tp relieved by Tp of 20 A tk Regt returned to Deurne.


21 November 1944: Nothing to report.


22 November 1944: 118 Bty relieved by 20 A tk Regt (3 Brit Div) Guns pulled out during night by SPs of 119 Bty. Ground in appalling state All SPs engaged were bogged. F Tp withdrawn by 1900 hrs.


23 November 1944: D Tp withdrawn by 0300 hrs. E Tp by 1230 hrs. L/Bdr Elton (119 Bty) accidentally killed by discharge of a Sten gun. L Tp out of action and joined 338 Bty at Milheeze.


24 November 1944: 118 Bty moved to Bakel area.


25/30 November 1944: Btys concentrated. Resting, maintenance and training.


1-13 December 1944: Regiment concentrated. 117 Bty and Tac HQ at Deurne. Remainder of Regimenta at Milheeze.


5 December 1944: CRA visited Regt and presented Sgt Scholey (119 Bty) with M.M. Ribbon.


14 December 1944: 338 Bty and RHQ less Tac HQ moved to Bakel.


16/17 December 1944: 3 Brit Div take over 1 Armd Div sector


17/18 December 1944: 11 Armd Div relieve 53 Div along West side of River Maas from Roermond to Maaseik.


18 December 1944: Regt moved to Asten. Btys u/c RHQ. No operational role.


19/24 December 1944: Regiment concentrated at Asten.


25 December 1944: 338 Bty took over company locality at Haelensche Broek from D. Coy 1 Herefords acting as Inf Coy with 3 platoons and Coy HQ. This is the first occasion that the Regiment has provided a Bty to act in a 100% Inf role. C.O. presented Sgt Brettle (117 Bty) and Sgt Wright (118 Bty) with M.M. Ribbons.


26 December 1944: Regiment less 338 Bty F Ech moved to Bree.


27 December 1944: 119 Bty took over from 251 Bty 63 A tk Regt RA at Ophoven and Geistingen. All tps dismounted and in infantry role u/c B Sqn Inns of Court Regt.


28 December 1944: Thick fog - very quiet day.


29 December 1944: B Sqn Inns of Court Regt relieved by D Sqn and 119 Bty came u/c that Sqn. Intermittant enemy shelling between 1130 and 1230 hrs - no casualties.


31 December 1944: J Tp locality heavily shelled about 1800 hrs. L/Sgt Gill casualty; hit in left eye by shell splinter.



14 February1945: Regiment at 24-hrs notice to join 1st Canadian Army.


15 February 1945: Advance parties under I.O. left for area Tilburg (Holland) to recce accommodation.


16 February 1945: Nothing to report.


17 February 1945: Regiment moved to area Hilvarenbeek & Diessen South of Tilburg. Arrived approx 1700 hrs. RHQ, 117 & 119 Btys at Hilvarenbeek & 118, 338 Btys at Diessen. Regiment billeted in farms and buildings with civilians.


18-20 February 1945: Training - 118 Bty commence practical training in field gunnery.


21 February 1945: 11 Armd Div at 24-hrs notice to move and operate u/comd 12 Cdn Corps.


22 February 1945: Lt D.A. Swiney left for NOS at Louvain.

Recce parties left for area Reichwald Forest (Germany) to recce new locations.


23 February 1945: Regiment moved in Regtl column through night 22/23 Feb, via Grave & Nijmegen and arrived conc area Hau South of Cleve (Germany) at 1000 hrs 23 Feb Regt. crossed frontier of Germany at 0700 hrs and harboured in fields.


24 February 1945: Tracked vehicles took "Track route" and harboured during the day South of Nijmegen. Moved off again at night arriving in Regimental harbour area at 23 hrs. 25 Feb.


member of 75 AT in Holland
(photo A.Mackenzie)
members of 75 AT in Holland
(photo A.Mackenzie)