HQ RA 43rd (W) Division


17 September 1944:

0800: Fire plan collected by all regts by LO.

1000: Brig Phipps and CCRA visited CRA.

1200: from LO Gds Armd Div; Amdt to GAD Fire Plan. Coords as shown on Task Table NOT on Trace. Action taken: Passed to all units.

1315: from All Regts; All shot on AJAX.

1410: from 179 Fd Regt; Shot on CB Serial 1.

1412: from LO RA 30 Corps; LO to Bourg Leopold airfield to collect 53 Div Fire Plan. Action taken: Lt Young sent.

1434: from All Regts; Shot on Garden. Action taken: to LO Gds Armd Div.

1455: from All Regts; Completed on Garden.

1515: from LO Gds Armd Div; Attack proceeding satisfactorily. Number of tks and vehs brewed up.

1525: from LO Gds Armd Div; Irish Gds meeting trouble. PW taken from 6 Para Regt. Typhoons have done good work.

1605: from LO Gds Armd Div; Held up by enemy in woods. 50 PW taken.

1610: from LO Gds Armd Div; About 200 enemy in wood. Enemy in woods to NW & NE. Captured map indicates no enemy further up.

1630: from LO Gds Armd Div; Enemy as reported at 1610 now reported clear.

1640: from LO Gds Armd Div; Medium barrage likely to be fired again.

1740: from LO Gds Armd Div; Considerable trouble from mortars. 4 Pen Recorder being deployed to locate them.

1755: from LO Gds Armd Div; Medium barrage being fired again.

1900: from 94 Fd Regt; Mustang brought down near 94 Fd Regt posn at 1610 hrs.

1900: from RA 53 Div; Fire Plan 'Beecher' received by CO.

1955: from LO Gds Armd Div; Own tps in Valkenswaard.

2040: from RA 53 Div; 'Beecher' passed to regts.

2041: from LO Gds Armd Div; DF Tasks on Task Table 94 Fd Regt. 

2200: DF in sp 50 Div passed to 179 and 147 Fd Regts.

2203: from GII RA 30 Corps; DF will NOT be engaged more than Sc 6 at any one time. DF on own front has DF over 'Beecher'. Action taken: CRA.

2210: from various sources; 2 Devons one Coy to Hoek. 61 Recce two tps Neerpelt. Action taken: All regts & G 43 Div.

2205: from All regts; Shot on Ferret. 129 Bde, 214 Bde moving fwd to area South of Hechtel 1300-1900 hrs today.

0003: from LO Gds Armd Div; One SP regt over S.P.

0025: from LO RA 50 Div; 2 Devons two coys now in Hoek. 53 Div on bn and two coys across canal, little opposition. Action taken: All regts & G 43 Div.

0030: from LO Gds Armd Div; HQ at 30 mins notice from 0630 hrs. 


At 0830 hrs Belgians brought in four PW. Identification 2 Pz Gr Coy Hermann Goering Div. PW state Coy Comd had instructed his coy (a mixture of various arms) to disperse and make their own way back to Germany. The four were captured doing so. They had seen no tks of their own and believed all a. tk guns in area out of action. PW fwded to Gds Armd Div and then evacuated to 50 Div Cage.


18 September 1944:

0600: Sitrep 0100 to 0600. About 0200 enemy became very active with mortar and inf gun fire. Tgt area gun area woods round and line of canal from a NE direction. Shelreps and Morreps received from regts at HQ RA. CBO fired two or three bombards and at request of 50 Div Tgts were engaged by 179 and 147 Fd Regts. Spandau fire was heard area Neerpelt. In view of uncertainty of situation 94, 179 Fd Regts and HQ RA stood to. By 0330 all was quiet and remained so. CO 94 Fd Regt contacted CO 9 DLI and est a rep with the Bn with line comn to his bty. 9 DLI thought the enemy activity was in the wood and tunnel, but nothing further could be gleaned. CO 94 Fd Regt believed that enemy brought up SP guns and had Spandaus firing on fixed lines. He arranged following DF Task with CO 9 DLI 3000 40 m 20 deg. Possible enemy counter attack anticipated at first light - 94 Fd Regt stood to, but did not materialise. No casualties.

0900: from LO Gds Armd Div; Elts have reached 'Judas'. Held up by traffic conjestion earlier. No news of Airborne. Action taken: All regts infm.

0901: from LO RA 53 Div; 7 RWF line of track, E Langcs frontier hope to complete CL 9 br by 0930 hrs. Action taken: do.

0910: from LO RA 50 Div; Dorests - 2 coys in Valkenburg. Partps in Eindhoven and Nijmegen - brs held intact. Action taken: do.

0930: from 94 Fd Regt; M Tgt, enemy inf adv to Broeseind. DLI report 1 MG.

0943: from LO RA 53 Div; PW report wood on left is held by 3 coys. Two fwd coys of 6 para regt 5 Battle Gp PW ignorant of disposn on right. On Left van Hoffman Battle Group identified. PW report to NW no tks but some mortars. Rd to North between woods is battle gp bndy.

0955: from 94 Fd Regt; Strenght of enemy adv to Broeseind one Bn and 2 SP guns. Action taken: 50 Div & GAD infm.

1015: from 94 Fd 179 Fd; - told to supply OPs - 94 Fd one to one Coy Coldstreams and 179 Fd one to 50 Div Recce in Neerpelt.

1045: from 94 Fd Regt; M Tgt fired, X rds on enemy of unknown strength adv South to tunnel.

1046: from 147 Fd Intercept; Gds Armd Div have reached Geldrop.

1115: from 94 Fd Regt; M Tgt on 10 enemy who had crossed canal in boats or by tunnel.

1116: from LO Gds Armd Div; Gds Armd Div joined with airborne West of Eindhoven.

1120: form 179 Fd Regt; Belgian refugee reports 100 enemy in Lille St Hubert. These went back through tunnel on Sun. Action taken: RA 50 Div infm.

1135: from RA 50 Div; V tgt, Scale 2 TOT 1150. Enemy inf crossing canal.

1235: from Intercept; Gds joined with Airborne some way South of Eindhoven - very heavy fighting.

1358: form CRAs Rep (94 Fd); Br though to be blown, either where Club crosses John or where Heart crosses John. Infm vague, further enquiries.

1410: from LO RA 50 Div; Infm re 3 Br Div. Conc areas 185 Bde Excel - Petit Brogel.  9 Bde, 3 Recce Voorsten Hostie. No change in location of 50 Div inf.

1430: from 94 Fd Regt; No firing for 50 Div.

1930: from 3 Br Div; Fire Plan recieved by LO and passed to all regts.

1915 until 2015; Enemy air attack area br over canal. 112 Fd Regt reports six planes from north circled before bombing. After br they tried main axis. Various vehs area canal hit and set on fire. 112 Fd Regt one gun out of action 4 men killed. Enemy dropped HE and AP bombs. Ht about 4000 ft.

2345: from All Fd Regts; Shot on tasks for 3 Div.


19 September 1944:

0600: A quiet night with no calls for fire. 3 BR Div have four coys across Canal on the right and elements strength unknown, over on the left. Class 5 raft working and class 9 bridge being constructed. Certain difficulties from enemy MGs which are being mopped up. Gds Armd Div rep with Div report he is one mile North of Maas Waal Canal - fwd tps reached half way between red Eindhoven - Geldrop and Zuid WillemsCanal on both routes.

50 Div - no change. 53 Div - no definite infm.

1050: from 94 Fd Regt; Gds Armd have reached river Maas. Eindhoven clear - little resistance after Eindhoven. Bridge at Grave unsuitable for heavy traffic. There is a suitable bridge at Mook. This advance on 'Club' - held up in 'Heart'. An attack on Nijmegen is said to be being planned.

1050: from LO 50 Div; Household cavalry Uden & Veghel. 3 Div - 3 Bns across. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div and Regts.

1330: 11 Armd Div sending patrol via Club Shaft, York, Achel p.m. 19 Sep to pinch out enemy between 3 BR and 50 Div  brhds. 3 BR Div up to rly, thence close brhd only. CL 40 expected this afternoon.

1500: from 64 Med Regt; Armour passing over brs at Nijmegen: Arnhem reported clear.

1400: from 50 Div; 213 Bde area Valkenswaard: 151 Bde area Canal: 2 Bns North of Canal. 61 Recce area Neerpelt. Enemy suspected in area. 3 BR Div: Class 9 bridge 2 Bns across: enemy in Achel and Wood.

1700: from 64 Med Regt; One of our gliders - empty - landed.

1710: from 50 Div;3 BR Div Recce in Achel. 11 Armd Div attack may be cancelled Class 40 bridge ready 1830 hrs.

1720: from LO 50 Div; Gds Armd Div pushed into Nijmegen 1500 hrs. Land explosions - hoped it is not the bridge. Belgian refugees report Germans retreating from Arnhem without transport or arms. Retreat apparently in total disorder.

1740: from 94 Fd Regt; 50 Div: 6 Green Howard: - A coy   Hayenhoek, - B coy  South side tunnel, - C coy  West side of tunnel, - D coy  East side of tunnel.

218 Bty have link with B coy.


20 September 1944:

0930: from G.l.; Confirmed that order of march remains the same. Possible that 130 Bde may have to carry out operation at Nijmegen.

1015: Tac HQ pass SP 1 hr later. Action taken: 112Fd and 64 Med Regts infm.

1150: from Rear RA 45 Div; All moves delayed a total of 2 hrs. Action taken 112FD and 64 Med Regts infm.

1240: from 112 Fd Regt; Rd Son out by small pary. Being cleared. Enemy tks Nunen. Americans dealing with them. CO & 2IC at Eindhoven.

1500: from Rear RA 43 Div; Tac HQ to cross SP at 1600 hrs.

1630: Crossed SP. Action taken: 112FD and 64 Med Regts infm.

1745: from 147 Fd Regt; Enemy inf and tks. Being engaged.

1820: from 64 Med Regt; Gds Armd Div would like tgts engaged.

1945: from 112 Fd Regt; 130 Bde is still halted far side of Eindhoven.


21 September 1944:

0630: to 64 Med Regt; You will curl up in Nothern part area C on arrival. Small hbr parties may move fwd indep. This applies to all Gp IV.

0652: from CRA; in touch with link Gds Armd Div, 2 i/cs 112 Fd and 64 Med Regts.

1112: from 179 Fd Regt; 2 i/c 94 and 179 Fd Regts have halted clear of rd two miles North of river Maas, they have adv in Jeep to ascertain situation.

1138: from CO 112 Fd; Patrols of 7 Hamps are on river Waal and have found and linked up with allies. Gnr FOO going fwd on foot.

1345: from CRA; In sp 82 AB Div 94, 112 Fd & 64 Med Regts. Col Hunt with Col March CRA 82 AB Div, 112 Fd Regt one OP to CP 2 Bn 505. 419 Hy Bty deployed beside 5.5 bty facing Easst, 4.5 bty moving fwd over br. HAA round br available for sp. 198 SP Bty under comd 130 Bde. Med OPs back from recce. 84 Med OP to 214 Bde.

1345: from 179 Fd Regt; Gun posn and harbour recce 500x SE Harbosch.

1540: from 112 Fd Regt; 5 Dorset will est North of Waal, 7 Hamps taken over Nijmegen.

1540: from Corps; Own tps reached Elst. 20 enemy tks reported there. Action taken: Passed to 112 Fd.

1555: from 94 Fd Regt; Not yet reached Veghel.

1600: from 64 Med Regt; B Tp in action.

1625: from179 Fd Regt; Leading bty not yet crossed.

1700: from 64 Med Regt; Airborne want maximum air sp on village at 1830 hrs.

1750: from Corps; V Tgt 1010, scale 2, TOT 1810 hrs. Action taken: 112 Fd, 147 Fd, 64 Med.

1805: from 64 Med Regt; DFs too close to engage.

1815: from G 43 Div; Air Tgt ot accepted. Not asked for by G. CRA infm. Corps to be asked direct in future.

2000: from 179 Fd Regt; Recce parties arrived 30 mins ago. ETA guns 2300 hrs.

2000: from 64 Med Regt; Firing fire plan for 1st Airborne. Will obtain sitrep when traffic allows.

2354: from 179 Fd Regt; Fire plan H not before 0800 hrs. Would like three fd, one med, one hy plus the fd in direct sp. Details over air air early tomorrow. Fire plan duration 15 mins approx. Amn allotment Fd 25, Med 20, Hy 15.

2355: from Co 179 Fd; Would like to move 147 Fd Regt shortly after H.


22 September 1944:

0545: from 94 Fd Regt; All in.

0700: from CO 94 Fd Regt; Swanage not before 1115 hrs. approx amn 50 rpg. Minimum requirements 3 Fd 2 Med.

0710: from 179 Fd Regt; Reduce to 145 rpg owing to lost lorries. Can he have 2nd line?

0715: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Fire Plan still not before 0800 hrs. No details yet.

0830: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Propose deploying 147 Fd Regt. Recce moving there now. Area safe.

0800: from CO 179 Fd Regt; 7 Som LI feeling forward to est themselves.

0915: CO 94 Fd Regt; 30 rds Fd: 20 rds Med: required for Swanage. Allotment 4 Fd 1½M. ½M super 1 Hy Bty.

0940: Corps; 124 Fd Regt to take over 147 Fd Regt's Position.

0945: CO 94 Fd Regt; HF for 64 Med Regt: 10m. Engage upto scale 5 before 1030 hrs.

0950: To all Regts; Sunray minors to report 1030 hrs.

0955: 147 Fd Regt; 2 IC says area not very good.

1000: CO 147 Fd Regt visited CRA.

1003: CO 112 Fd Regt visited CRA: CO detailed as CRA's rep with 8 Armd Bde. Particular task: smk for bank of river.

1003: from CO 94 Fd Regt; Details of Swanage.

1100: from 147 Fd Regt; 5 DCLI is to cross as soon as possible. Gnr rep & SOM LI is to bring down Stonk on area giving trouble. Sub-unit 7 SOM LI report one sub sub-unit sp by one Tp of AVL are going clear that area.

1100: from CCRA; CO 86 Fd is arriving here 1200 hrs today. Is is suggested he relieves CO 64 Med Regt instead of arrangement previously made. Will it be OK to defer relief 64 Med Regt until midday.

1115: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Uncle tgt 15 degs Apply C-M sc 1.

1100: Offr to TCP 8 Mx. Action taken: to 59 A. Tk Regt.

1030: from CO 94 Fd Regt; Swanage received.

1200: 112 Fd Regt visited CRA to arrange sp for Polish Para Bde. Tied up or own tps to shoot us when we have moved our guns fwd.

1212: from 94 Fd Regt; Engage Iona 1215 hrs.

1215: from 147 Fd Regt; Leading sub-unit 7 SOM LI. Spandaus being dealt with.

1240: from 147 Fd Regt; Enemy HQ - being engaged.

1245: from 147 Fd Regt; Enemy mortars engaged.

1255: Orders to 2 ICs. (1) Minimum recce 94, 112, 179 Fd, 64 Med Svy U/C 2 IC 94 Reft move behind leading bn 129 Bde. (2) Main bodies in order 112, 179,  94 Fd 64 Med. (3) Gun area Elst (112 Fd North 179 Fd West 94 Fd East 64 Med South). Guns move in area 129 Bde.

1310: from Polish Airborne LO; Polish airborne forces patrol south and east. One sub-unit recceing river. One sub-unit with Polish Airborne gaining further information. Rd bridge OK rly bridge blown. Elden held by enemy infantry with mortars and pillboxes.

1330: from CO 112 Fd Regt; Bristol received from CO 112Fd Regt.

1340: from 94 Fd Regt; Fire Plan for 5 Wilts when 4 Wilts successful. 4 Wilts moving on soon.

1335: Shot on Jersey in sp of 129 Bde.

1430: from 147 Fd Regt; Sp guns: one or two tanks. Hold-up attack by 7 SOM LI. Sporadic mortar fire. Attack with 2 coys supported by all available arty and other tps on right.

1450: from 179 Fd Regt; Fire Plan Brockenhurst in support of 214 Bde.

1500: from Gnr sources; Lock Sander. Ship reported loaded with explosives to blow bridges.

1505: from Gds Armd Div; Three camouflaged guns. Inf and some Atk guns same locality. Atk and light flak guns. Driel has only few enemy. Big gun causing trouble to 1 Airborne Div in Oosterbeek. Enemy digging in and road to NE. Three Fd guns. Heavy guns NE corner orchard.

1515: from RA Corps; Road cut at Volkel.

1527: from Comd 43 Div; When we have used 100 rpg CRA to see him about amn situation.

1535: from 147 Fd Regt; PW Pz Gren says SS Division Arnhem have recaptured bridge. Made up of elements of SS Divs. Action taken: Passed to  for infm.

1655: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Request allotments for two concs in 15 mins. All scale III.

1900: from CO 94 Fd Regt; Studland in support of 4 Wilts passed.

2035: 5 DCLI at river Nederrijn: 7 SOM LI Valburg. Duck convoy to Airborne tonight.

2145: from CO 179 Fd Regt; 5 DCLI om Nederrijn. 1 Worc R. Valburg. Would like to move 147 Fd Regt as early as possible in the morning.

2253: from CRA; 112 Fd Regt moved. Recce at first light: head of Regt at bridge 0800 behind 2nd Bn 130 Bde. Main job fire plan in support of 214 Bde to capture Elst. Approx H hour, 1000 hrs. 130 Bde is relieving 214 Bde. 1 Worc R. and 7 SOM LI clear Elst from Valburg.

2259: from CRA; To CO 179 Fd Regt: Fire plan 75 rpg. 179, 94 and 147 Fd Regts move tomorrow

2312: from CRA; Breach in "Club" route cleared.

2322: from CO 94 Fd; Limitation of firing 68 North 72 East.

2322: from CO 179 Fd; Limitation of firing - nowhere near to 214 Bde main axis.


23 September 1944:

To all; LOs to report to HQ RA 0600 for Bagshot in so 214 Bde attack on Elst from Valburg. Allotted by CCRA 100F 50 M 153 Fd  84 Med. 130 Bde taking over from 214 Bde.

from CO 112 Fd; 112 Fd to move, head at rly br 0800 hrs.

to 94 Fd & 179 Fd; 94 Fd will move. 179 Fd will move - both to be in by 0945 hrs. 147 Fd moving.

0615: from CO 94 Fd; 50 PW taken yesterday by Wilts.

0730: from 147 Fd; Rd unsafe. Reported by inf that there are tanks in the area north of this. 147 Fd intend to deploy two btys here. Agreed by CRA.

0630: from 147 Fd; Instructed to send rep and OP to Recce.

0800: from CO 112 Fd; Progress being made but opposition from tanks.

0815: Recce report boy of inf.

0850: 94 and 179 Fd Regts in action by 0845 hrs and 212 Bty.

0845: from 147 Fd; Sniper reported. One tank and some infantry (Report for 7 Hamps).

0930: from G 43 Div; Road bridge blocked, 112 Fd Regt being sent across rly bridge.

0935: from 94 Fd; Request 1 F with 10 for Boxer.

0937: from CRA; 112 Fd Regt to for deployment if they are held up.

0945: from 94 Fd; Boxer scale 5 at call.

0955: from CO 179 Fd; H hr for Bagshot not before 1200 hrs.

1000: from CO 112 Fd; Bringing 112 Fd to original area.

1031: from CO 179 Fd; Start line for 214 Bde. Left Worc R. Right Som Li. 130 Bde must clear road 12 - 1. Provisional H 1230.

1100: Ferry working here. One bty of 105 mm - ! Nbw and 1-6 barracked mortar - little movement seen and nothing much to report. Intermittant shelling and mortaring during the night.

1145: from 64 Med; moving.

1200: from CO 179 Fd; Enemy tank - reported as Tiger. One tank reported withdrawn from same area. Enemy reported moving West from Elst.

1200: from 64 Med; Part of Polish Bde and 5 DCLI at. Own tanks have been to   this morning - no opposition.

1210: from CO 179 Fd; As many Fd as possible on Tgt, scale 2 FBO. Action taken: Tgt shot at 1215.

1220: from CRA 100 AA Bde; One sec 3.7 HAA available to sp us. They are liking with 64 Med. Svy. 240 rpg fuze 208 (16000 yards).

1200: from CRA; 153 Fd now moved South and not available. 55 Fd Regt can only engage Southern 4 tasks for Bristol. 84 Med Regt OK.

1220: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Civilians report enemy Bty in graveyard at Elst.

1230: from CO 179 Fd Regt;Engage SW 100 Scale 2 FBO - shot at 1225. Action taken: to all Fd Regts.

1250: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Tgt East 300 scale 2 TOT 1255 suspected enemy bty. All engaging with mediums. Action taken:  To all Fd Regts.

1300: from CO 179 Fd Regt;  Enemy gun firing.

1305: from G 43 Div; 5 Dorsets, 7 Hamps, 4 Dorsets order of march 130 Bde.

1307: from RA 30 Corps; Repeat Serials 2, 3 and 6 of HF RA 30 Corps Task Table no 28 at 1400, 1410 and 1420 hrs.

1320: - 64 Med Regt to lay to 147 Fd Regt.

1325: Very unconfirmed civilian report 15 mins ago 7 enemy tanks crossing river.

1335: from 147 Fd Regt; One Panther destroyed. 3 Panthers irretrievecbly hit reported by 4/7 DG. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

1350: To all Regts; U Tgt FBO Scale 2. 94 Fd 84 Med NW 200 ditto. Enemy guns. Action taken; NW 200 engaged at 1400.

1430: from 112 Fd Regt; 7 Hamps on Buttercup, 4 Dorsets on Tulip.

1440: - 7 Hamps on Nederrijn.

1510: from 179 Fd Regt; Officer from Recce reports large number of enemy at Ochten dug in on river bank facing South. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

1510: from 64 Med Regt; CRA 1st Airborne says immediately one or two OPs arrive at this side of river they are required to assist in capture of high ground dominating the ferry. They may be required from 24-0500. Report Regts and amn available as soon as possible.

1515: from G 43 Div; A. Tk SP Bty to Recce

1545: from 179 Fd Regt; Two sub-units have cleared SL and 100 yds to the East now on line E-W. No time known for Bagshot, all at call depending on opposition met. Intention is to establish 1 Worc R. area. Later 5 DCLI comes into same area.

1656: from 94 Fd Regt; Enemy in strength with 3 or 4 tanks. Enemy wood and rly station.

1645: from 112 Fd Regt; B Tp attacked by 3 Thunderbolts: no casualties.

1710: from CCRA; Copy of message addsd 1 Airborne Div. It is hoped two Fd one Med will be available to sp. This depends on todays ops.

1755: from RA 30 Corps; North of Elst - 6 guns on road of house probably 105 mm. HQ also here.

1825: from 94 Fd Regt; Enemy in wood.

1850: from 147 Fd Regt; Recce of one bty. Recce Regt have rep with Mediums.

1900: from CO 94 Fd Regt; 4 Som Li are attacking at 0800. Only small party.

1900: from 147 Fd Regt; Location of our friend with subunit of 4/7 DG. He reports situation now quiet. Mortaring  all day, unable to neutralise. Friends are ready for any enemy action but are not themselves active at the moment.

1900: from 112 Fd Regt; 2 i/c will recce areaa 94 Fd. 112 Fd - now for move tonight. Meet 2 i/c 94 Fd.

1900: to: 94 Fd Regt; Your minimum recce party will RV at .. to meet 2 i/c 112 Fd Regt who will tell you your area. Action taken: Passed to Svy for infm.

1905: from G 43 Div; Recce have observation on North bank of river.

2130: from 179 Fd Regt; Engaged enemy HQ.

2230: HF 64 Med one Hy Bty or Med engage, 40 rpg.

2230: from 112 Fd Regt; Skye recieved.

2230: from 94 Fd Regt; Request 1 F 20 for Newmarket H

2320: from 179 Fd Regt; HF from BC, 10mm, Road appears being used by enemy - probably pulling out.

23-2359: from RA 43 Div; For Action 94, 112, 147, 179 Fd Regts; RAQ 79 (.) No move tonight (.) areas 94 Fd and 112 Fd as recced tonight (.) area for 179 Fd with one sub unit 147 Fd Southern half and Northern half (.) full recce parties of all units to be in areas by 0730 hrs no restrictions on movement across br tonight (.) Main bodies (.) 179 Fd head at West br 0730 hrs one sub-unit 147 Bde to follow tail of 179 Fd to new area (.) one sub unit 112 Fd to move independently to be in action in new area 0800 hrs (.) 112 Fd less one sub unit to move 30 mins after tail of 179 Fd and sub-unit 147 Fd is clear without further orders (.) 94 Fd to be prepared to move at 0930 hrs but will NOT come out of action or move until ordered by us.


24 September 1944:

0004: To all Fd Regts; No move tonight. Areas for 94 and 112 Fd Regts as recced. Area for 179 Fd Regt with bty 147 Fd Regt Southern half and Northern half. Full recce parties of all units to be in areas by 0730, no restrictions on movement across br tonight. Main bodies 179 Fd head at West br 0730: one bty 147 Fd to follow tail of 179 Fd to new area. One bty 112 Fd to move independently to be in action new area 0800 hrs. 112 Fd less one bty to move 30 mins after tail of 179 Fd and bty 147 Fd is clear without further orders. 94 Fd te be prepared to move at 0930 but will not come out of action until ordered by HQ RA.

0320: from 179 Fd Regt; U Tgt enemy vehs and inf 10m 125 deg Scale 2. 94 Fd and 64 Med Regts allotted.

0415: from 179 Fd Regt; Request 3 F and 1 M with 10 for 10 mins on a continuation of Bagshot at approx 0530 hrs. Action taken: 112, 179, 147 Fd, 64 Med

0415: from 179 Fd Regt; Request 1 F 10m 02550 - 0600 hrs, HE, V.Slow. Action taken: 94 Fd.

0435: from 64 Med Regt; Shot on Skye for CO 112 Fd Regt. 

0455: from OC 112 Fd Regt; 64 Med engage Skye Scale 1.

0500: from 179 Fd Regt; Bagshot (1) 0530 112, 179, 147 Fd, HE, Scale 2. (2) 0534 112, 179, 147 Bde, HE, Sc 2. (3) 0530 64 Med Regt, HE, Scale 2.

0540: from All; Shot on Bagshot.

0600: from 179 Fd Regt; Coming out of action. Inf getting on well.

0615: from 112 Fd Regt; One bty coming out of action.

0645: from 64 Med Regt; In response to infm about amn train going to Arnhem, airborne div unable to observe, 64 Med therefore harassed rly. This regarded by 1 Br Airborne A/I.O. as a useful ara from their point of view.

0650: from CO 94 Fd Regt; Nothing to report. Ops by 4 Som LI and 4 Wilts due at 0500 delayed by non arrival of tks. Expect to begin any time after 0700 hrs.

0650: from 64 Fd Regt; Newmarket received in Sp 4 Wilts and relevant parts passed to Gds Armd Div for 55 Fd Regt.

0715: from 64 Med Regt; Request from Airborne for rocket firing aircraft on inf, mortars and SP guns in wood. Action taken: Passed to G for Action.

0740: from 94 Fd Reft; Tgt cancelled, own tps now in that area. Action taken: CO 94 Fd Infm.

0740: from 64 Med Regt; Rep reports CO A Sqn Recce will not let him fire across river for fear of retaliation. Can anything be done?

0745: from 64 Med Regt; Airborne report digging. Can we observe? Action taken: G Infm.

0800: from 94 Fd Regt; Coy of 4 Som LI reports clear.

0801: from 179 Fd Regt; M Tgt requested SE 200, Scale 1. Action taken: 94 Fd allotted.

0815: from 122 Fd Regt; First bty in action. Remaining two btys coming out of action now. 179 Fd Ret passing well.

0830: from G 43 Div; Two coys 4 Wilts over X roads (see entry for 0740 hrs).

0850: from CRAs rep; 55 Fd Regt ready.

0910: from 94 Fd Regt; Tgt may not be necessary as own tps adv without opposition.

0915: from 112 Fd Regt; Other two btys now on move.

0937: from 94 Fd Regt; Stand easy on Newmarket.

0938: from CO 94 Fd Regt; Does not want regt moved yet.

0945: from CO 64 Med Regt; 64 Med Regt have HAA regt tied to them with 60 rpg.

1000: from CO 112 Fd Regt; OP can see enemy digging in. Action taken: Airborne infm.

1002: from 179 Fd Regt; One bty ready.

1005: from 112 Fd Regt; All ready.

1007: from 179 Fd Regt; All ready.

1009: to 94 Fd Regt; Move now.

1012: from 179 Fd Regt; 1 Worc R engaged in difficult inf battle - arty cannot help them, but they are getting on slowly and will attain their objective.

1020: to 112 Fd Regt; Engage enemy digging in for 1st Airborne.

1025: from CO 179 Fd Regt; 7 Som LI hve reached objective - being shelled.

1026: from 64 Med Regt; OP 112 Fd doing shoot for 1st Airborne to come up as A.4. Action taken: 122 Fd infm.

1030: from 147 Fd Regt; Op with 4/7 DGs in sp 130 Bde reports trainload of enemy (civilian source). Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

1100: from OC 94 Fd Regt; Enemy reported withdrawing to Bemmel. Air OP to try to engage.

1155: from 94 Fd Regt; Have arrived in new location. 1235 all reported in.

1235: from 147 Fd Regt; OP with 4/7 DGs reports total enemy bag yesterday 6 Tigers & 2 Panthers. This morning 5 A.Tk guns knocked out. Objective reached by 129 Bde sp by 2 sqns 4/7 DGs, own tps mopping up village.

1230: from 64 Med Regt; Enemy reported at Kesteren. Enemy mortar fire at Opheusden at 0900 hrs. Much enemy movement North of river incl about 40 men and digging in area Hotel. Other movement reported by 43 Recce.

1325: from 94 Fd Regt; 2 Tiger tks ditched undamaged. Action taken; G & REME infm.

1250: from 147 Fd Regt; OP with 43 Recce reports 2 rly trs at Kesteren - total enemy tps 700. Rly br there reported damaged.

1500: from 64 Med Regt; Wish to move 4.5 bty.

1601: from 94 Fd Regt; Shot on barrage fired in sp Gds Armd Div. Op line 525x. A-C 14 lines. Pause 30 mins. Start again at zero and complete. 100x in 3 mins.

1617: from 179 Fd Regt; Engaging enemy digging and mine-laying parties. Whole HAA regt allotted with 30 rpg fuse 117. Locations checked - one bty reaches easily, two at extreme range.

1700: from Gds Armd; Pause 60 mins on barrage not 30 mins. After HF 102 fire mixed smk 1:8.

1755: to 64 Med; Your bty will not move tonight.

1805: from 179 Fd Regt; Enemy observed and being engaged.

1806: from 64 Med Regt; Op with rece no longer required - it has been returned.

1830: from 179 Fd Regt; M Tgt on confirmed mortar area.

1840: from 179 Fd Regt; 112 and 179 Fd Regt engage. 10 enemy locality.

1930: from 112 Fd Regt; Suspected 88 mm and flak guns.

2000: from Corps; Green Howards attacking Bemmel. Rd cut again.

2130: from CO 112 Fd Regt; H not before 2230 hrs.

2150 from A/Q; Guides for RASC amn at 0200 hrs.

2151: - Modification to fire plan passed.

2225: from CO 112 Fd Regt; H not before 2330. Action taken: Regts infm.

2245: from CO 112 Fd Regt; H not before 0100. Action taken: Regts infm.


25 September 1944:

0030: from 112 Fd Regt; H at 0130.

0110: from All Regts; Shot.

0115: from 179 Fd Regt; No firing after 0300. No firing northern half between 0300 and 0600. Action taken: All regts infm.

0145: from 112 Fd Regt; 147 Fd Regt to fire Mull.

0155: from 112 Fd Regt; 147 Fd Regt engage. Scale 1 every 2 mins for 10 mins.

0205: from 112 Fd Regt; 179 Fd Regt engage. V.Slow for 10 mins.

0206: from 64 Med Regt; Have been engaging Rhodes, Cyprus, Crete and engaging Cyprus for next 15 mins.

0217: from 112 Fd Regt; 94 Fd Regt engage Iona plus 400. 3 mins normal.

0219: from 112 Fd Regt; 94 Fd Regt stop on Iona.

0222: from 112 Fd Regt; 147 Fd Regt engage Scale 1.

0224: from 112 Fd Regt; 94 Fd Regt - Iona - "Go on".

0230: from 112 Fd Regt; Iona effective (.) Plus 400 2 mins normal.

0233: from 112 Fd Regt; 147 Fd Regt engage 10 mins V Slow.

0237: from 112 Fd Regt; Iona plus 400 East 100 4 mins normal.

0252: from 64 Med Regt; Has engaged Wight and now about to engage Jersey.

0315: from 112 Fd Regt; 147 Fd Regt engage. 10 mins V Slow.

0336: from 112 Fd Regt; 94, 112, 179 Fd Regts engage Sark.

0332: from 64 Med Regt; Engaging Wight.

0345: from 64 Med Regt; Engaging Jersey for 10 mins.

0530: from 179 Fd Regt; 94 Fd Regt engage East 500. Scale 2. (64 Med re-engaged Jersey).

0615: from 112 Fd Regt; Sitrep. First wave got across without much trouble but boats took a long time to return and it is not known how much more had crossed river except that certain stores have been taken. One man out of Airborne contacted. 112 Fd Regt have two OPs across but comns to them not good. Not an excessive amount of shelling and mortaring during the op.

0745: from 179 Fd Regt; V Tgt. FBO Scale 5. Enemy inf locality. Repeated at N 200 Scale 5.

0750: from 64 Med Regt; FOO of Airborne reports disposition of neighbouring tps renders present posn precarious  preparing for house to house fighting. Reports our heldfast has rejoined us. Contact made with own tps. Things rather quiet at the moment.

0855: Air OP will keep as constant sorties as possible untl further orders.

0905: from CO 112 Fd Regt; 7 Hamps report SP guns firing. Action taken: Air OP to observe.

0905: from 64 Med Regt; Tp of 88 mm reported E of Rly and North of Grid Line.

0910: from 179 Fd Regt; BC with 7 Som LI had observed shoot where guns were suspected.

0918: from Air OP; To Air OP 6C. Bandits in area.

0930: from CO 112 Fd Regt; Sitrep. Situation is still very confused - stream is fast. First wave crossed OK but several boats lost returning. Second wave landed in bits and pieces but is not intouch with first wave. Contact with left OP lost at 0400. Contact with right OP lost but restored. OP has lost set borrowing another Coy Comd and 7 men 1 Airborne. 300 men 3 tons supplies across. Opposition not known. Landing was too far West.

0935: from 179 Fd Regt; Tonbridge H + 5 Scale 1.  94, 179 Fd Regt H at 1000hrs.

1000: from CO 112 Fd Regt; 130 Bde has been bombed by 4 MEs.

1045: from 112 Fd Regt; Engaging as Tp Tgt with Mediums.

1115: from 48 Svy Bty; 4 Pen Recorder. Ready 1300 hrs. Photo recce 2 large guns dug in.

1230: form RA 30 Corps; Amn for tonights fire plan - rpg 200 for 3 Fd and 1 Bty Fd. 80 for 1 Bty . 55 in. Up to 50 for 2 Btys 4.5 in only to be used for tgts which cannot be reached by 5.5 in. 20 rpg 3.7 in HAA.

1240: from 179 Fd Regt; Enemy activity and digging.

1300: from 112 Fd Regt; 64 Med Regt tp tgt - 3 x 88 mm NW 400.

1315: from 179 Fd Regt; Tgt for 64 Med. 10 m 100° Scale 1 FBO.

1325: from 179 Fd Regt; Air Op to look at  - 4 guns to the North.

1335: from 179 Fd Regt; OP reports support on far side of bridge blown (rly bridge).

1410: from 94 Fd Regt; Allotment for deception plan 100 rpg two btys 100 rpg Smk one bty.

1410: from 179 Fd Regt; Op on left reports coln inf 150 stron marching E to W. Two tks one Jeep one 15 cwt 200 enemy reported in disused camp, two MMGs and 50 yds behind 3.7 in flak also enemy moving E.

1425: from 179 Fd Regt; Enemy reported withdrawing NE to Elden along rd.

1640: from 179 Fd Regt; 7 Som LI have reached objective. Enemy OP engaged as bty tgt.

1640: from 112 Fd Regt; 5 Dorset suspect enemy attack developing in area - 5 Dorsets front. Action taken; All regts laid on DF.

2120 from G3 'I' 43 Div; 3 LAA guns. 4 HAA guns. Action taken: CBO infm.

2240: from 112 Fd Regt; Boats went in alright and got across. None have yet returned. 1 Offr and 60 ORs 4 Dorsets got back on their own by swimming etc, there appears to be no org the other side. Action taken: Comd infm.

2300: from 64 Med Regt; 1 Offr & 60 ORs 4 Dorsets returned to this side tonight. Posn of rest of bn unknown. Both FOOs sets destroyed. Considerble enemy arty fire in FDLs today.


26 September 1944:

0600: Sitrep. 0600 hrs. A quiet night. About 0030 there was a short period of mortaring on fwd areas but OC 112 Fd did not wish to take any action in retaliation. Twice between 0430 and 0530 he called for Smoke screen from 112 Fd to cover crossing of Stragglers but stopped it almost immediately. Evacuation of Northern bank appears to be going according to plan with little enmey interference. 'G' report about 1000 have so far been ferried over. It may be necessary for fd regts to provide MT to carry men back. Estimatesas follows: -

94 Fd   - 8)

112 Fd - 3)  available but now loaded: can be unloaded in about 50 mins.

179 Fd - 7)

0605: from CBO; One HB acive. 94 Fd to engage with one bty scale 3 search 100.

0607: from 147 Fd Regt; Location 413 Bty with SRY.

0700: from CO 112 Fd Regt; Nights operation completed.

0715: from G 43 Div; Provide available 3-ton to tpt Airborne tps back. Regts now providing as follows: -

94 Fd   - 8)

112 Fd - 6)  To Fd Amb thence by main route to Rd Br where guides will direct them to Nijmegen

179 Fd - 7)   area.

0745: from 179 Fd Regt; DCLI patrols report enemy sentries, enemy activity and enemy mortar.

1110: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Engaged action mortars as M Tgt.

1033: from 179 Fd Regt; Infm. Enemy dug in area. Enemy LAA guns. Action taken: 'G' infm.

1035: from CRA; Air OP to keep continuous watch for SP guns etc. Action taken: Air OP infm.

1037: from CO 112 Fd Regt; Air OP to look at area. Action taken: Air OP infm.

1039: from CO 112 Fd Regt; Requesst Air OP to look West of Bridge.Action taken: Air OP infm.

1047: from Air OP; Nothing seen in area asked for. Will keep continuous sortie going. Action taken: CO 112 Fd Regt.

1055: from 179 Fd Regt; One Red very light observed at Oosterbeek suspected enemy OP in or near Oosterbeek tower comn by VERY light to two med guns. One green light two followed by fire for effect - these are not the same guns as above - guns well over ridge and not audible. Action taken: 'G' and CBO infm.

1100: from CO 112 Fd Regt; Gun reported firing. Action taken: Air OP to look CBO infm.

1235: from 179 Fd Regt; Enemy inf and vehs going into wood. Action taken: Engaged by Bty.

1300: from 112 Fd Regt; Large quantity of MT moving from Renkum to Heelsuml Action taken: 'G' infm.

1345: from CBO; guns firing. Action taken: Air OP with 112 Fd Regt.

1700: from 112 Fd Regt; Hostile bty 88 mm.

2315: from CRA; 94, 112 Fd 2i/c in a Jeep to Meet CRA at HQ RA 1100 hrs 27 Sept for recce. Action taken: 94, 112 Fd Regt infm.

2320: from CO 112 Fd Regt; Orkney (belt of fire round 4 Dorset br head). Scale 1. FBO (94, 112, 179 Fd).

2330: - ; Regts shot on Orkney.


27 September 1944:

0001: to/Gds Armd Div; No firing West of grid line and North of grid line without our agreement. Can  you give me your present FDLs? Action taken: R/T Slidex.

0010: from 112 Fd Regt; Sitrep. One offr patrol has crossed the river and is holding the factory, having made contact with 50 of Airborne Div and unspecified number of Dorsets. It is not possible to use assault boats but recce boat of which more have been ordered up, are in use. Lifebelts have been issued and seven are beginning to come across, some swimming. Enemy is in the woods behind the factory. Orkney may be required again. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

0435: from 179 Fd Regt; Recce rep reports enemy have crossed onto South side of river and are digging in. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

0405: from 179 Fd Regt; All engage South 600. Reported effective.

0520: from 179 Fd Regt; All engage South 600 Scale 3. Reported very succesful.

0710: from 179 Fd Regt; A sqn Recce Regt HQ. Enemy in orchard east and south of this: numbers unknown, but believed to be about 100. Hy mortar fire on roads from this enemy. Enemy has got weapons over. One gun type unknown knocked out 300 yds west of position.

0815: from Air OP; Civilian running out of village - Green verey light has just gone up in this area. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

0825: Enemy running about in area north of river. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

0825: from 179 Fd Regt; Engaging Mike tgt. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

0835: from Air OP; Small boat containing 2 men just crossed from south to north bank of river. Considerable activity and some vehs on north bank of river. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

0840: Small boat now returning to south bank - cannot see how many men in it. Action taken: passed to G 43 Div.

0915: from 179 Fd Regt; Civilians report 200 enemy crossed river. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

0945: 94, 112 Fd Regts. Listen out to gun now firing and send shelrep.

1005: 64 Med Regt. Lay on HB to be called for in 15 mins by Air OP. Engaged Scale 3 TOT 1030 hrs. Remarks: Tgt No M 58.

1035 Air OP to observe med gun and engage if possible. Remarks: M 59. Brew up 1050.

1055: from 94 Fd Regt; BC with Som LI reports: - 3 PW drove into our lined this morning. Identification 'flak'. Trying to obtain information on number and location of guns. Also when PW passed to - to obtain result of interrogation. Enemy fire about size Mike tgt 0925 hrs.. HM Smoke 0935 hrs.

1100: from G 43 Div; Unconfirmed report 100 enemy in Zetten. Action taken: 179 Fd Regt infm.

1106: from 112 Fd Regt; Bty 147 Fd Regt engaging GNF.

1106: from 112 Fd Regt; Engaging guns.

1107: from 179 Fd Regt; Sitrep. Recce locations. Enemy withdrawing. Own inf and tanks moving from east. Enemy also reported approaching that ref from West. Remarks: Sitrep to G 43 Div.

1150: from 64 Med Regt; Enemy F.U.

1205: from 179 Fd Regt; ET Read 30 mins Mike tgt for 94 Fd Regt FBO Scale 1.

1205: from G 43 Div; CO 179 Fd Regt to meet Comd 214 Bde at once. Remarks: Map ref in Slidex passed to 179 Fd Regt.

1207: from 94 Fd Regt; 218 Bty report intermittant Small arms, mortar and gunfire.

1224: from 179 Fd Regt; One Bty ready on unit grid.

1320: from 179 Fd Regt; Request Air OP 1430 hrs for destructive shoots. H for 7 Som LI 1430 hrs approx.

1345: M 58 U tg Scale 4 search 100.

1345: from 179 Fd Regt; Air OP to engage M 60 10. prominent hotel. Large grey building M 61 20. as destructive shoots. Remarks: Passed to Air OP and 64 Med Regt.

1400: from 179 Fd Regt; Ready.

1400: from 64 Med Regt; Lain on M 60 T.O.F. 37 secs.

1425: from Air OP; Fire on M 60 - shoot continued until 15.

1600: from CO 179 Fd Regt; 7 Som LI have reached line.

1600: from 112 Fd Regt; Information several guns active: thought to be a S.P. Action taken: Passed to CBO.

1655: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Enemy coy reported withdrawing in area Randwijk.

1715: from 179 Fd Regt; 10 Enemy planes machine gunning area. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

1715: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Two U Tgts. Action taken: Passed to Regts.

1730: Own tanks on Paul - enemy aircraft machine gunning forward. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

1750: from 64 Med Regt; Gun reported in shelrep 1715 - firing again. Action taken: Passed to CBO.

1757: from 112 Fd Regt; Request Shetland and Orkney to be laid on again tonight.

1820: from 179 Fd Regt; Request M tgt on GNF TOT 1830. Observations from 179 Fd Regt to 94 Fd Regt. Scale 1.

1828: from 179 Fd Regt; 7 Som LI on right reached.

1900: from 179 Fd Regt; 7 Som LI on left reached

1920: from CO 179 Fd Regt; Sitrep. Layout of 214 Bde for night, one bn (7 Som LI ?) up, on bn (1 Worc R ?) in res in counter attack role, one bn back in conc area. Gun believed 150 mm bg 349 degrees flash, believed in area factory.

2010: from 179 Fd Regt; Request 3 Fd and 1 Med with 20 for Bridgewater. H approx 2130. 3 numbers requested.

2010: -; Tp 64 Med Regt to engage 3 RGF search 200 now. This retaliation task for 64 Med Regt on 15 cm area NW of Renkum.

2100: from CBO; Gun active. And . engaged as M 64 and M 65 by 6 Med Scale 2.

2100: to 64 Med Regt; Engage M 63 as above.

2115: from CBO; Gun active area of hotel.

2125: from 94 Fd Regt; 224 Bty OP Church. Rd Br can be observed. Movement by day is small about 5 vehs per hour. South and North bound traffic about equal. Vehs halt at South end of bridge before crossing: for few seconds only South span of bridge can be observed. Impossible to distinguish type of vehs crossing: few appear to be tanks. Believed to be pontoon bridge.

2130: from 112 Fd Regt; SP guns firing from wood. Landing on south bank of unspecified number of enemy;

2140: from 112 Fd Regt; Engage Orkney and repeat. Remarks: to 94 and 179 Fd Regts.

2150: from 64 Med Regt; Engaging M tgt 67 - possible forming up place.

2155: from 94, 179 Fd Regts, 64 Med Regt; Ready on Bridgewater.

2210: from 147 Fd Regt; 3 Shelreps. Remarks: Passed to CBO.

2300: from 179 Fd Regt; Bridgewater OK. Objective reached. PW report four coys each 80 men crossed river in rubber boats with 18 SS men. Their orders were to take two unspecified villages. Enemy in factory.

2330: To all Regts: Additional tasks pased.


28 September 1944:

0135: to 112 & 64; 112 Fd and 64 Med Regts ordered to engage HB (2x105)as follows:- 112 Fd Regt Scale 1 TOT 0143. Bty 64 Med Regt Scale 3 TOT 0200. Infm from CBO. Action taken: Both regts shot.

0235: from 64 Med Regt; To engage HB - one fd as follows: one bty Sc 1 TOT 0300, regt Sc 3 TOT 0311.

0325: from HQ RA; 112 Fd and 64 Med Regts to engage HB Scale 1 TOT 0325.

0345: from 179 Fd Regt; Lyndhurst received for 7 Som LI, H not before 0600. Scale 5 followed by 10 mins V Slow at H. Action taken: Passed to 94, 112 Fd.

0420: from 112 Fd Regt; Report suspected trouble brewing and possible attempt by enemy at est a br head at Renkum.

0430: from 179 Fd Regt; 7 Som LI parols report enemy digging. Both areas engaged as M tgts.

0445: from G 43 Div; Coy 7 Hamps in houses. At first light right coy 7 Som LI clearing towards left coy and coy 7 Hamps clearing northwards. 130 Bde state it is thought enemy is trying to build a pontoon br, patrol investigating.

0515: from G 43 Div; 5 Wilst patrols report no enemy X rds. Small no, probebly one sec at each house and orchards.

0615: from 64 Med Regt; 64 Med Ret ordered to engage 3 Fd (last active 0600)  Sc 2 TOT 0625, Sc 1 TOT 0640.

0630: from 179 Fd Regt; Lyndhurst 0630.

0638: -do- Stop on Lyndhurst.

0710: -do- 7 Som LI going wellk 30 PW taken.

0715: from 94 Fd Regt; fighters 5000' flying SW, no hostile action. Also at 0650 fighters 5000' flying NE, no hostile action.

1005: from CBO 4 Hy guns. Engage U tgt Sc 1 TOT 1025, Sc 1 TOT 1040. Meds airburst.

1030: from 94 Fd Regt; M Tgt on tk or SP gun. 1055 hrs M Tgt on 4 guns.

1115: from 179 Fd Regt; OP with 7 Som LI now.

1120: from G 43 Div; Conference CRA only at 1400 hrs.

1202: from CBO; Enemy SP gun - 112 Fd Regt OP reports that it is not there.

1250: from 179 Fd Regt; 20 enemy trying to get back, engaged by our inf.

1253: from 179 Fd Regt; There is a red water tower which is, probably an enemy OP. Can OP ascertain. Definite low velocity group.

1315: from 94 Fd Regt; Engaging M Tgt - SP guns and inf.

1345: from CBO; 2 enemy guns possibly 88mm in fd role. Bty 94 Fd Regt Sc 2 pause 20 mins Sc 1.

1425: from CBO; Hostile mortar. Bty 112 Fd Regt Sc 1 pause 30 mins Sc 1.

1745: from G 43 Div; Air tgt red smk ETA 1810.

1815: from 179 Fd Regt; U Tgt 10 m SW 200. Shoot reported very effective, enemy moving about incl offrs with map cases.

1930: - do- HF for night 28/29 Sep. Tp on each Sc 2 once an hr.

2035: from CBO M2 A 3 Fd. Scale 1 from all regts, TOT 2045.

2140: from 147 Fd Regt; Fired DF for 12 KRRC. Enemy activity heard in the area. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

2255: from 179 Fd Regt; Fires and small explosions as a result of engaging HF. Actoin taken: Passed to G 43 Div.

2345: from 147 Fd Regt; Bty 147 Fd Regt reports 3 orange flares going up from ground on brg 330° 30' estimated 4000 yds. Action taken: Passed to G 43 Div.


29 September 1944:

0005: from 112 Fd Regt; One enemy gun has been shelling rear of tp posn. Grid one shell every 15-20 mins.

0200: from G 43 Div; Reliable civilian reports enemy are to attempt a crossing tonight. Action taken: All Regts infm.

0320: from CBO; B accuracy.

0320: from 8 Armd Bde; Request to stop - patrol out. Action taken: Stopped.

0345: from 147 Fd Regt; Engaging DF 41.

0400: from RA 43 Div; Go on, - engage . scale 1. Action taken: To 179 Fd Regt.

0700: from 179 Fd Regt; Sitrep - Nothing to report.

0720: from 147 Fd Regt; Engaged, suspect mortar area. Mortaring and machine gunning of 12 KRRC ara thought to be only early morning hate. No forward move of enemy inf observed.

0730: from 179 Fd Regt; 1 Worc R patrols on right flank encountered no opposition. They dit not meet 7 Hamps at RV arranged. Factory deserted.

0730: from G 43 Div; Both bridges damaged at Nijmegen. Will notify when traffic can cross again.

0850: from CBO; 4 Pen report 3 Hy mortars, C accuracy. Action taken: to Air OP, To 179 Fd Regt to engage.

0945: from 147 Fd Regt; German Naval personnel picked up in river. Dropped 0400 hrs E Nijmegen told to blow bridge. Armd with rifles diving apparatus etc. Current too strong picked up by patrols.

0800: from 147 Fd Regt; Suspected mortars. Action taken; to Air OP.

0800: from 179 Fd Regt; Large gun suspected. Action taken: to Air OP.

1050: from 179 Fd Regt; Factory harbouring enemy.

1115: from 179 Fd Regt; Little activity reported from OPs 1000 hrs. Few rifle shots from area dyke. Action taken: To G 43 Div.

1120: from CBO; HB shelling Nijmegen br. Engage with all possible as soon as possible. 64 Med Regt engaged Scale 5. Action taken: to G 43 Div.

1150: from 94 Fd Regt; Amend tgts to read. Action taken: Cleared to all regts by 1150.

1210: from 94 Fd Regt; Tgts for Seaford (counter attack in sp 4 Wilts) received. Action taken: to 112, 179, 147 Fd by 1235.

During morning 218 Bty OP in church shelled and hit four times. Enemy OP in house engaged by 94 Fd Regt at 1135 and 1145 hrs. Later Stretcher Bearers appeared to remove casualties.

1730: from 179 Fd Regt; No movement observed on N Bank of river, white flag with red cross, Germans in house wish to surrender. Source - Dutchman who swam river. Action taken: To G 43 Div.

1945: from 124 Fd Regt; Stand by on Bali and Texel.

2000: from 124 Fd Regt; U tgt Scale 1. Enemy counter attack.

2020: from 124 Fd Regt; Hy enemy mortaring and shelling on fwd tps.

2030: from 55 Fd Regt; OP saw enemy along line of canal: strength 2 coys possibly more. Action taken: To G 43 Div.

2035: from 124 Fd Regt; U tgt Scale 1 fire by order.

2036: from 124 Fd Regt; Infm. - scale of attack indicates more coming. Action taken: To G 43 Div.

2040: from 124 Fd Regt; U tgt. - scale 1 fire by order.

2110: from 124 Fd Reft; Sitrep. Situation on fron 5 E Yorks quiet on right, rifle fire on left. Attack started when tks or SP guns adv, firing NW and inf adv West along Northing Grid. Later enemy attempted attack. G.F. is now less. Estimate enemy bn strength with SP guns. On 7 GH front movement on canal but no attack.

2120: 137, 179 Fd to engage mortar, search 50 scale 4. Action taken: To G 43 Div, explosions heard.

2130: 84 Med Regt engage guns scale 2. Action taken: completed 2145.

2315: from CM; G.4 75 m active.Action taken: Engaged by 112 Fd Regt.