803 Tank Destroyer Battalion 


7 October 1944: Probably located at Simpelveld area.

Battalion, no change in attachment. 1st Platoon of B. company destroyed two enemy mortars, one CP, one bazooka team and two enemy MG positions. 2nd platoon of B. company destroyed an OP and some pillboxes. About 30 enemy personnel are killed. Company captured 40 PWs. No report sent in on operations of other companies. Bn Co contacted front line regiments for latest situation.


8 October 1944: Battalion, no change in attachments. Not very much info available today. Headquarters and Headquarters Company are doing eveything possible to help the companies in the front lines.


9 October 1944: Battalion, no change in attachments. A Company still firing indirect misison with the 1st Belgium Brigade. B and C companies are in direct fire support of infantry regiments.HQ co contacted front line regiments for latest situation, which they report into the C.P. Balance of the battalion is keeping in close touch with the line companies.


10 October 1944: Battalion, no change in attachments. B Company fired at two enemy half-tracks, blowing away the 20mm cannon on one. C Company captured 4 PWs.


11 October 1944: Battalion, no change in attachtments. A Company firirng on targets of opportunity and indirect fire (harrasing) at night. No other operations reported.


12 October 1944: Battalion (less A Comp reinforce) attached to the 30th Infantry Division. A Company and one platoon of Rcn Company is attached to the 1st Belgium Brigade. They have been firing indirect (harrasing) fire at night with very good results. Some of the targets on which they fired were i.e. dug-in enemy infantry, artillery battery in town of Heel, fired on ferry crossing, damaging deck installations. 257 rounds of HE was expanded. Evening of this day B Company fire 2 rounds of AP at an enemy tank, which they believed they had knocked-out, but couldn't tell at that time. Next morning further investigation was made and report came in that the tank was an enemy Mark.V and that it was knocked out. It seemed that the Cpl acted as an observer in the top of the tail building, with a tale, hope and send the needed data to Lt Fruszenski, who had 2 telephones at hand, and relayed the data to the artillery battalion.


13 October 1944:  Platoons of A and C Companies are still under continual artillery fire very hard to vist the different gun positions. Here's what Captain Sinclair says about the effect of artillery fire on .. six of .. have been hit direct by artillery fire and not one them was knocked out. The crews were bit shaken-up then hit but this experinice has actually given the men considerably more confidience the protection offered by their if then they realised. Bn C.P moved from Simpelveld to Herzogenrath.


14 October 1944: Companies B and C are in the gun positions giving anti tank protection to the Regiments to which they are supporting which is the 119th and 127 Inf Regiment. A Company is firing indirect fire mission with the 1st Belgium Brigade, part of headquarters Company moved from Simpelveld to our present location, near Herzogenrath, leaving the maintenance section in Simpelveld.