Headquarters RA 7th Armoured Division 


1 October 1944: HF south exits of S’Hertogenbosch with Hvy Battery on bridge.

Division task to rake up posn on general line.

Geffen- Nulands Winkel-Heikant was unsuccessfully carried out at right 22 Bde, Left 131 Bde, patrolling forward fwd sitrep. 5 RHA under command 22 Bde, 3 RHA in sp 131 role, 13 Med and 23 Bty under CRA.

Atk NY 258 Bty returned from comd 15 (S) with 1/7 Qns and was not replaced in Corps role.

258 Bty less 17 placed under command 22 Bde.

258 Bty under command 131 Bde.

257 Bty under command 131 Bde.

259 Bty under command 22 Bde.

260 Bty in reserve.


25 LAA less three SP (42 Comp Bty) arrived on location, 42 Comp Bty remained in Div Res.

CRA arrived at 11 Hussars.

5 RHA moved to new area.

Radar equipment of 100 Radar Bty established, HF 10rpg from 3 RHA and 13 Field Regt during might on enemy locations.

HF by 5RHA as selected by Comd 22 Bde.


2 October 1944: CRA called on CCRA 12 Corps.

Art laid on for 23 Hvy Bty.

Artl cancelled, poor visibility this also hampered AOP.

Amn restriction imposed, Fd 15rpg, Med and Hvy 10rpg.

Artly again attempted registration started, but visibility not good.

CRA ordered disposition of LAA in Veghel HP on 3RHA at Sint Oedenrode.


3 October 1944: 3 RHA reported church tower containing F.S instruments and personnel working them blown up, Vinkel

Artly shoot with 23 Hvy Bty laid on.

Arlty cancelled low cloud.

CRA went to RHQ 13 Med rep.

CRA returned to HQRA ex Hospital

22 Hvy Bty Commander met CRA at 13 Med Regt.

23 Hvy Bty moved.

3 RHA 13 Med engaged HF tasks ordered by Corps.

13 Med and 23 Hvy Bty bombarded a number of HBs on order CBO.

Major Cubutt RA arrived to take over duties of BMRA 15 LAAR regt moved.


4 October 1944: CO NY called on CRA, CRA went out with him round gun areas.

RA 12 Corps sent HF programme for 3RHA, 13 Med, 23 Hvy Bty.

CRA visited N.Y. RHQ.

Quiet day, RA 12 Corps Op inst No.20 received.


5 October 1944: CRA went out to 5 RHA.

Tp 260 A/T Bty (N.Y.) engaged and damaged churc h steeple on instructions from CRA.

3 RHA, 13 field regt, 23/59 Hvy Bty fired 9 concentrations on targets issued by RA corps, mainly enemy defences, traffic routes.

5RHA moved RHQ.

CRA spent afternoon with 3 RHA, notes on future ops issued.


6 October 1944: 6 HB bombards fired by 3RHA, occasional patrols of enemy and one SP gun and some HF tasks from Corps all engaged otherwise quiet day.

Verbal warning order that 7 Armd Div would pass under command 1 Corps on 7 October.

CRA went to 5RHA.

Det 7 Svy Regt ceased to be in sp of 7 Armd Div.

BMA went to N.Y.

CRA 52 Div requested CRA, 7Armd to press for AOP flight A/C BO, one Med Regt, one Hy Bty, per Div, otherwise there would be removed, 7 October, CRA agreed.

A Tp 100 Radar Bty, A flight 652 AOP Sdrn, 23 Hvy Bty received orders to move.


7 October 1944: For artly moves and regrouping sitrep 09.00hrs 7 October 1944.

CMO 51Div assumed responsibility for all CB on our front as well as that of Armd Div A/C RO left.

Several parties of enemy inf engaged. 7 Bombards fired on HBs by 3RHA and 13 Med Regt.


8 October 1944: During night 3RHA put down small fire plan to assist patrols 1/6 Queens and 5RHA fired DF on enemy attacking Geffen.

During afternoon 3RHA and 13 Med Regt fired on SP raid by 131 Bde on Middelrode. 13 Med also assisted 51(H) Div when called for. CRA visited Bdes.

RA Corps OP role not received.


9 October 1944: N.T.R during morning.

CCRA moved, Lt Drake met him at Atd G. CRA amd CCRA spent afternoon in conference.

Warning order from Corps that B Flt 652 AOP Sqdrn would come under command with 10 October.

Now ALG prepared RA 7 Armd Div Op instr by R.E. not issued.


10 October 1944: 3 RHA engaged 50 enemy attacking 1/6 Queens, enemy dispersed.

CRA went to 131 Bde met CO 3RHA, B Flight AOP arrived less two secs.

Rep from 13 Med Regt with 51(H) Div withdraw.

Attack by approx. 150 enemy on Geffen broken up by Hy DF fire from 5RHA with some help from 13 Med Regt, who also engaged 3HBs.


11 October 1944: 5 RHA reported situation quiet enemy repelled confirmed later in morning many enemy killed.

CRA visited 5RHA congratulated then on good shooting of night before.

Quiet day before, we engaged 2HBs and put down some HP on enemy areas.


12 October 1944: CRA with GOC visited 5RHA during morning.

AOP very active registered many HBs for harassing by 3RHA, 13 Med Regt set fire to enemy occupied house. Some HBs were also engaged.

GSOII RA and I.G. RA 1 Corps visited HQ.


13 October 1944: HF during night by 3RHA, 13 Med Regt CRA, BM RA went to 15 LAA Regiment in Morning.

CRA went to NY.

Little arty activity by either side DF task.


14 October 1944: AOP LG, Flt HQ.

CRA went to 15 LAA guns posns, Heesch-Oss area, otherwise NTR, 2nd DF task list issued.


15 October 1944: CRA visited 13 Med Regt, 131Bde, 3RHA, 22 Arm Bde, 5RHA during day, enemy artly not very active, but regts engaged 3HBs.


16 October 1944: CRA with Lt Bosley, visited 13 Med Regt, discussed tie-up of information about 22 Armd Bde patrols. Also visited 1/7 Queens and 3RHA and I. Bty OP.

LO from 1 Cdn Army arrived and I.G. from RA 12 Corps visited HQRA to discuss calibration. Calibration Tp Comd also arrived at same time, discussed plans with BM RA and went to 3RHA who will calibrate, 17 October.


17 October 1944: First light reports from all regts NTR.

Sniping 5.5 of 13 Med moved forward to engage Doornhoek church, the tower was demolished by 20 direct hits.

CCRA 12 Corps visited CRA re furture ops.

3RHA and 13 Med Regt engage as V tgts 3918, 4160, 3970, 4073, HBs.

Calibration Tp arrived from Corps went to 3RHA, Regts eng various inf posn during the morning.

Received orders to be ready to move tomorrow, probable destination Nistelrode.

CO’s of Regts in to conference with CRA re-operation, proposed attack west by 131Bde to clear woods East of Hertogenbosch, supported by fire plan from own artly, 3 AGRA and 53 Div artly, latter to move up during course of tomorrow to be ready for attack on 19th Oct.

Ten shell reps already received all to CBO 51 (H) Div. Enemy artillery very active throughout day, 2 more HBs fired on by 3RHA and 13 Medium.

7 Arm Div comes under cmd 12 Corps at 00.01 18 Oct. AOP will stay with us for the present (B Flight 652Sqdrn).