9 Medium Regiment: 81 Battery 82 Battery

Unit No.


23 October 1944: Regiment moves from Belgium to Kloosterzande (Zeeland).


24 October 1944: FOO to move with Royal Scot Fusiliers in seaborne attack on South Beverland


26 October 1944: Captain Howard working as FOO with B.Company 4/5 R.S.F.


29 October 1944: Guns came out of action in preparation for move at first light to temporary new harbour in Belgium.


31 October 1944: Regiment moved to new gun area near Breskens, and comes into action in support of 155 Brigade.


3 November 1944: Fire plans task in support of 155 Brigade attacking through Vlissingen (Zeeland).


5 November 1944: Fire plan task in support of attack on Middelburg  by 155 Brigade from south and 157 Brigade from East.


7 November 1944: Regiment moves to harbour area Budel (Brabant).


9 November 1944: Regiment in Harbour, maintenance and preparations of new gun posns.


11 November 1944: Regimental HQ and Battery HQs moved to new gun area near Weert (Limburg), ammunition dumping programme begins.


17 November 1944: Regiment moves to area Heythuizen (Limburg) to support attack on Roermond and support 49 West Riding Division in Operations "Chester".


20 November 1944: Guns fired for the first time into Germany.

Total rounds of rounds fired by this Regiment since crossing English Channel until now is:

81 Battery 34,522 rounds                                                                                                         

82 Battery 36.329 rounds                                                                                                      

Total 70.881 rounds


24 November 1944: Recce parties, recce prospective gun area for forthcoming attack on Venlo.


25 November 1944: Two CO's reps go to 5RHA for pupose of destroying two towers near Roermond being used as enemy OPs, one tower partly demolished, also one Tiger knocked out. Regimental Survey Officer injured by wooden box mine whilst driving in jeep.


26 November 1944: Regiment move to new area Rinkesfort (Limburg). for forthcoming attack on Venlo.


29 November 1944: Regiment moved to Germany.

Germany Christmas 1944
Regiment in action at Oeffelt (Brabant)