92 Armoured Field Artillery Battalion


15 September: Under control of Division Artillery the moved back to the vincinty of Rosmeer, Belgium, and crossed the Albert Canal in the vincinity of Cannes, Belgium, passing thru Maastricht, Holland at Scharn, Holland.


The Battalion remained in this position on the outskirts of Masstricht in direct support of Task Force CC "B" and fired missions caled for by our observers and higher headquarters. On the afternoon of 17 September the Battalion continuing in supprt of Task Force CC "B", and moved in position at St Gerlack (Houthem). While in this position the Battalion fired missions called for by observers and higher headquarters. On the morning of 18 September the Battalion continued in support of Task Force CC "B", moved and went into position at Oensel, Holland. The Battalion fired its first round on German soil from this position. On the morning of the 19 September , the Battalion moved in direct support of 67th Armoured regiment and 41st Armoured infantry moved to the vincinity of Bingelrade, firing on targets called for by observers. The Battalion remained in thid position reverting to the support of Division Reserve in a defensive position, firing on targets of opportunity as called for by our observers. On 22 September , the Division reserve was relived by 113th Cavalry Group. and the Battalion, was placed in support of the group. The 258 FAB was called to reinforce.

On 24 September the Battalion was still in support of the Group. and moved to position in the vincinity of De Kling, Holland.Firing missions called for by Observers posted with the  113th Cavalry Group. On 30 September the Battalion crossed the border into Germany.