Mobile Bofors gun of 89th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment at Elst in Holland, 15 December 1944.

89 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment: 308 Battery-309 Battery


Unit No.


1 January 1945: A trp 308 By engaged a/c Claim one Cat I.


2 January 1945: As a reslt of low flying attack on the day previous by several nemy a/c cnsisting of ME 109's and FW 190s approx 6 in all 309 bty doing river defence in ground role requst permission to engage a/c with guns which are able to elevate. Prmission granted.


3 January 1945: Arrial of new CO Lt Col J.A.H. Mitchell DSO RA.


4 January 1945 3 men of 309 Bty injured by shell landing near Nijmegen Bridge.


12 January 1945: Div HQ area machinegunned by 2 enemy A/C fling very fast an low. Attack so sudden that no guns could be brought to bear.


13 January 1945: 2 enemy a/c flying again low over Div H, engaged by 2 guns of B/308, no claims. A/C thought to be attacking with sole purpose of shooting up Air OP lanes which are kept in  field adjoining Div HQ.


16 January 1945:  In the absence of CRA CO acts as CRA's rep with 49 Recce Regiment. Guns of 309 bty in river defence engaged small objects floating down river towards bridge.


17 January 1945: 1 Spitfire observed by 1 det of 308 Bty sot down by enemy aircraft fire.


18 January 1945: Drifting coat engaged by 3.7"guns employed in river defence, 2 rds expended. boat destroyed.


28 Janary 1945: 2 M 109s seen flying at extreme range.  warning roads fired by 1 gun of B/308tp.


1 February 1945: 309 Bty in river defence of Nijmegen Bridge engage objects floating down river 40mm and small arms.


3 February 1945: 309 By HQ have to move from billets on orders from Corps.


5 February 1945: Many objects again engaged by 309 in river, 145x 40mm rds reported.


6 February 1945:  2 M09's flying very low over area engaged by 1 gun of 308 Bty engament very short, no claims.


7 February 1945: 308 tp deploy round rear Div in AA role.

CO ttends dic comds conference t Div HQ.


9 February 1945: 1 ME109 flying low over area engaged by 5 gun of 308 bty (40mm) 2 hits claimed (1 in noe 1 in fuselage).

4 Spitfires flying over C/308 area fire cannons into river a few hunderd yards from one of their guns, though to be practising, RA informed immidately.


10 February 1945: Unknown number of enemy a/c over area, flares dropped on s edge of area, heavy con of AA fire, 1 bomb dropped.


11 February 1945: 1 ME 109 flying high over area, very cloudy, 3 guns engaged, no hits claimed.


14 February 1945:  2 bomns dropped Nijmegen Bridge area , no planes heard probably ME262(jet).


20 February 1945: 1 gun C/308tp assist night op of 49 Recce Regt, 40mm firing ind trace.


21 February 1945: 1 ME 109 over area engaged by 3 guns of 308 Bty I cat II claimed.


27 February 1945: B and C Troop of 308 Battery change position bringing B Troop into concentration.


1 March 1945: Many flying bombs pass over area, guns not permitted to engage. 309 Bty still continue under command of Brockforce, 308 Bty still continue in AA defence with 40mm available to fire ground roles when required.


9 March 1945: All guns of 308 in AA role, Bty deployed in infantry role under command of 146 Bde in area Andelst on the "island", 40mm still available for ground shootingwhich is done by B/308 Tp. Inf posns.


11 March 1945: 309 engage objects flooting down river.


17 March 1945: 2 clipped spitfires MkV flying about area at approx 500ft engaged area,nwith cannon, no markings observed, HQRA notified immediately


20 March 1945: Practic move by RHQ in conjunction with Div HQ to same location, same day.

23 March 1945: 3x 40mm of B/308 in ground role area of Puifluik in support of 49 Recce Regt.


25 March 1945: JU-88 bombed and machinegunned area Druten.


27 March 1945: B/308 and C/308 now concentrate area Nijmegen with A Trp doing training and maintance with expetion of personel in Inf role.


30 March 1945: C/308 move to area in support of 143 Field Regiment (ground role 40mm) 308 bty in inf role releaved by 1 Bty of Suffolk Yeomanry (A/Tk) Brockforce now controlled by Suffolk Yeomanry, so 309 Tac Hq moves to new location. Role of 308 now concentrated.


31 March 1945: 308 Bty now take up prepared posn for AA Def of Fd reps on "Island"with D/309 under comd.


5 April 1945: B tp change location of guns.


6 April 1945: New AA positions by 309 Bty, Grd role posns by 308 Bty being prepared for coming occupation.


7 April 1945: Order "Standfast" received of occupation, so all work on new posns. 309 Bty all completely released from "Broekforce".


8 April 1945: Whole of Regt now concentrated awaiting developments


9 April 1945: Recces carried out in new area across Nederrijn.


10 April 1945: Whole Regt move to new area, 308 and 309 move into R.A. B echelon area. New gun posns are chosen: 308 Bty in gd role with two troops with third giving AA defence to Nederrijn crossing in Pannerden area, 309 Bty in AA defence of IJssel crossing when attack commenes. 308-309 Bty's recce for new tac BHQ. Orders received that work on new gun posns to be carried out only after dark as they are overlooked by enemey in Arnhem area.


11 April 1945: Work carries on + tac RHQ set rear Div HQ area.


12 April 1945: Tac HQ's 308 + 309 now set and comns arranged. 308 carry out Pepper potting under command 2 Cdn Armd Regt. D/309 doing directional shooting to assist Buffaloos.


13 April 1945: C/308 tp cross IJssel, after crossing set during attack, and set sup AA posns N of crossing. As C/4 detachment were  deploying in on orchard a German Coy Commader gave himself up, he was passed to the Glosters of 546 Bde. Main RHQ nowset at tac Posn. A/308 tp still deployed in AA defence of Pannerden crossing.


15 April 1945: RHQ leave Div area and move across IJssel to Arnhem and set HQ rear 147 Bde HQ. 308 Bty complete move to Arnhem area to take up Infantry and ground role under 147 Bde. 309 Bty take over complete AA defence of IJssel crossing H tp defending C tp on North side of River.


16 April 1945: 309 Bty taken off all AA commitments and concentrate with remainder of Regt in Arnhem area.


17 April 1945: Div moves along main road to Ede. RHQ set rear Div HQ. Whole of 308 + 309 Bty's concentrated same area.


18 April 1945: CRA Conference. Regt to be re-organised into 3 Bty's of 2 tps, each consisting of 1 towed tp and 1 sp tp. 310 BHQ leaving Counter Mortar and taking over C + H tps. Regt now stands. 308, 309, 310 Bty's with RHQ controlling REME section and TCV platoon. Each  Bty will come under comd a Bde as required probably sp 146 + 147 respectively.


19 April 1945: OCs 308 + 309 Btys contact Brigadiers of 56 + 147 Bdes and are absorbed in an Inf + Gd role. 146 Bde in rest area 310 Bty are allowed several days to clear up Counter Mortar and re-organise.


20 April 1945: C + H tps of 310 concentrate awaiting arrival of 310 BHQ from HQRA.


23 April 1945: 310 Bty now complete and concentrated. 308 + 309 BHQ rear respective Gde HQ's.


24 April 1945: 146 Bde move behind 147 Bde posns. 310 Bty move to rap contacts are allowed 4 days to complete re-organisation.


25 April 1945: Sudden order from Div fd C/310 tp to move to posns in support 147 Bde for 48 hours.


27 April 1945: C/310 tp return to 310 Bty who are on Inf training programme under instruction of officer and sergeant. Duraton of course approx 4 days.


28 April 1945: CRA presents C in C3 cerrificates to 5 men of Regt. Presentation held at RHQ.


29-30 April 1945: 308 + 309 Bty deployed. 310 Bty carrying out training programme, otherwise nothing to report.


1 May 1945: 308 + 309 Btys still deployed with respective Bdes in Inf role. As state of truce exists, tps are purely defensive.

308 + 310 Btys change over. 308 Bty now come in rest area.


5 May 1945: Regt now conc as a complete unit.


7 May 1945: Orders received that RA 49 Inf Div forming an Inf Bn to take over an area in Holland to disarm and guard Boche. 89 LAA Regt RA to form 1 Coy. So as to allow all units in the Regt to be representive the Coy is formed by Offs and ORs from all 3 Btys under command Major C. Bossom (The Buffs) 310 Bty Cmds. 89 RA Coy now set in area, controlling part of 34 SS Div, remainder of Regt remain conc doing training and vehicle maintenance.


9 May 1945: Regt has to provide a guard at RASE locn in Utrecht.


10 May 1945: CO attends conference at Main HQ 1 lab at Culemborg.


12 May 1945: Remainder of Regt proceed to 1 Cdn Armd Div area to carry out duties.


13 May 1945: Regt now set in new area. RHQ + 308 Bty with 11 EAR, 309 + 310 Btys with 14 EAR.


14 May 1945: Information received that whole Div being relieved by 3 Cdn Armd Div between 15-19 May.


17 May 1945: Regt relieved of all commitments and conc near old locn east of Bennekom. Carrying out training etc.


24 May 1945: Regt proceed with RA 49 Inf Div to conc area in Germany. Training, vehicle maintenance etc.


30 May 1945: All ammn of Regt (40mm) returned to Ordnance.