Regimental Book-Histories


The Royal Artillery Commemoration Book 1939-1945.


The Story of the 5th Army Group Royal Artillery, Dannenburg Germany 1946.

The History of 9 Army Group Royal Artillery, England, 1945.


The History of Headquarters Royal Artillery, 52nd Lowland Division during The German War 1939-1945, Delbruck, Germany 1945.


The Stafford Battery  241/61st Field and Super Heavy Regiment Royal Artillery 1939-1945, Evans.R.J.C Major, Stafford 1947.


The History of 56 Heavy Regiment 1940-1946, Hilversum 1946.

The History of the 3rd Medium Regiment RA 1939-1945,War Office- July 1945.


The History of the 7th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery during World War II 1939-1945- April 1951.


The History of 11th (Essex) Medium Regiment RA- Winterswijk 1945.


The Diary of the 85 (Essex) Medium Battery Royal Artillery 1943-1945, M. Bate 1947, Margrate.


59th (4th W.Lancs) Medium Regt RA 1939-1945-Hamburg 1945.


The History of the 61st Medium Regiment, N.Kaye-London 1950.


The Scottish Horse 1939-1945, being the history of the 79th and 80th (Scottish Horse) Medium Regiment Royal Artillery,R.A.S.Barbour 1947.


121 Medium Regiment Royal Artillery 1939-1946, Sgt R.W.Morris-Guilford 1946.


D.D. (Jerboa) Battery 4th Regiment R.H.A., History from October, 1941 to May,1945, Battery 1946.


25th Field Regiment RA North-West Europe 1944-1945- Aldershot 1948.


A History of 80th Field Regiment RA,TA 1939/1945-Glasgow 1945.

D Day to Arnhem with Hertfordshire's Gunners (86 Field Regiment), Major R.J. Kiln-Bath, 1993.


History of 90th (City of London) Field Regiment RA in the Second World War 1939-1945-1946.

2500 Dangerous Days, A gunner's travels 1939-1946 (90 Field Regiment), P.P.J. Bracken,1988.


The Honourable Artillery Company 1537-1947, Maj.G. Goold Walker-Aldershot 1954. 

The 94th (Dorset&Hants) Field Regiment RA 1939-1945, P.Whately-Smith-July 1946.

The Story of 112th (Wessex) Field Regiment RA,TA 1938-1946, D.Goddard, E.Rankin, J.Vigers-November 1997.


A short history of the Ayrshire Yeomanry 151st Field Regiment RA 1939-1946, Maj I.A.Graham Young and Captain  R.I.Gray-Ayr 1951.


153rd Leicestershire Yeomanry Field Regiment 1939-1945, Maj Winslow and Maj B.T.Brassey-Hinckley 1947.


Guns and Bugles The Story of the 6th Bn K.S.L.I. -181 Field Regiment R.A., D.Neal-England 2001.


186 Field Regiment RA 1942-1945, Brussels 1945.


The History of 190 Field Regiment RA-Capt T.G.H.James 1945.


The story of the 191 Field Regiment RA-D.A. Lamb 1970.


Regimental History 279 (Ayrshire) Field Regiment Royal Artillery,Regiment 1956.

531 Field Battery RA, Capt P.M.C.Whitton- Germany 1945.


90th (Middlesex) H.A.A. Regiment, R.A, Brief History of the Regiment 1939-1945, Regiment 1945


The 99th London Welsh Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Regiment of Artillery 1939-1945- Germany 1945.


118 HAA Regiment Royal Artillery 1940-1946,Germany 1946.

388 H.A.A. Battery, A Short record of its Actvivties during the 1939-1945 War.


Ack-Ack A History of the 15th (Isle of Man) Light Anti-aircraft Regiment R.A. (T.A),

C. Clague-Douglas,1980


The 25th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment RA 1939-1946, Germany 1946.


The History of the 9th Argylls 54th Light AA Regiment 1939-1945- Engeland 1945.


From The Lincolnshire Wash to the German Baltic, with the Bofors of 121 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery 1940-1946. P. Whitaker, 2011.

To North West Europe with 196th Battery 73rd Anti tank Regiment Royal Artillery, Regiment, 1945.

History of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 5th Battalion, 91 Anti Tank Regiment, Maj D. Flower-London 1950.


The Queens Own Worcestershire Hussars 1922-1956, D.R.Guttery.


245 A/TK Battery Royal Artillery 1939-1945, Germany December 1945.


The Surrey&Sussex Yeomanry In the Second World War,Lt-Col T.B.Davis-Hassocks 1980.


Unarmed into battle the story of the Air Observation Post Squadrons, H.J.Parham 1956.


The story of 657 Air OP Squadron R.A.F January 31st, 1943 to May 8th, 1945, London 1945.


Battle History 666, Hooiberg, Epe 1946.


Artillery flyers at War, a History of the 664, 665 and 666 Air Observation Post Squadrons of the Royal Canadian Airforce, D. Knight, 2010.


The Hertfordshire Yeomanry Regiments Royal Artillery, The Field Regiments 1920-1946, J.D.Sainsbury 1999.

Officers of the 1st Airlanding Light Regiment Royal Artillery during the Battle of Arnnhem 17th-26th September 1944, P. Reinders, 2016


The Story of No.1 Forward Observer Unit (Airborne) R.A. 1944-45,  P. Reinders, 2011.

Z Location or Survey in War, The Story of the 4th Durham Survey Regiment Royal Artillery, J.T. Whetton/R.H. Ogden, Severn, 1976.





 The Story of the 1st Medium Regiment RCA 1939-1945, Lt R.Y.Walmsley-Amsterdam 1945.


2nd Canadian Medium Regiment R.C.A., Regimental History 18th January 1942- 30th June 1945, Major. J.G. Osler, Deventer, 1945.


1st Canadian Survey Regiment RCA 1939-1945, Capt T.M.Gavin- Holland 1945.


A Troop P. Battery log book 1st Canadian Survey Regiment, Bdr A.W.Saunders-Utrecht July 1945.

Par la bouche de nos canons, histore du 4e regiment d'artillerie moyenne 1941-1945, J. Gouin, 1970


The History of the 7th Canadian Medium Regiment RCA, Capt A.M.Lockwood-Canada 1945.


The six years of 6 Canadian Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery september 1939-september 1945, Major A.K. Kembar and Lieutenant W.T. Grundy , Bilthoven 1945.

91 Canadian Field Battery 6th Canadian Field Regiment, Welcome Home, Canada 1945.

8 Canadian Field Regiment (Self Propelled) Royal Canadian Artillery War History, Holland, 1945.


History of the 11 Canadian Army Field Regiment RCA, Capt A.G.Campbell Adjudant,

Utrecht 1945.


Into Action with the 12 Field RCA 1940-1945. Captain T.J. Bell MC, 1945.


The History of 13 Canadian Field Regiment RCA 1940-1945, Lieutenant W. W. Barrett.


The History of the 14 Field Regiment 1940-1945, Lt G.E.M.Ruffee-L/Bdr J.B.Dickie Amsterdam 1945.


Fifteen Canadian Field Regiment RCA 1941-1945, Captain R.A.Spencer-Wormerveer 1945.


History of 17 Canadian Field Regiment RCA-Groningen 1945.


19 Canadian Army Field Regiment RCA September 1941-July 1945. Deventer 1945


The 23rd Canadian Field Regiment (S.P.) RCA-Lochem 1945.


The History of the 23rd Field Regiment (S.P.) R.C.A. April 1942 to May 1945, Lt L.N. Smith, Ontario 1945.

60 Ans d'Artillerie en Mauricie, Histoire du 62e (Shawinigan) Regiment d'artillerie de campagne 1936-1996, J.J. Bellemare, Ottawa 1996


A History of 2 CDN HAA Regiment 1939-1945, Soesterberg 1945.

The History of The Third Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, from 17 August 1940 to 7 May 1945 World War II-Calgary 1945.

The story of the 69th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery R.C, Battery, Toronto 1945.

History of the Regiment 5 Canadian LAA Regiment 73, R.C.A 5 Canadian Armoured Div- Groningen 1945.


The History of the 8th Canadian Light Anti Aircraft Regiment R.C.A, Captain W.S. Russell, Amersfoort, December 1945


4th Canadian Anti-Tank Battery, JRC-Utrecht July 1945.


The History of the 5th Canadian Anti Tank Regiment, J.P.Claxton 1945.

The History of the 65th Canadian Anti Tank Battery,  1945

History of the 6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery 1st April 1942- 24th June 1945, J.D. Watt, Ottawa, June 8, 1946.

The Gunners of Canada (Vol II) Col G.W.L. Nicholson, 1972



Od caen do wilhelshaven Szlakiem 1 P.A. Mot-u., M. Borzyslawski NemcyCzerwiec, 1945

1 Pulk Artylerii Prezeciwlotniczej W Swietle Imion, Licz, Nazw Miejscowosci I Dat, C. Rafal, 1947 (1 LAA Regiment).



Kilogram,  907  Glider Field Artillery Battalion, 101 US Airborne Division.

From Skies of Blue ,my experiences with the Eighty-Second Airborne during World War II, J.E.Baught, 2003 (80 AAA Bn).

Buzz Bomb Busters, the 125th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion in World War II, W.Cross, 2011.

One thirty second, Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion, Gottingen, Germany, 1945.

In the Bucket, with the 197th Anti-Aircraft (SP) Batalion, P.B. Lewis, 2007.

203 AAA AW Bn (SP), Battalion, Heidelberg, Germany, 1945


440 AAAW Bn, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1945.

The 963rd Field Artillery Battalion in World War II, W.Cross, Still Water 2014

Mission accomplished, 547 AAA Battalion, Dorthmund, Germany, 1945.

749 AAA Battalion Restricted 1942-1945 , Rudolph P. Weis, 1945, Germany.

On the way" A historical narrative of the Two-Thirtieth Field Artillery Battalion, Thirtieth Infantry Division 16 February 1942 to 8 May 1945-Germany 1945.


548th Field Artillery Battalion from Activation to Victory in Europe, John.J. Keller, Munich 1945.


Silent Wings, Savage Death ,saga of the 82th Airborne's Glider Artillery in World War II, 319 Glider Field Artillery, A.J. Nigl, 2007.

Battery, C.Lenton Sartian and the Airborne G.I's of the 319th Glider Field Artillery, 2010.


Mission Accomplished, A story in words and pictures of the 321st Glider Field Artillery Battalion in World War II, Captain J.K. Perkins, 1977.


Circle and the Field of  "Little America" The History of the 376th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion of the 82nd Airborne Division during World War II.


From Falaise to Overloon-Van Falaise naar Overloon, single trip-enkele reis Dutchie Bill 814 Tank Destroyer Battalion, W.J.C. Gunnewegh, 1979.

The 119th Field Artillery Group World War II-ETO, Group, Germany, 1945.

Vroegtijdige gliderlandingen in de Meijerij van 's-Hertogenbosch , USA  907 GFA Battalion 101 Airborne Division,  Market Garden 19 September 1944